Thursday, April 29, 2010

at the risk of sounding like a crazy cat lady

i think that when i die, hopefully soon- i'll be re-incarnated as a cat, in the past, as a ship's cat. if i had a choice, i'd probably like to be around for duty in the WWI- preferably with the british.. apparently they had little cat hammocks...

so this is where i got interrupted about 8 hours ago while trying to compose this post at work
turns out my boss read it.. the worst bit is she said nothing, I'm not sure if she is confused or wether i should expect my obituary..
but trying to get back on track..

they slept in hammocks! and the good ones got stars, badges and fan mail. Old mate Pooli here was awarded three service ribbons and four battle stars at 15.. here she is showing she can get into her old uniform...

okay so clearly i won't ever get back onto the train of thought i was somehow maintaining at work because there is nothing that isn't hilarious about that cat in a uniform..

so lets just enjoy her greatness and thank the navy.

to be honest, the only reason i tried ranting about that cat is because the whole world needs to bask in Pooli's glory.. no wo/man will ever achieve such grandeur.

but to hopefully restore any semblance this blog may have once held as an outlet for some legitimacy, here's the stubs- brothers from the same mothers...

the stubs boys


i really need a computer


the glory of a woodsist

such glory is rarely attained, only by a select 4 in the whole world.. in all honesty, this clip has not made my infatuation with everything about this group and it's members (and producers teehee) any greater, as i think the ability for my brain to appreciate has hit a glass celing

i've managed to spark some curiousity- it's all included in the movie below.

so i'll try and throw something up here tonight- trying to get all of the bluejuice photos one as i've been busy/slack! being done should be fine, it'll mean a short dervish home and then bedtime. yay

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

le sigh

blerg! i think bluejuice photos are still on the harddrive of the exploded pc :(

also, i don't like that photo below- however i much prefer this one.


pain's ridge

is very precarious! this whole no computer debacle sucks! i'm relatively behind and i didn't realise how different this office computer would feel (mainly becuase it's a mac and mine was a pc)

and i'm not sure if this cold is going around yet, but my nose is making the exploded shower i encountered on the weekend resemble a bout between a left handed ping-pong player and the a cracky who just had his gear stolen.

i'm also not sure if that bit above made any sense, but i had a great time picturing it in my mind

also, not really sure about this photo- i think it lacks the important element of being a good photo.



zzziiaiackktettt exactly.. That's what my computer said to me on sunday night moments before ceasing to be a computer and becoming merely a memory of my number one assistant (sorry tom)...
in better news, i'm scoring some love regarding a new computer which will provide me with the lifeliving-glory shoes previously filled by old mate. It's a pretty bad time for this whole affair to come about, i shot bluejuice/trailer trash/a 21st- all the while snapping in between said events. that's summounted to many photos and a somewhat rising/bubbing stress (just one).

but it's no big loss, i've got a key to an office that will help me do said deeds and my monday (which was fantastic) certainly made up for any iotas of pain.

below is a shot of a mountain i scaled yesterday and hopefully got some photos (this shot was from around xmas time- may have uploaded it already but don't have time to search through my blog to find out)

balcony 1

Saturday, April 24, 2010

more busy than a bus of bees

shot blue juice last night, was very different.. then walked west end -> newfarm which was good but painful! All in all yesterday was a good day considering i worked, shot, smiled and hung out with some friendly people!!

i'm shooting something called 'trailer trash' tonight so i won't get a chance to go through blue juice but here's 2 quick ones i found, i think this was from the 1st half- thanks to bats mag for scoring me on the door-ing

fish 1

blog 1

Friday, April 23, 2010


weekend time yus!! i'd like to post heaps and catch up with the last week.. but i doubt that'll happen this weekend as- a) im very busy b) this post below is from shots on monday :/ it's been hard sitting on them for so long as i was pretty excited to see how they came up.. on Monday i went for waves/errands on the g.c. with old mate Steve and on the way inland i drove past pizzey park ..

i hadn't been there in about 8 years so i was pretty curious to see if the (back then) 25ft bowl was still there- it is! except it's only 11 foot now.. anyway, after triple back nineing my way to bowl town glory, a few chaps rocked up on bmx's and i was instantly keen to shoot them as i've been creeping this fellow called Drew Raison and he takes badasssss bike shots! He makes it look so fun and technical that i've been drooling while dwelling on the idea of shooting bikes for quite some time.

