Wednesday, June 30, 2010

akron family self titled is what the kazbaa failed to be

going through more nightlife stuff which is generally pretty lame but tonight it's very soothing. i dare say it's the tunes and this comfy chair but that would be lame and make sense. oh and maybe that i know there's a frosty dubspress waiting in the fridge.

but time for photos once moar as running, returning is about to start

here is sigrid! she also takes photos and has smile times
it's future dust

i like the almost duotoned-ness of this one! but unfortunately i've vowed to never ever tempt the demons of coloursplash to weave their often tearful hands through my photos once more.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010


thanks to the smile bringing qualities of charmlee tonight was full of bliss.
thanks for the smiles, creep





today would've been a great day to have off

instead i slept in and wasted the morning and now i've got to go to work. this afternoon and night shall be pleasant though!

it was my friend tom's brithday this weekend so we liberated his grandparents beach house for weekend long smiles
and although i'd love to get these photos done i've almost had the time to go through the may day road trip so i'll stick to those until they're done

i've been shooting so many videos!! i'd say that video is the best thing about the new camera

here's some more nothing


tom and steve




surely the best weekend

I've come to the conclusion that the Korean bakery was the highlight of the trip.

unfortunately there are photos of below to do beforehand



Friday, June 25, 2010

heading down the coast

be back on wednesday
take care yo


Thursday, June 24, 2010

living the dream

this guy had all his shit in the right baskets

living the dream

bomb dives for scrappy jives

im going away aaallll weekend. there will be plenty of photos and smiles
the two greatest things in life



Tuesday, June 22, 2010


these are selfish times



fruit markets



the style that year

it looks as if at least 1/2 of the shots from the mayday weekend were from the driver/passenger seat of the car! I'll probably load my faves up some stage over the next few days

open road


Sunday, June 20, 2010


my camera came with a japanese manual ><



cow portrait

bw old car white road

i don't plan on leaving this chair for quite some time

which means there's a pretty good chance i'll get through lots of photos.

gc with old mate doing the thing off the top

this photo of Ruby is the first shot i've put up with the d90, it was shot on thursday night and was the second shot exposed on the new body, although i'd shot a ton of video from when i got it working that afternoon. the video is amazing, not in respects to the quality, but in respects to the awesomeness of being able to video shit! it's a whole other realm of documenting and one that's practically completely different to the way i want to take photos.


so i worked out i wasn't shooting on HD after a little while, but here is ruby pre-hd being fat and smelly.
although the video is completely manual focusing, it hasn't bothered me at all yet!! it's soooooo much fun, especially with something soft, although i would love to be able to zoom in on the live view.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

as we come to the close of our broadcast day

i'd like to pass on that i just bought a seriously badass new camera! i picked up the d90 today but haven't had too much of a play around with it yet but so far it's pretty amazing.
i would've prefered new glass to be honest, but i broke my d60 and i couldn't afford anything worth getting cuz of lame internal focus requirements

the buttons are messing with my head though!! the d60 had about half as many and a third as many if you only consider the buttons i'd ever used. gone are the days of being stuck in menus for minutes while malnourished manatees made mudcakes in moreton bay.

here are the days of me venturing ever further into insanity

so i guess this is farewell to old mate and hello to new mate. but if you shared my soft spot for old mate do not feel sad, i've stockpiled so many photos in the last 2 months there will be shots from her gracing this blog for months to come

such as these






it's the end of the radio, so i get to play the last record.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i made a post a week or two about my travels from Bulimba to indro- here is a taste and you can find the rest of those on Wanderers & Vagabonds




more nothing posts

i bought my camera yesterday but they had no stock :/ so now i'm dirt poor and without a camera.

here's tom bowling stuff down large hills using a drawing pad for rotational stability
note the trailing foot- proper style


this is really sharp at full size but resized down it looks more like ass than normal :/


Sunday, June 13, 2010

ahead of schedule!

there's so much night left i may get into the hat head photos, or, skate for the fabled dubspress + snicker combo


dust roading

maybe the tears won't come?

today i shattered the lcd on my cammy thanks to some craft strap retention by my cupboard but suprisngly i'm not that cut! i think that it's because now i'm kind of forced to buy a new camera- a better one too :D I'm still unsure as to why it's taken me this long to seriously look into buying a new camera. Although, i'll probably still shoot nightlife with the d60 as pestering photo whores won't have any real reason to ask me to re-shoot as all they will see is a souless screen with dead, scattered, neon pixels.

i think the biggest tearer as that i wanted to keep this camera for keepsakes sake as it's my first camera and i've grown very, very.... very attached to it.

so for the next two days i guess it'll just be hibiki and i, disemboweling gods with her swift katana of housewifery.

oh and i'm going to buy a d90 and proceed to lose my minds in it's greatness



Saturday, June 12, 2010

riding t

turns out i posted the same song twice in the last few days so here is a different one




pretty glad i own a bed


Friday, June 11, 2010

yay weekend

shooting tonight at Alhmabra for the Houseplay thing which may be alright and working tomorrow.. but from then on in it'll only be relaxing times of smile.

today was productive!
i woke up happily
got paid to surf
got many a sweet wave
made an invoice template
went through some photos
posted said photos
wrote this rant to accompany said photos
went out and shot houseplay
found a lottery ticket
ticket wins 40 million
jacob smiles to his untimely death

vrazy mountains

bang shed

vaudeville smash