Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the j hole and my imminent indulgence

EPOCH!  I'm at cairns lurkport, struggling with my eye's colour correction and the amount of coffee I have assumed.  Everything around me is green, the walls are green, the floor is green and the big panes of green tinted glass are especially green.  If I keep my eyes on the screen my brain manages to get it together and provide me with white whites, if i look away the screen goes magenta (in my peripherals) and stays like that for a while.  It's wiggidy, I've seen it before too.  One time I emptied the cars out of my garage, blacked it out, put speakers down there, 4 day beds, a smoke machine and one of those super rad structural party lazers, a classic case of too much green,  Whenever I managed to escape the wig dungeon I was not at all escaping, i was merely leaving the green world for the magenta world.  Not that these problems are ever problems but right now I am trying to go through the last day of photos from my NZ trip (yaya!!!)  just in time for another onslaught of visual intrigue.  

This time I want to take a pseudo-bulk amount of photos, in the sense that I want a 75% shot ratio.  Thus I've brought 2 film bodies and my bag of films.  I've also figured that my wireless party can is perfectly casj with both of these film bodies.  No excuses lamb.   I bought a domain name (well my buddies bought it, I'll buy it later) for my website, its going to be which i am stoked about.  

I am now 100% excited.  大きな山はどこですか !!?

Here are some b+w, one of these rolls which I got developed last week, is over a year old D: D:  

no time to proofread, missing my plane !

gung ho dudes, trying to do a band shoot.  had 3 studio heads and ended up using only 1, set to lowest possible modeling lamp.


Venice Beach Nike store, where i bought my current shoes, my most favourite shoes ever.  (and probably outlast vans 5 pairs to 1)


Thomas in the trunk of AmDrem, also Venice beach.


Kody Noplay



On the testicle facility, myself and Jordan were photo lurking all arvo.  twas rad.  i enjoy this lightleak immensely.


Will B atop Hyuna Picchu, trying to avoid some extremely bad weather.


not at all caf/i can believe it's not butter.


here's some colour to blow your eyes


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

up to no good

here is a little GoPro video that i derived from 2 runs on the first hill we partook whilst touring NZ recently.  The forwards run with me was shot by my pal Gabe and the backwards run was shot by me...  when i say shot i mean wore the helmet and had a sick time.  Shot it on the gopro black 1080@30, worked a charm!  Kinda wish i'd shot in super bulk 2.7 but its a hassle and normally ends up corrupted, wooo gopro.   There's more to come, from slrs and gopros, but that's all being edited by Matt, dude in no shoes!, and will be out soon enough.   It's long and tranq, dont expect to be blasted away, it's best viewed as a stoketually progressive journey in which we travel hand-in-hand with gravity in an effort to oppose the unlimited powers of elevation.  Comes in a wide variety of p's... choose your own adventure.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

big plans with no execution

I've realised that I'm a sucker for exciting things and I tend to base my entire life around pursuing exciting things, often in the sense of activities but, for the purposes of this rant, in the way that I wish to present my photos.  Last year I travelled to a few places and have, for the most part, kept the photos to myself.  I can attribute multiple reasons for this, the main one being that I wanted to get something 'more' out of them and to present them in a more exciting medium than this here blog but thanks to some regulation hindsight I've again realised that is a silly idea because that's not why I took the photos in the first place, If i was all 'yeah ima fot that bridge and im going to sell it this dude' than, maybe, I'd have reason to keep these photos hostage.  The images I am, for the most part, referring to are ones that I made on my april skate races trip, Paris trip, Euro road trip and they're especially tricky because of their emotional weight and for that reason, my general lack of desire to look through them and pattern laziness that regulates lamb's productivity, has resulted in the siege between my double-click and the folders that house the photos.

Living in the now is epic, it's what i want to do for ever and thats how i like to take photos but preaching this style of preach does not get handsy with a dollar-based future in making pictures.   I've had some extreme luck in regards to skayboding and now that I'm gaining insight into what goes into being a real pro dude that can convert photos into food I'm gaining a greater sense of refreshment....  It's refreshing because I've realised how tiny the percentage of sellable photos is to other photos and it massages my delight because I know that robbing a photo of it's exclusivity will rarely ever prove to be a problem, especially for me because the photos I take are usually of pretty things that I want other people to see enjoy too and not for other people to buy.  

The only problem on my hands now is time and I obviously can't complain about time as it makes up everything that is, so here i am stuck complaining about my efficiency and thus found myself, once again, in a disorienting state of infinite regress as my i'm complaining about a problem that, by complaining about, am only making worse.  My new header photo is attached to this last paragraph.

I thought i'd mark this intriguing situation with some photos from Paris.  Also, being less caught up about everything is something I'm welcoming back into my life.    Reckless Lamb silica'd his lacrimal glands.

the following photos were made on kodak ektachrome 100vs, fuji pro160s and kodak colourplus 200

notre dame, i did my best to hide the scaffolding.. turns out the building is also a little hunchbacked


City Based Desire.







