Monday, December 2, 2013

loving on the flipside

i'm stuck listening to sweet funk and heavy ballads..  Will I wake up to reality or will i penetrate to the ultimate depths of a day in bed with previously noted funk..  I hope so, it seems like they play out all the bad things in life and make it sound beautiful and upbeat, thus leaving me feeling whole and content, my two favourites.    Lamb is in a pickle sandwich in regards to immedio future life prerequisites, namely housing and transport.    After last nights flurry of photo work, today has been lost to a gargantuan sleep-in... ill need to fury in order to tick today's success box.  I'd like to get wheelyboarding but i'm exhausted from yesterdays foray into Wendy's fine curves and I know if i skate i'll be finished and resign to reclining in my chair for ultimate ceiling viewing.  I have to pack (throw out the last 7 years of junk) and begin fully portable materialism in order to accommodate for current life preaches and motorcycle situation.  Basically, i'm feeling pleasantly lazy.

i had rolls deveoped when i was in bolivia a while ago, the result was very intriguing.. like no scans i'd ever received before.     Shot on Colourplus 200.


will b in his loft zone, within our luxury villa in Buenos Airies.. it was the first and only sample of luxury of that entire trip.


great dudes


Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


flipping the best burger meat in the world, Buenos Aires.


homely, Santa Cruz.



Boaerenses Monocycle.


Cater based, Chuquisaca.