Tuesday, May 17, 2016

the game changes for better or for nothing


the last 5 days could easily be considered as my most intense for reasons pertaining to complete reconsideration of life direction, attempts to define my ideals, assessments of potential avenues for stoke, ultimata regarding my plans and whether or not i'm going to do them and if so when [now] but more realistically it was probably the moving house that instilled the aforementioned intensity.   

In a relevant yet completely irrelevant topic, to that last sentence, is the word aforementioned and how i've probably previously mentioned that word in every blogpost in modern Lambdom.  But its been distractions such as these that have kept me stoked for the last x years and I'm sick of it, i'm sick of thinking and not doing so as my buddy so eloquently put it i'm now, as of last minutes conversation, 'gonna figure out how to build an empire in 6 months' and yes thats immensely arrogant and ludircously presumptive but fuck it why not aim for ridiculousness?  the only failure you can make at that stage is achieving normality, which is a pretty okay worst case scenario... 

i guess the key is keeping this mantra of ridiculousness in my own head, because we live in a world where its about the individual, something we as a race have probably been trying to achieve since the dawn of society because a sense of self or individuality is seemingly the only thing that gives meaning to life in this incredibly-far-removed-from-reality existence that us humans now lead, forget the food chain because as far as most of us are concerned they're all the weakest link.   but that mentality is shit and I'm gonna do my darnedest to quash it at the firings of the fools that consider it.


This Romanian salt-mine presented me the most beautiful display of humans impact on the natural environment, a strange notion.


Auntie negotiates the rice paddis in Central Vietnam.


Corsican cloud factory.


The Indonesian archipelago presents a stark reality of the ever looming danger of one of the world most active zones.   Lets pray there's not a repeat of Krakatoa or Mt. Tambora [160 times more intense than Mt. Saint Helens............. ....!


It's always sunny in the stratosphere. 


Rainbow Fallout

step aside BeeGees the end of your falsetto reign may be nigh.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

In spite of me

For a very long time I've been a voluntarily sidelined opponent to the instagram movement, purely because I believe in notions relating to presentation and the presentation of Instagram, in both format and medium, is shithouse in every aspect other than the fact that IG has made people more attuned to photography, their environment, good photos and visual splendour, which is great, even if the pictures are 600px on an at most 4" monitor...   For a few years i've maintained a camera-phone journal within the app but my need to expend quality imagery can no longer be ignored and i'm never particularly pleased by phone-caf and inconsistency..  

the most shocking thing, and perhaps why i'm only just this month i've began fully fledging my way into IG, is that photos look really fkn pretty on there, albeit small but my average phone [htc one-mini2] makes photos look epic!!  plus i can look at them on the toilet and everything is great!  i heard in 2011 there were more photos taken than in the 180 years of photography leading up to that year.... which i do believe! but only because of the camera phone, what a glorious invention!    Oscar Barnack [Ernest Leitz] invented the first compact cameras [the Lieca 1] because up until that point there were no small cameras, let alone 35mm cameras, only massive rigs that you needed donkeys to lug around, hence the reduction in camera size, which is still ever present in the digital age but very much so in photography considering camera phones and gopro etc.

@jacoblambertphoto  is my fancy new account where i post 2-6 pictures a day because i've failed for so long to blog that my need to expend images is at an all time high...  


Our final evening at Transalpina was a rolling deadline for the moment in which i'd have to hike in the evening to get a particular vantage of a certain section along the Kings Road.   It was cold and lonely but definitely worth it even for just this shot but the road photo was very much worth the close cliff calls and ever-chilling distant wolf howls, a difficult notion to calm except i was privy to knowledge relating to the Carpathian Mountain Dog...


say your chyee's and hoo's


Hout Bay sits along the Cape Peninsula in South Africa and my goodness this image does minimal justice to the generaly glory of the place.  To this day i regularly attest to Cape Town as the sickest city i've sampled and it's surrounds are equally rad.   Just off the headland is Dungeons D: 


Llandudno beach sits between Cape Town and Hout Bay, where this was shot, is also incredibly ideal.


Maroochydore, stomping ground.


Swan of Beaver Lake, Vancouver.


whata fountain, Waikiki