Wednesday, November 30, 2011

inferior tutelage

this has been the spare time drain over the last few days, I think it's worth it.. It's my fourth beginning to end attempt at a video and this time I learnt so much and I'm pretty stoked with the result..  Managed to land Chad and I some intriguing future prospects too, stoke alll rouuuunndd yeeeoooww

Saturday, November 26, 2011

a state of fury and intrigue

'I'm building a video at the moment and i don't know if this goes for everyone (the one person i've spoken to about it agreed) is a strange process..  It's all consuming, one can not deny the presence of the a half edited video on their desktop, causing great bereavement due to overwhelming amounts of definition and conversions therefore forcibly qualming the editor's hard drive space, a subject I find particularly qualmful. Infact twice as I've written this I've been forcibly remembering the edit.  I wanna get this done so I can then start on the Cunnumulla film and then work through photos relating to a single journey, they're the funnest to post about. I think I'll have this video up tomorrow evening or not long after.

more misc film!






Thursday, November 24, 2011

I thought of something

really funny to write about but forgot it when I was logging into blogger, minor qualm.  I've been having too good a time lately and I think it's the reason for the sickness I feel right now, which can only be as a result of too much stoke and maybe the diet and sleepless night involved with the 36hr skate adventure some pals and I embarked upon a few days ago.   Also, it's my birthday tomorrow and on the weekend I went away to the most tranquil place ever, The Soul Garden.  It was unreal, I assume all involved were reaching irreverently high levels of relaxation and enjoyment of the times at hand.  I took a few shots, which if I recall correctly, were all on film so I don't have anything to show (theres some digital stuff but i'm yet to take it off the camera and this spontaneous rant allows for no extra time spent, all of these photos have been forgotten about but found right now as I wanted to post but didn't have time to look at fresh ones (or check grammar))

cheap x misc flm 


this was shot in a Vietnamese photographer's backyard who is most definitely living the life..  He gets to shoot fantastic scenery full of typically SEAsian imagery, heads home to a ridiculously cool house complete with an aviary, sun room where he edits his pics and sells them, unmounted, to wealthy travellers.  IDEAL!



these guys congregated outside my window one afternoon pretty sure one of them has been there since it was a wee little boidy and used to come into my house, without knocking.





Friday, November 18, 2011

back to back backs

"I've got heaps of stuff to do tonight but my uncontrollable levels of stoke have forced me away from important work at this point in time and nothing can be done about it but rant myself into a stupidly content grin of stoke and joy.  2 pals and myself made the trek down south to a ridiculous skate hill, this hill is so good it would win the award for 'the best hill' and rightly so, it's so ridiculous that about 2/3 of the way through I'd be giggling in my helmet, frothing at the mouth and squealing at my shred-partner (consequently defining myself due to my full face helmet (of glory)) I shot some video and some stills but mostly skated as nothing could pull me away from that run for any extended period of time...  We camped with the most ridiculous views infront of a house owned by an obvious preachman who spends his days enjoying lungfulls of mountain-to-the-sea vistas but I think I just hit the wall!!  I didn't sleep much, probably skated for longer than I slept and came straight back to werk to do important werk stuff (which I didn't do and decided to do it tonight but I'm currently not doing it and must now do it)"  

I wrote this and then fell asleep when I tried to get work done, upon waking up I had forgotten it's existence and rediscovered just now so I'm finalising it's existence by releasing it upon the world.  These photos are from above trip










Monday, November 14, 2011

its a party

so i think this week coming will be what I can expect the next year of my life to be (if I play my cards consistently right) and I'm pretty happy with that.  I earnt bulk cash last week but wasted my days off, this week there will be no wasting, only indulging in glory therefore glorying and indulging in a state of backness.  I, had a lovely time last night, explored the mountains with a dear pal and shot some stuff, mostly time-lapse for an animation collab aforementioned pal and I are doing but also some still, these below are some stills.  Shot some film stills last night too, on a b+w film I can't recall the name off, pretty intrigued by the potential...





Friday, November 11, 2011

capital wig

Can't decide on anything.  I need a decision maker, maybe.  I also need to take more photos.  I was sifting through my laptop today and felt underwhelmed by the number of good photos I could find and I got a little bummed but then I realised that the situation when I've taken good photos in the past was no different to the one I'm in now (not this instant, but a collective of instants that surround this one) because I've got a camera and there's always plenty of stuff out there to shoot this rant sucks so it's now ending.  'forget yourself!' he preached.





this is a glorious album

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

glove cats

I need to develop better self discipline as I've progressively entered a dangerous level of casualness towards all things in life.  I only want a little bit of discipline though as DLC > self discipline in my opinion...  I'm supposed to be doing something right now so In a step forward against my elusiveness to responsibility I'll end this rant right here.







two more misc film, top one is efke1600 and the people are on sensia 100



my new pal Gabe and I filmed this race in Adelaide a couple of weeks back, he edited it and did a mighty fine job in my opinion

also, listen to this track

Saturday, November 5, 2011

what the wig!!!

i feel like this is my first day off in a very very long time, i'm sure that i've had days off but this one feels different in my brain.  super relaxed mode and i'm keen to create (and skate) so I'm about to do both of things in reverse order as soon as I'm done here, which is as soon as my mp3 has completed its transfer of glorious new tunes thanks to a glorious bearded man black and white considered...  I dabbled in some more time lapse night, got some cool stills but had a camera wig on the frame i liked the most but we'll see how they come out.  Gotta go to dinner (after glory) which is implicated with a long drive which i plan to use creating aforementioned timelapse.

this was shot while i was waiting for my plane back from adelaide, I would've had the best time shooting this had i not been confined to an airport building, the foreground is a cloud front coming over the adelaide hills.


another millions shot, i think the clip is due pretty soon, it's all done and is awaiting something i dont understand




sweet drum solos, the first one in particular...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

introspective detective

I dont really think the title holds much weight apart from it sounding sweet and that I've got a great deal of love for self reflection, not necessarily in the post-mod sense (which i do thoroughly enjoy) but in the general wig sense.  There's a lot to my cognitive choo-choo that I don't get and it's nice because there are always things to discover that are good, bad or just generally intriguing.  I think this is why I love doing things by myself, especially photographing.  I love taking photos with myself because I can analyse my thoughts unboundedly and without interruption (not like a crazy person, well maybe a crazy person but either way it's fine) I get to consider why I photograph something the way I do, not why but why do I think I think thats why I do.  My great friend, upside down close-up black and white face man, has a book that I must get, or get him to get for me for my birthday as I want to be intriguing the 8th circuit on demand, that's right Tom, buy me this book for my birthday, it's in 22 days.

these are some portraits, some new, some that I'd left in strange folders and subsequently forgotten to post..


there he is!


if i recall correctly she was watching softcore porn




I'll let the cute puppy distract you from the poor framing


shot this on slide film (sensia 100 +81a) a while ago, its lovely film and there are another two that i like but can't find, when i do they'll be here for you to hopefully enjoy