Thursday, September 29, 2011

they fixed it!

One: "I'll be there next year!"

Two: "It is two for every six"

Three: pythagoras' theorem







Wednesday, September 28, 2011

few ree

Attention:  The apparent lack of posts is due to my current level of activity in both work and fun things.  I assure you the relationship between blog, life and the ratio that they share will continue which, in turn, paints a future riddled with, hopefully, glorious posts.  One must consider that the less time I spend on here equates to more photos from out there, wherever that may be.  In the case of this post I found myself exploring the hills of Dayboro in search of an ideal location to enjoy activities based in fun and relaxation, a location that to be put simply would be ideal.  



she tried to run, did not get far



made purchase of the foreground pines but did not consume, qualmed.










this is the best song

Friday, September 23, 2011

just think about the ocean

im writing this entire post with my eyes closed, im ignoring piuctuation, spelling, grammar and aesthetic value for the sake of keeping my eyes closed because im quite tired.  stoke tired though, i've been having a prettty ridiculous time lately, busy and at times (uni times) a little bit qualmy but always casual.  the danger with this is that im pretty close to falling asleep that if i had my eyes open i;d be gome already.  i've also realisde that this is a riduclous idea and will now clean my room/look at photos/go to bed but i found a sweet album (probably too chilled) and ive got stuff to do so i might powernap and then powerplay. 





pink sunset wasn't very pink on this film, i like film but shit film sucks- it doesn't look too bad here but when the shadows are deep it looks ewwwwwww.  must invest in some international bulk order of semi-decent film.  


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

planned to post

I started to write this post last night but got intercepted my tiredness and had to call it quits after writing some lame spiel about the big w fellow saying that my roll had twisted in the canister, normally this wouldn't qualm me but the guy who I gave the rolls to was pretty useless, he couldn't tell me the price per roll yet it was printed in large letters behind him so I fear that the fate of these photos was sealed not at the beginning but at the very end.  It's fine though as they were probably all crappy anyway and I shot lots of b+w and dig so its definitely fine.  I'm going to have to cave into the powers of modernity today by purchasing a new phone.  I've gone for a week without one and it's been quite nice (very nice) but the relentless tears from people trying to contact me is a ball breaker of the highest order which isn't their fault but the fault of society.  Which is also fine but has enforced my desire to adhere to a nomadic lifestyle.



and form that shot we move from shitty, shitty film on a 35mm point and shoot to a fancy digital 



Monday, September 19, 2011


I had a migraine today and it sucked really bad, I didn't eat last night and drank too much coffee I figure, but I got to sleep for hours and hours and hours although I missed work and the sleep wasn't great.  But this evening was nice and chilled.  Don't have much to preach but I'm already tired so bed is the move.  These are from a trip to the snow that I did with a friend earlier on this year.  There are a few photos but I made mostly video, which I'll get to one day.  This trip was ridiculously great thanks to great snow combined with an overpleasant living situation thanks to a glorious little camp ground that was empty apart from wildlife and chillment.


mitch the nerds crusher





Saturday, September 17, 2011

a nap a day keeps the qualms away

Today afforded me the rare opportunity to indulge in a nap which is beyond ideal!!!  I planned to power nap which naturally diverted along it's 15 minute course and decided that two hours (with a few pitstops) was the move to make... But now I'm out of time as I've acquired a glorious afternoon activity that I must indulge in therefore don't have the time to rant anymore about general nothingness but I'll continue on with this idea through some more photos of nothing.

i don't like bombarding with the same kind of photos over and over but i dont really care so i'm going to do it anyway, these are all from 12am to 4am on a night last week, it's nice to know a uni related photo task can be made this fun.


these cows were timid and so when I arrived at this vantage they all scurried away, obviously disappointed with the view they'd ended up with they came back and claimed the hill, ideal situation in my opinion.




here are some misc film shots that i got developed last week, i've been developing a bit of film recently but unfortunately most of it had been shot through the Leica R4 that i acquired and they're all teared by overwhelming leaks, the unfortuntate situation that ment i could expose images only by smacking the body in a certain direction because the shutter leaf would get stuck and just other general wig..  there are a few that worked but still, bit of a qualm.. not anymore though, that body is hidden, the lenses are remounted and my f90 treats me right.


i dislike it's clarity but i like the colours alot


this was just after we almost burnt down our house a while back so we figured darbing inside was casual by the looks of things...  I remember hearing the smoke alarm but it was so loud that my ears were overwhelmed and I had no sense of direction and only found it thanks to my memory, I almost got pretty hurt trying to get it off the roof as i used a couch to jump from but it fell over and I fell down onto my back, narrowly avoiding general things that would hurt me had i fallen on them, coffee tables, etc..


brisbane dude making fantastic tunes