Wednesday, March 31, 2010

unesecary expenditure

i neeeed to send this to melbourne to restore the shutter and focus screen back to their previously unattained greatness.

And once that's done, i plan on shooting more surf, wildlife and neighbours

me creepin

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


yay, responsibility free! now's the time where i start going through dino jr,

now is also the time to postpone dino jr. for last blade 2 or play meek warrior and maybe orange you glad on audiosurf. seen as i have no phones and trying to listen to these speakers is depressing.

no time for happy fun blog rant either- as bed is a priority and can only be momentarily post-poned by the aforementioned smile bringers!



lazer kick

17 clickity clockity



tomorrows night is a no go for any kind of photo posting so, i guess i'll throw some more up from the dino jr show most likely tomorrow arvo.

death be nigh

i seemingly entered a time warp last night. it wasn't until 3:30 that i realised it was 3:30 and i had to work in 4 hours. I think the last two days have been a potential p.b. in terms of total photos i've had to go through- but thankfully all of the weekends stuff should be wrapped up by tonight and i will hopefully get the chance to go back to the dino jr. trip!

i also recently found a folder from a white rhino show a while back but it was a very touch and go sort of affair so i'll have to have a good look to see if there is anymore glory amongst the bunch- unfortunately not all the photos from that night could be restored :\ on the note of rediscovery, i was reminded (thanks for
this blog) of a walk through roma street i did with a friend a while ago- i shot it mostly on 64t but the digital folder may be worth a peruse nonetheless.

chocolate egg holiday times are upon us an i'm already starting to salivate- has anyone seen thsoe $15 kinder suprises!!? they must have small animals or pocket samplers (fingers crossed) waiting to be kindered. but easter also means free beach accomodation thanks to the fam! so hopefully i'll fulfill my overwhelming need for waves and chocolate in one fell swoop, all the while reaping the benefits of milking off the parents, a rareity these days- however they did just buy us a new fridge, yay!

somehow i don't think the waves will co-operate as much as i'd like- as what i'd like would be another day like this (but with the glory reefs of the sunnycoast to do the breaking on)

lackey snapper prone shack

i haven't forgot you

i'm losing track of photos and albums fast! but i'm looking forward to doing the dinojr trip ones the most- that was a grand trip.

flat rock beach track

Monday, March 29, 2010

it's going to be worthy

jungle times

happy birthday Caitlin! yay- here's a quick perv on the goings downs

1 annie magnified

birthday girl
2 caitlin and fellow with neons

Sunday, March 28, 2010


so here's my monthly nightlife post, however i do plan on following this up (in the near future) with a biog-esque post about a very rare fellow that i ran into last night.

so anyway- the rest are in this getanightlife album as well as timeoff mag.

disco disco

fit right in

bubble explosion

danny t

i think she missed?
what friends are for!

entropy of zero

that pretty much rings true for all club photography for me. i find it far too tedious to do often and i guess that's why shooting disco-disco once a month works out so well. sure, all things considered it' was one of the the last places i wanted to be last night, or every other night, and yesterday was pretty much no different, however- they did have bubbles..

it's crazy that the days us letting loose to the likes of dank morass, white rhino and the fellows they brought out for the 10 of us to enjoy amongst the cosy surrounds of down-stairs step-inn have evolved into a full blown club scene! at the time i could never imagine it bridging that gap

as a whole i don't like this (except it makes shooting a tad more pleasant), mainly because i loved the community and the atmosphere of these shows as much, if not more than i did the actual music. i think the greatness came from everyones desire to listen and groove, not to be douchebags- which is something that will never happen with these big venus.

ahhhh, rant complete.

so first up are some dd shots
second up some shots from a white rhino show last year

(i'd lost these photos but found them again this week yay!)
i'd love to post shots from way back when but unfortunately i wasn't into photography back then..

megan cullen
was though
and she captured the shit out of these nights with a skill i'm yet to find a photog that rivals, her blog is one of the most worth looking at.
(it's by her doing that i got into photograhy/living properly, thankyou)



bw face man

25 stevie

these ones below are from 2562's show at a pub on leichardt street in October last year, thanks to the white rhino boys. this night was pain-ridge express as i was far to beveraged to operate a camera and a manual fisheye
(if i'd had anything less wide, probably none of these would've come out)

sam nod



sammy props


yay! this took way too long to compose

Friday, March 26, 2010


train flow


Thursday, March 25, 2010

she's riding the airwaves to eleven

if there was a stairway to 7-11, i'd buy it
i figure it wouldn't look anything like these stairs (probably a lot more neon) but i found this while re-discovering led-zep. but no matter how lame this post is- i still think re-discovering music is just as good, if not better, than the earlier stages- namely discovering said music.