Luckily these guys shreded as it let me score splenty of snaps before we had to make tracks back to Brisbane- even though it was a very small taste of what shooting bikes has to offer (the first half was rough!i had no idea of what they were doing/where they would do said doing) but (apart from the bum shots/motion blurs) i'm super happy with how the whole affair went down with the kit 200/5.6 (that thing has pretty epic bokeh in my opinion for what it is) i got heaps of shots from that day's travels- they'll be up later!

merry long weekend

(bar two)

mitch close up

old m,ates


mitch bw



mitch spinny wheel thing


bum shot

bike motion blur

bw  high

3rd guy

spine and wheel

mitch scratch

Thursday, April 22, 2010

issue six

never buy pies from a frenchman

mister trumpet vs mister sax




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

everybody party, party hard

shooting more than one nightlife thing a week is worse than i can remember, it's beyond tedious.
all i want to do is get onto photos that i had fun taking! but don't get me wrong, it's not all bad- i sometimes run into friends and the odd nice person as well as following around the strange ones.
I suspect I'll depart pain town when i finally get the time to rant.

this photo is for my great readers - if i ever meet you- I'd want to be able to give you a balloon with a smile, preferably full of wads of cash- held aloft by helium- but i doubt that will ever be the case. however, realising that people actually look at this, relatively consistently, makes this whole affair worth it.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

nothing to say

i just really want to go home and sit in the rain

northern walls

Monday, April 19, 2010

shit is real son!

real busy.. mostly nightlife shots busy, and happy fun times busy- but i've just finished a bunch that i'm dropping off on the way to residenting a teepee.. in other good news! i'm scoring the d80 again next week for bluejuice/some smirnoff show/general potential coverage of smiles!

so basically, i'll be trying my best over the next week to sort out whats done and try to write some stuffs with a slight semblance to a semi-sweet blog post.

also, a music blog by the name of HypeThemBeats
have been repping the shit out of my photos so i definitely feel happily obliged to (try my best) and rep them!

bowl action

abs pipes


Sunday, April 18, 2010

hitchcock county

so last night tom and i shot a show (i feel like a real photographer when i have someone to hold my lens) on the gold coast (plenty more on this later) which was amazing!!

and the crazy thing was, the night turned from real to crazy real when we ran into james bond at a servo!

i got him to pose and he looked super suave and smiles were found all around, but i don't think i'll upload it-

mainly because i prefer this one..

toms a mad fella

Saturday, April 17, 2010


so much nightlife shooting, not enough life


a-dog hick-lang

a-dog hick-lang (commonly refereed to by her nickname annie) has recently started a blog for her photos! i dare say that this will be a blog of greatness through fun times and fully sick photos. p.s. she's crazy- and i'll do my best at discribing her through photos (below)

don't be fooled into thinking she's new to the blog game, oh no, shes also got a distraction blog which has been arouind for a while and contains some pretty shweet shtuff. anniehoo, the photo blog is here so probably keep eyes posted..

now, just a quick warning, this may come across as very creepy- mainly because some people consider me very creepy.. but creep factor aside- here are some shots i've taken of her over the last few months at parties and such, hopefully this'll give you an idea of how strange she is and how sick this new blog will be..

17 clickity clockity

yo la tengo


little red riding hood

school red bat

Friday, April 16, 2010

it's no coincidence that free wine rhymes with smile time..

i'm also eating alfredo- a personal favourite of mine.. except right now, i liken myself not to myself- but to a self contained farmer, living off his hard work.. indulging in the fruits of his labour.. you see, i pruned the vines that bore the grapes that provide the deliciousness of this wine and poured into the glass that sits between you and me, i bought the alfredo pasta mix that formed the base of my alfredo..

yet, even with free wine and $2 dinners- I'm still to poor to pick-up my broken flash from the repair man ($200!, i could've bought a new one for 60 more bungers)

i've finished my goats photos, definitely not my best work- or anywhere near but it was still epic an epic show and i don't care about the photos, i want to rant about them and i don't have the time now, so expect that one down the road!

so here's some shots from today's travels!
(excluding the combies, cloud and the bogan version of big foot, they were at work yesterday)


willow's foot

rainy day

crazy clouds


now, is it just me- or does this photo remind you of the bigfoot photo!? assuming he was a dirty bogan roaming the streets in the wee hours of the morning, bundy in hand

big mullet

Thursday, April 15, 2010

hast thou considered the tetrapod?

I've decided, that until my mountain goats photos are done, all blog titles will be titled after a track of theirs. Or, the song I'm listening to at the time of posting- seen as, after that concert, they're all i listen too... I've got a goats cd in the car of some home recoreded stuff as well as their studio work, it's possibly the best cd ever and i really need to upload it onto the pc so i can merge the glory of goats and my grados'...

toot-toot! make way for more pointless photos, i don't really like either of these- but i felt the need to post really bad..

view from gateway


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


goats photos! did two, the rest tomorrow.. not enough thaime

goats pass

mr no shoes

time fading lines

title related: the new woods album, echo beach- is pretty gewdd! worth a listen, but short of the glory-filled ear caress of how to survive, worthy of a listen none the less.

maroochy sunrise

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


edit to this post: i could've shot 1000 shots and if none came out, it'd still be the best thing ive ever been to/shot

current paintown is being brought on by zoo lighting and it's horribleness! coupled with the crowd and my inability to move, tripled with a completely different light setup to the band prior, quadrupled by my lack of zoo experience. i did bad/could've done better probably, but i haven't gone through them yet so fingers crossed, yeah!

heres one from the goats and another one that isn't goats

jon point

storm attacks boat