Sunday, August 28, 2011

alphabetti forgetti

there comes a time in a boys life when he must choose what it is that he will use for bonus flavour in a home made iced coffee when the kitchen is bare of essentials such as ice cream, chocolate, tasty biscuits, tastier biscuits and chocolate flavoured ice cream.  For me, this time was now but, being the culinary unconventionalist that i assume i am, I decided that hundreds and thousands would be the forgotten flavour that would bring myself back.  Although my first reaction was one of regret i was soon sent me into a stratospheric level of taste based euphoria.   While I was up there I had a worrying moment of clarity upon realising that my hundreds and thousands were potentially sinking and the consistency that I constantly crave was at risk of being shattered in one fell swoop of dregs constituting coffee, 100s and 1000s and self-loathing for not making more.

so i've been looking into the albums of photos of trips that are huge and I have not looked at properly.  predominantly Peat's Ridge, Vietnam and both of this winter's snow trips.  In regards to Peats, these photos are taking ages because i'm pretty sure they're crap and i missed all the good bits because it was so hot in that hellish valley that we forgot about the festival and went to the beach...  Infact the only parts of the festival (out of all three days) that was pleasurable were between the hours of 7pm and 8am as the still aired 40 degree days were to hard to deal with and I took crap photos.

i think i might just power-browse the good ones from peat's and forget the rest and potentially come back in the distant future.


this is doug martsch and he is beyond legend status for so many reasons and he was also the only reason i wanted to make the 2 day drive to peats ridge (although he played at the Zoo a few days later but I went to that show too which was beyond ideal) apart from the enticing chill times that holidaying on the road offers..  this was the only big(ish) festival i've shot and it's so enjoyable, i didn't have press but when the lights are big and care is taken there is so much fun to be had!


this is some dude that came after Built to Spill and i watched them for a bit before retiring, in this photo he's shouting at me 'get this kid some water he looks mighty parched!!'


prone festival preach.


making use of the 11 minutes from when the sun hit the valley till it got too hot to execute basic functions such as hi-5ing


driving to perisher a few months back


Saturday, August 27, 2011

titles are fun

the last 51 hours have been pretty intriguing but I think tonight will see the end of the continual wig thats been dealt over this duration.  Ideally it would still be raining and I would be on the verge of snoozing with a mindful of freedom and stoke but this is not the case... although this Fog album is making me very sleepy.  However I must now depart as I've been qualmed!!


the lines are the hertz of street lamp





still have more millions to do


and you should watch this for its ridiculousness

Friday, August 26, 2011

Miguel resode in Swiftcurrent lake

"putting thoughts into words is difficult for me as what I think rarely makes sense, I only manage to extract thoughts out of the conflicting flavours of my cognitive soup thanks to trigger words such as glory, furious, bliss, stoke and intrigue. I encounter these most often when I'm furiously shredding in a bliss-filled glory mode with the goal of stoke and reaching new levels of intrigue." (Lambert J, 2011)

flickr boned these colours 




we got a new puppy at work!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

its a fire

these are from the Millions clip that i was at a few weeks back, the edit is almost done and is looking pretty special.  these pics (and the ones i'm yet to look at) don't do it any justice.  I have to forget a rant, must remember bed.  The rest of the images are here.   With the arrival of a tax return my levels of intrigue are at an all time high..
















yeaah crew!


Monday, August 22, 2011

ahh what bliss

this is one of the first evenings in a very long time where I've been able to sit right here and do nothing and I recall why I missed it so much.  I found all of these old photos (thousands at guess) that I've never seen before on this terrible old external harddrive I don't use because its so very very bad.  Although it seems to operate a bit better on this here laptop which is great news!
They're all from around a year ago from what I can tell and mostly form the early parts of the James Street era (a few of which appear down below).  It's also cool because they're all from my d60 and some d80 stuff when I was hired it from BCH, what I find glorious is that image quality difference (between a d60 and a d700) isn't that huge when I put in the same amount of work, but epic gear is so motivating (and pleasurable to caress). 
I felt like over the last two days I've been suffering from severe overstokedness/general exhaustion but this afternoon and tonight I've been preaching base like it aint no taste.   It could be because I've been sitting here doing nothing and not doing any of the variety of things that I could've done but that's fine because I forget everything and remember nothing.

a little bit qualmed that I didn't stop my car to get this shot.






arguably the greatest filmclip ever

Sunday, August 21, 2011

everybody loves it!

Woooo I've effectively turned my retail assistant position into creative direction and marketing to the tune of ideal!!! apart from work now transcending work and chill times...  Millions pictures will be up soon.  I was hoping tonight but I've got to go intrigue myself so hopefully tomorrow evening.




I prefer the original version of this song, it's more dreamy and less tangible than this one, but this version has a pretty enjoyable filmclip :D