stairs attack

is it loud?

it's tha boom baa bing bong bong RELEASE... do you like spaghetti hoops?

pyle shreddang is worth a look

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i'm speaking seriously

i don't need to see you face to know you're smiling. or dying, hopefully

john sebbet

cash money is such a honey

i'm thinking of entering the Red Bull Illume competition with this epic skate shot

pyle the bombing bandit

i've got a good chance when you consider i'd be up against THE GREATEST PHOTO I'VE EVER SEEN

i've come to a conclusion

basically: screw getting a new camera. I've been laboring tirelessly over whether to purchase a new camera over the last month and only today i realised that there's no real point. Sure i'm stuck to a pretty limited run of lenses (inbuilt motor only) but to be honest, it's not like i'm good enough to need a print-worthy rig or lens (although i want an ultra wide more than i do a roof over my head) and the few jobs i hold could be done just as well with a point-and-shoot. the crazy thing? after a little over a year my camera gear has gotten worse, i've gone from the point of being able to take perfectly fine photos with the d60 and kit 18-55 to not being able to shoot anything i want to.

The closest i've come to having a new lens was one which i broke and had to replace- last weekend i broke my flash, express to Tears Town stopping only and Frownvale and fuck. but i'm pretty happy with myself, being able to smile after loosing one of the only material possesion i truely care about, came as a bit of a shock.. i did have a wingman, wingwoman and Last Blade 2 to keep me sane last weekend and that mix was all i needed.

recently i've been lucky enough to have a play with the d80 and a 50 1.8 (which unfortunately won't work on mine, maybe i'll splurge on the 50 1.4 or the 35 1.8 with inbuilt motors- but somehow i doubt either of these will be mine anytime soon) and it was good, fast and easy- but when it all boils down, most of you (me included) don't even have a screen good enough to split the 80 and the 60... so i'm going back to the d60, back the kit and pop-up, back to perma smiles and being able to shoot whenever i want... although i loathe pop-up flashes like i do opening a leffe and breaking the neck.

so i think i'll be picking up a new lens tomorrow for an epic $144 and then i need to get my flash fixed or a new one and then next stop, Smile Ridge.

the decision clenching photo, even with a fancy camera- i still can't focus well.

james out of focus

tom smyle

teepee chilling

The Last Blade 2
Responsible for glory and tendinitis

Monday, March 22, 2010

i can't think of my own post titles

so here's another no-substance post as i'm working on some things at the moment that require more time than i can dedicate to! they'll be up here soon enough dawgs

vw golf


charlie death



living out of home is amazing! it's been a few months and it's been a few months of bliss.. but i'm torn between trading freedom of chilling around the house for chilling with cashmoneys. i mean, i don't even have a camera, and the financial department isn't giving me much room to move here- i'm riding on the depressville direct population probably quite a few people in my situation..

but being able to sit here, spamming the shit out of last blade 2 into the wee hours, among other things, is a pretty awesome thing.

it's tough haha.. i think the key to smiles may be unlocked by a credit card, whether it's temporary smiles or perma-smiles i can't predict, but either way- it'll mean a camera in my hand a smile on my dial. i'm also torn between buying a camera now or later as the best i can warrant spending the money on is the d90
(i think i will always be a nikon fan- do not ask why, i don't know the answer) except it's the oldest model in the range, therefore the next to be upgraded and knowing my luck with camera gear ( oh i broke my flash on the weekend :/ ) they'll upgrade it a week after i purchase one. maybe i should just stick to this trip35 and $4 rolls of crap film, in the end- if i had the money i'd probably shoot with this

bird in sunset

highway sunrise

oh my it's worse than i thought!

i'd practically forgotten about this gig, the show the night after and the photos from both! ARGH

BTW, this guy was stupendously fantastic
(band: swamplords)

saxy guy 1

sax guy 2

p.s. there were more members, but for preview's sake this guy was the most interesting

times like these i wish i had no friends

i've got a horrid case of photo overload! and people and things are getting in the way.. Pain Town express.

tonight's plan- delete the shit out of the majority of my photos, avoid playing last blade 2, sleep and dream about a sexy new purchase- thanks to tom for the winsight!

p.s- if you ever find this fence, don't touch it.. it's electricityfied

post electric fence smiles

Friday, March 19, 2010

banshee beat

i made time utilisation earlier tonight! involving animal photos and a folder on my facebook! yay.. less clutter, more flutter!!

but facebook is for suckers, so below are a few that are also on fb but are on here for less pain

window kitty

gemmaaa bw

gemma licky chops