Thursday, December 31, 2009

the best year of my life and shit

this year has been the most positive one of my life to date, attributable to many fucking glorious minutes, trips and friends!

beware: this is a solid rant of the past year

this time last year i was in a pretty bad rut and wasn't really going anywere fast so i decided to enroll in a pointless tafe course mainly just to give me something to do/get the parents into a more relaxed state of parenting and hopefully help me find out what i really wanted to do down the road.. fortunately 6 weeks in a realized i'd be more productive sweeping streets than sticking to this course and with that i was back doing what i seemed to do best- work in between trying to find waves.

And the waves were flowing thick and fast as this years autumn was glorious! almost every week we had a decent ground swell coming through. Heading up to clown-town twice/thrice a week was commonplace and i was back on careless-joy street. Around this stage i'd lucked onto a certain ledge that rarely breaks and until i saw visions 1 a few months ago- wasn't sure wether it had been surfed properly. I named it clegs, although it's most likely got a proper name this name (for those privvy) is a pun with more levels than a $250'000 lasagne.

This wave isn't really a wave nor is it 'surfable'.. but i tried, and scored and over the next 2 months surfed it whenever the tide was proper full. Then one morning (1.5 heads)- my insanely long run of luck got pushed to the point of breaking and i hit the bottom pretty bad- lots of blood and stitches later we were driving back to Brisbane when i realised that i'd lose my shit without the temporary use of my leg..


thankyou sam for getting me to the hosp and buying me a burger

trying to outlast a solid stint of disability-induced boredom i decided to go down the coast to mindsurf myself to malevolent madness.. I called up a good friend on the goldy and to see if he wanted a lift down to the superbank to which his response was 'i like the smell of mangroves, i think it's the musty-ness.. my grandma's house smells like must, i like must' and with that i dropped past his house and headed down the coast. In an effort to stave my boredom he let me use his dSLR while he surfed.. 2 and a half hours of over exposing half of the shots, struggling with motion blur and focus i somehow got hooked harder than that time i was pretending to be a fish.


from that first day, thankyou jordan :)

3 days later i went down to ted's camera warehouse and bought my camera- nikon d60 with twin lens kit (non-vr) this was in mid april and since then nothing has been the same.. my camera has been beside me for everything and captured some, in my opinion, pretty sweet stuff that, had i never almost lost my mobility, would never have been able to capture (u see all of those commas!?). i've bought a flash, borrowed a fisheye, dropped my lens in the river, borrowed a lens and dabbled in film (35mm and disposables) and i love the fact that i've got SOO much more to learn and use.. i don't think i've ever loved anything like i have my camera. for the past 7-8 months i feel i've not only developed as a person that pushes a button but also a person that doesn't push a button.


my very first photo- _DSC0001.. i'm up to11'000 now

i've got so much to bring away from this year, i wish i'd kept a journal....

i want to thank all of the people that have made this year so amazing! these are the spooks that help make my life so fun and strange.. i don't know if they'll read this but to lewy, steve, kane, sam, mitch and pyle- you guys are too good at life, it sucks.. the gt crew- you peeps are all fucking creeps but it's sweet that we are all losing our sanity together. big lewy, jimmy! and richie- you guys are rediculous and too much fun. the chac kids! red, jack, josh, seb, ross and everyone. everyone at splendour and straddie.. i definitely forgot names but not to worry, as most of you would know- i forgot your name when you finished telling me, i wish i could remember names and where i met people better.. and of course, all of the people i've met, forgot, hurt, let down and taught to do something differently and lasty- most importantly, anyone that got a smile/laugh/feeling out of me, my photos or my creepyness. i wish you everything i can- stay safe and don't stop smiling


the first of many shoots i'd do with kane, i'll never forget these


this is a shot from the first time i ever had the urge to go somewhere and do nothing but walk around a shoot..

sam best at some dub
(taken by Megan Cullen the best photographer i've met
she pretty much single handedly got me into photography, just by being at a show)

kane henderson- you're too suave

left to right: jimmy, richie and tom at splendour

mitch, those of you who know him will understand

pyle and khradams: epi-glory-tome

steve- *noise


4171 4

chac kiddies!!


