Sunday, December 26, 2010


I've been busy lately with general living, something i normally frown upon, but this time it's been quite pleasant! It's not going to ease up soon either.. i'm going to Peats Ridge tomorrow, taking the drive casually, to get some glorious photos and times.. i've got very high expectations.

I've been lucky enough to have scored a 50 1.2 from BCH to play around with this week, i put this lens in the silly catagory because of how ridiculous it is!! 1.2 is pretty finicky however...






Thursday, December 23, 2010

make it more than real

for surely!! after uncontrollably salivating to every tantalizing track that rolled out of any built to spill album for the last 6 years of my life, i finally get a chance to see them over the new years weekend. regardless of any other occurrence, as long as i see them, i can die a happy fellow. but I'll be even happier seeing them at the zoo later into next year.




Monday, December 20, 2010

what a qualmer!


i feel bad posting an ad and nothing else, what fool i am!!!!! so here's some general shots from before i left and a song (which is ridiculously sicccckkk)







this isnt good but ive got an excuse

here's a comp going on at work, my boss and i are judging- it was supposed to go up before i went to nam but that never eventuated. i can count the entries on one hand........

2010 Photo Comp Flyer

i'm busy organising my life over the next 3 years so i'll post photos when this is all done (tomorrow night)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

proliferation of good times


today we went to halong bay, which was nothing short of amazing but not what i was hoping for.. the day i'd hoped involved a sunny sky, lots of epic scenery, good food and rockclimbing. i only checked the scenery box but that was enough for it to be a sick day!! i'm tired though and as tsomorrow's my last day over here i plan on waking up for a sweet hotel buffet and then getting my roam on so i must bid you farewell right this very instant. ciao.

shots from various stages of today.. i just realised that, even with this relatively constant updating and deletion i wont have enough memory at home to clear my card! thus adding to my tearfully time-raping backlog! the idea of never ever being bored ever again is comforting though....







on the drive today i listened through the la dispute catalogue for the xth time.. i'd say that i've (happily) devoted more listening time to this band than any other. even to the point where i'd consider them the frontrunner in my favourite band of all time (which changes daily) the song below is as good as any but one that i particularly enojyed today so it made the decision easy.. this track is a particularly good display of the ludicrously mind-blowingly great warrior poetry that gets spewed out in every track..

i have and will continue to be sure that the biggest regret in my life is not seeing these guys last year.. i'm excited for this weight to be alleviated when they return to australia in january.

i got very distratced...


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

western food is doing strange things to my chairs padding


today was pretty relaxed in the gsot. i ate a lot and watched some quality nat-geo programming... but more interestingly, I went for a stroll around the city and i had a great time!! i headed out with nothing but my clothes and my camera which proved a particularly good move as it started raining but also a silly move as i have no idea where i am/was/want to go at any one point...

I'd love to show you what i got but, thanks to some of charlies amazing handy work, i was inspired to shoot only with the FM with the trusty nikkor-s 35 and a leica 50 f2 in the pocket.

This proved very fun and made prancing in the rain at the 1/2 way mark enjoyable, as the idea of a worst case scenario didn't seem very bad by any means, because apart from the semi useful lightmeter theres nothing to get wet in that body (on the other hand it would've been tearful to get the d90 wet.)

Unfortunately my plans to stock up on nice film were foiled as it seems people only shoot black and white in this country.

I'm heading out to halong bay tomorrow which will be great!

i mentioned before re. photos from today, so these photos are a mix from a quick stroll tonight and my last evening in hoi an (i'd love to give you more variety but my first card of photos is somewhere deep within my bags, therefore not an option in my current state of motivation)







before coming over here i'd planned on getting into a band throughout the time i was here, with the intentions of A) having some good new tunes to involve myself in during flights/commute/walking/life and so that B) whenever in the future i revisit said band, i'll be overwhelmed with the glory of this trip as a casual undertone.... unforunately i was unorganised and didnt get anything until i was here, but drew on my snow trip with mitch and to a band we listened to briefly and i decided to give them a run, i ended up getting the discog and it was a good move.. i'm sure many of you will agree with my reckoning that dance gavin dance are great at sickly derived playful screamo and howeverelseyouwouldliketopidgeonholethem.


Monday, December 13, 2010

bustling while im hustling


today we flew out of the peacful ancient country side town of Hoi An and into Hanoi, the nations capital and second largest city... Comparing the first days of this trip i spent in Saigon (largest city) and here, it's like comparing deathcore to western. I only arrived here earlier tonight, and had a quick roam for some foods, but i'm already certain these last few days spent over here will be amazing! The city is insane, the people are so much different and the best scenery in the country (arguable, but i'm sticking to this) is within driving distance.. I'll keep posting but its slow on this mouseless, photoshopless laptop of speeds rivalling a fat couple getting ridden around on a cyclo. I've got a few rolls to get done and i plan on finding somewhere to do this for me at some stage tomorrow, and stock up on film @ around $1.20 a roll......









Sunday, December 12, 2010

i dont have a sweet pun, sorry


i blame my tiredness!! its been hectic and riddled with late nights and long days, but needless to say its amazing!! tomorrow i leave from Hoi An for Hanoi so i'll get back on the post train then, im too tired to rant so its bed, speak soon dewds!






Friday, December 10, 2010

i love the smell of my palm in the morning


this place is crazy, everything is so sick! the food! its insane, the people are also insane but also very nice and the scenery is insanely nice. I'm only 2/5ths of the way through and i've lost my mind, thanks to complete immersion in supreme glory, more times than i figured were obtainable. I'm currently sitting in my room dealing with a very pleasant breeze, over looking a pool of relentless appeal, apart from the armies of old german couples fine tuning their aqua aerobic routines in the shrouded secrecy of the jungle, enjoying life. Upon realising i have been seduced by the rhythmic bob of these enthusiasts my attention has diverted back to the task at hand, writing this speil so i can hit the hay for a day of two wheeled country side shredding!

to the business, we flew into ho chih minh city late in the evenings of a day last week, not really sure of the specifics, and it was a real non event until we'd settled in, it wasn't until we had settled that my brother and i realised how keen we were to to get stuff done!! We headed across to a nearby nightclub and it was here that i realised how much fun i was going to have trying to get my head around their way of going about living, and from what i've gathered so far- they've got it dialled well and proper... We later stumbled into a vietnamese history teacher slash soon to be eng/viet translator (yes! i shouted) who took us, by scooter, to a local pool hangout where we sunk balls, beverages and tall tales...

This sort of affair: meeting up with locals, going to play pool, trying to find pho ga, failing to find pho ga, catching a cab for $2.80, hungry, has happened a few times so far and each time i can happily concede that they rank very very high in the most enjoyable nights out i've had..

Unforunately this rant sucks and i felt it nessecary to post a big rant, which is a shame, so hopefully at some stage soon i'll be able to post something sick!! even the photos are kinda lame :/ but thats alright!! as there is plenty of proper shots to come (i picked these at random, basically..), i don't have much to work on but i got gimp on this pc and it lets me resize (18minutes later) so it'll do for now :D AND HOW'S THIS!! i've been shooting mostly on film and i sent some rolls off today to get printed and the cost for 36's is $3.89 ;) i don't really care about the quality of the prints, i just need to know that this Black and White film i scored is sick and the ultrawide i've ghettrofitted to my FM is working as intended. to be honest, i could lose every photo i have and will take on this trip and not be (majorly) qualming.

i would like to, from here on in post a few piccies and a rant most nights- mainly to reduce the waist of my post-trip post...




yew!!! more glory seeeewn.