Tuesday, March 5, 2013

alrighty then


after a whirlwind of business furthering my luck and enjoyment for this life i've now landed back into the, now comfortable, routine of life at home.  The almost 3 weeks that I spent in New Zealand, which ended yesterday with an icing based flight home, amounted to bulk process towards my stoke bank.   The trip, which i'll blog about over time, was a huge success.  No crashes of major destruction, only a handful of rain-drops, which fell whilst we mobbed through a Northland forest, resulting in bulk wig.   


We covered a huge amount of New Zealand's North Island, starting (and ending in) Auckland, we first headed to the very northern tip.   Destination 1 was a little bit silly.  It was a fern riddled dream forest of buttery caf bitumen where eagles swooped down and consumed possum roadkill.  The hill was also ridiculously good to skate, my favourite hill of the trip and i just want to do it over and over and over etc.  I just cant believe its not real butter, a real crisis, thankfully there was a pak'n'save nearby.  There was a serious situation involving an all-day breakfast mentality and toasted muesli and drinking yoghurt.  For example, I ate 1 kilo of muesli in 2.5 days with 2L of yoghurt and 6 nanas.  Epoch.  We stayed on the west coast on a 90 mile beach.*


an overnight stop near wellington, hills included.

traversing the east side we lurked the coast until we landed next to a solid freeride park (i say park because its a private road with no owners, butter-caf surface for skiddies and a locked gate, we chummed the neighbours as to let us through their backyard into the aforementioned paradise) From there we continued southwards until we were latitudinally realigned with Auckland, at which point we returned to Auckland (in order to return Api so that he could get his broken ankle fixed after 2 years of dealing with it, unfortunately upon heading home to the southland and arriving at the hospital he was turned away due to chances of infection attributable to road rash/stitches [obtained whilst on the trip] so he ended up getting back on the tour a few days later, there was much stoke upon reuniting.)  


tranqin deep, down the road from the Electronic Chicken.

Returning to the recount, from our second time in Awksland we then ventured south and then east to the Corramandels which hailed more stoke, beautiful landscapes and more worldclass hills (with names such as Electronic Chicken and Pumpkin Pit, it's obvious that they're rad.....?)  


wishing we were getting shacked at Pakiri

From there we ventured southwards to a relatively large lake and lurked it for the evening before heading down to Paekokariki, which is right next to Wellingon.  This was the longest leg, it took us 2 days but we were in no rush, we generally moved slowly but never missed out on anything, it was planned well and executed almost as well, the middle days saw some restlessness as we skated only parks and drove big legs.   Paekokariki was a nice end to the drive, we skated this daunting cliff road with some super gnarly sections but relaxed with some park time, ultimate frisbee and the beach.  The water throughout te northland was ideal, it was really cold but super pleasant, I love cold water unless im trying to catch waves in it without a suitable suit.  


Matt K tempted by pool coping, 18 feet up.  he hit it, i kept the photo.

Wellington was the next stop and it BLEW MY MIND.  It's like LA in the sense there is and plethora of canyon runs except add on multitudinous city runs and subtract everything that sucks about LA (almost everything) and you've got Wellington.  I want to live there once in my life, adding to the list of 1 (Innsbruck.)  We spent a few days in Wellington, enjoying civilisation while we could as from there we headed to the moon.  


po-po saying no-no by making up laws and threatening us with arrest.  Downhill skating on roads is 100% legal in NZ, so long as you don't break the speed limit but the police tend to enforce their own rules, I'm a bit bitter.

The moon = Mt Ruapehu, or Rape-you as anyone thats ever tried to skate it affectionately dubs it.  It's claimed many a body and demands respect but will offer and endless amount of glory.  It was the last stop of the trip and definitely my favourite.  We had our own Chalet at the top (normally a ski resort town that is left 99% deserted during the summer) that was skate in skate out....  It was novelty, like oh my lawdy I still can't even deal.  My morning would be feast on muesli and toast, skateboard out the door onto 6 minutes of world-class downhill with 10 epic dudes, get to the bottom, re-enter van mode, get to the top and then decide wether to keep skating or eat, chill or do anything because nothing mattered, i've never felt so free even though objectively i was not at all free.    We each clocked up around 90kms of downhill riding on Ruapehu alone....


regulation lurking

from there we went back to auckland, i spent a night and bailed home early in the morning due to broke-ness and the need to save money before Japan/Bali at the end of this month, ektos!   Although I like making photos and it was why I was on the trip I didnt shoot many photos.  I skated a ton and filmed some stuff but took a much less trigger-happy approach to it all and it all ended up well.  I was a little concerned because although I was in NZ i wouldn't have much sway in terms of taking us off-course in order to take pretty photos. 

 Me and Bobby sharing our last run of the trip.

bob and me

*this paragraph was lost somehow