7-11 day

ruby you fat peice of shit, lose some weight you pig

and thanks to all of you people that looked at my photos or creeped my rants!
have a glorious night and a more gloryer year
take care <3

oops! i forgot to wave..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hold on

to your youth?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

xmas house

holy shit! this place was so nice, big and had everything i could want.. although the dining table was shit and right in the sun for Christmas lunch, thankfully the mood was no worse off as we had the most ridiculous air-con system keeping it comfortably coooool. the house belongs to my uncle who WON it through a boys town raffle..... awesome

all these shots are from an 18-135 f/3.5 i borrowed over last weekend.. it's an agile, small, cheap and pretty decent lens.. except it has the most intense distortion!! it's a pain in the ass, but unfortunately i had to give it back on monday so now i'm hading back down to bedlaaammm

poolside balcony

balcony with pool

house front

house from road
i don't like this photo

side of house

sick day

i don't like the fact that when i fake a sicky and am actually sick, i feel just as much guilt.. i think it's because i doubt they ever believe that i'm sick due, possibly attributable to some shady to past experiences... me calling them up to say i'm sick when they could hear surf in the background doesn't do wonders for their confidence- among other things.

here's some randoms from xmas weekend- plenty more to come..
thankfully, cuz i'm hopeing the ones to come are better than these

stopmotion frame grab

balcony 1

2 seater car

photos go moving fast!

driving up the coast before on christmas eve i thought i'd fend off the boredom with some quality camera time

here's what i... created?
watch it in fullscreen

Monday, December 28, 2009


Le piano du chat

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo.


ahh i had such a great time! i spent the last 4 days staying in an amazing house at the foot of mt. Coolum, which was such a nice little secluded spot when you consider the development of the rest of the sunshine coast.. a 3 minute drive to Arkwright and 6 min to north shore made it a bit of a bullshit good xmas. and shit! it's summer and i was getting wet 2/3 times a day in some uncannily decent waves.

well, when i say waves i mean swell.. i.e. 4 foot summer windswell pushing through with a 5sec period and 20 knot on-shores, around the clock. Sure, it doesn't sound that pleasant, but that kind of surf is my favey! i guess it's cuz i've grown up in qld and spent a lot of time up the coast... a place where overhead+ waves either mean a cyclone and/or unbearable winds or a ledge that will either give your dreams a subject or pain/hospital.

on the note of xmas... presents! i got a national geographic subscription!! woo!!!!! reading my collection from 1999/2000 is always very enjoyable but, when u consider the kind of cutting edge material they print- a shit load goes down in 9 years.. although i won't get my first issue for 6 weeks, i'm not worried- having something to look forward too makes each day better. and i got cash-moneys which i wanted the most as i need a lens so badly..

i've also got 4 rolls of film to pick up today yay!

i borrowed a lens but didn't really shoot that much so i'll put them up soonish, but there's nothing special... as i said before i left- i'm in a bit of a photo-vational slump (oh yeah! see that shit!?) ... it's coming back though! i had a friend around last night and i think i may have brought the onset of cataracts 10 years forward...

i'll post again tonight or tomorrow- i'm back to work tomorrow though argh!


glory, glorious, gloriestest


Thursday, December 24, 2009

xmas awayness

yAY! i'm heading up the coast for some quality family time, presents, food and waves! pretty much everything that i want right now! i just burnt THE most amazing cd for the drive up, i will probably crash on the way while it totally envelopes my concious with its supreme awesomeness... thankyou built to spill- i wish i knew more words cuz i can't describe these guys.

here's to not having to wash up

i really really really hope you enjoy these- think of them as a shit xmas present from your granny- like mango, chilli and peach chutney- that's gone off.

kelvin-ator sunset

it's okay to change your mind

el capirado


willow window

have a great christmas all of you, even you... creep

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'd hurt a fly

it came across the water, a killer- using it's bare hands, achieving things we can't do to this day.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

so shit

having no camera is very strange.. there's no doubt it sucks and i currently almost have an upside down smile towards life... but, i think it couldn't have come at a better time- not only do i have nothing to shoot over the next week and a bit, but i'm ankle deep in a lazy patch in terms of photographic effort..

but here's to remembering, the last we touched- nightlife style..
once again, sorry about the quality/colours from these shots as they're horrid resizes, but i don't really care!

Jamie Vale was the dj and he was definitely killing whatever 'it' means

Saturday, December 19, 2009

so i was all like fuck the lemons

and then i realised i had no camera, no energy, relatively no money and a fist full of hate. so that's where i am at and this current lack of photobility is already taking it's toll on the thin tether that binds my mind to it's somewhat distant relative, sanity. so maybe i'll track down the 70's 35-70 i've got somewhere and head back down the fucking infuriating path of manual exposure, focus and flash power again. it'll have to do i guess :/

but shutup

here are 2 shots from last nights discodisco that i wanted to get done first, going to the coast tonight so they'll be up tomorrow probably. there are also some random shots from ikea and other things floating around that ill post up here to keep me/you interested.

santy claus

mitch behind booth

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

easy street

population: me, date: today... awesome

there'll probably by quite a bit of shit up on here today as i plan on not leaving the house.

morrocan burger-kings