Thursday, June 30, 2011

hahaha i'm back!

what a glorious time i've been having!  The snow was superb and the associated times were even superber but I've arrived home carrying an emotional weight that is attributable to a desire to work my way through my back catalogue of stills and video.  Just before right now I was knee deep in the technology I've luckily got at my disposal and was editing a video (belligerents clip epk) and when my laptop was thinking about/rendering that I spun my chair an acute angle and go to work on stills from the Tijuana Cartel clip.  So basically i'm working for Rueben this evening.  

These are some picture from the trip and I'll get onto the rest of them, hopefully, by the end of the holidays but you know the score, maybe.  I think it was primarily a video trip so we'll see how that comes together!   and i'm not going to drip feed this trip!! i'm sick of not laying it all out in one go, Nam for example.

I've also made the font grey, it wigs my eyes and makes the photos look liney...





Saturday, June 25, 2011

that stupid sound!

i wish i could document how furious i am right now, it would look like a single ant on the task of providing appetisers to the entire colony!  I'm going to the snow tomorrow and i've got some werk to do!!!  gotta pack stuff and look at things!  things in the instance are photos from this evening, there is one below and there was plenty of intrigue.  Packing, must pack well, living out of a car intrigue.  I'm also dealing with charging 4 cameras (yeah!!   gopro, 7d, some digicam thing and batteries for the f90) it's like drawing stoke from a powerpoint, i felt like i had a good connection with the wall, the good kind of battery intrigue.

deal with the silly photos and you better not be sad but i have a solution, this song is RIDICULOUS!!!!





woooo mitch (below) and i (behind you) are going to do a much better job of snow this time


Thursday, June 23, 2011


im currently writing this post hoping that my computer will read the camera that is plugged into it but it seems to be quite absent minded.  So now I've fixed the qualm and the photos are now transferring.  I shot some sport tonight and it was sick!!  nice location, nice friends, nice assistant (got pretty spoilt this evening) and nice photos.  my computer has crashed about 3 times now argh!!  So i'm finally at this sentence after much computer pain, I have this suppressed feeling that I should backup everything....

so down below are photos from this afternoon, gotta go to the coast to drop off boards tomorrow morning and its 3am.. tears? might motivate myself with an early morning bomb a big gold coast hill wooo.  I might upload the sports shots later but we'll see how I go first.






i closed the aperture mid-exposure and reopened upon realising that was a silly idea as you can see in the light trail.  


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

casual threesome

must sleep now




Monday, June 20, 2011

got to clean my room

i've had a great day, I worked, lounged around flora style and ate a fury.  these are photos that i took of stuff a while ago.




Sunday, June 19, 2011


pointers on how to make a blog post if you are busy:  find a set of photos that you've forgotten about and upload them all, write a rant making no reference to the date that you shot them.  the rant should sound like 'these photos were from a thing a shot at some stage!  It was a great day that my friend, Luke Bailie (international wind surfing extraordinaire) at RQYS where i got to walk/sit with a camera and get paid to enjoy it.  gear wise i had an intrigue on my hands as i had a d700. Because of this, I was in a constant and  enlarged state of euphoria but i had to use it with a crop frame normal.  I was sneaking a few extra mms out of without too much vignette to get nice and wide, but it took a lot of work! For teles I had my bosses 70s leica primes so I had a fantastic time getting them to work and it was the first time i've ever used a polariser and i had a pretty good time!  made for some pretty bad skies at times though....  I ended up shooting all of my friends because the conditions were bad so the sailing/kiting was tears and busied myself with flash fun.'  After this you embed a song to increase wholesome effect but don't use a song with an associated clip that is a true wig.  Make sure it doesn't contain a babe or nudity or dogs butts or bubbebaths.



birds!!! and Reece!!!


(Dear Tom,
If you read this let it be known that our friendship is on hold.  To resolve this issue please return the hat.
Regards, Jacob)


he's not normally this white..




some dude consider wind related things!!!


jake with kite-diffused lighting!!!


before a race!!!


during a race!!!!


after a race!!!! (luke woo!!!)


(still not my friend)


boat people watching little boats go around!!!


before extreme sup races!!


people that did the stuff!!!

INCASE YOU DIDN'T READ ABOVE, this filmclip is a wig and for a brief while will probably make you squirm a little bit but its fine.  There is also a chance that you wont see what im talking about and you'll be so back.

BUT ITS FINE because its probably the best clip i've ever seen

Thursday, June 16, 2011

world of pooh

misc title references what I'm listening too and I advise checking them out.  I photographed the eclipse last night, it as pretty sick but relatively boring and cold but I had tunes and consumables and was up till 330am  gluing stuff to other stuff.    I got a few shots to make some sort of stop motion but I've got to go for a long distance wheely board sesh, might get onto that video later but probably not.  Also, if you're not doing anything tomorrow there will be a pretty cool little evening occurring at bleeding hearts.  I mentioned it before but its a free party with lots of art and some bands.  

lunar eclipse 160611

destination: bliss

I've had a pretty glorious 24 hours.  Lots of taking, looking at and printing photos have contributed greatly to the great times that were at hand.  This full moon too! mmmm..  If you're up at 4am you should cast your eyes westward, i dar say you'll be intrigued... I've set my alarm but I'm terrible at waking up at the best of times, like before a flight or when I had to prepare for my postmod test!  I've been taking night photos a lot lately, something I used to do heaps but haven't really done consistently in a while, it's pretty enjoyable in the city but I need to spend more time out of this place!  I'd like to have done it again tonight but I've gotta slave over foamcore for the x amount of time.  I wasn't shooting for long but stayed up ages for duties regarding aforementioned show and didn't get to sleep for a while but it was fine!  Today I got everything i had to do done and a friend and i had an explore/rock picnic in the mountains just west of here and it was all quite pleasant!  I've been forcibly directed towards making more videos thanks to 2 friends in particular and today shot mostly video and i had a great time, must become the multi-medium man.

so the photos below are from my travels over the last 24 hours.  I might make the video stuff into something or just put it in my endless chronological video diary I've been compiling..  I wonder how long it will be when in 70....


i got surrounded by this moving black mass of stuff!!  it was quite creepy as i was on this small concrete pontoon that was slightly submerged, I couldn't tell what it/they were but I follwed them and assume it was some sort of fish school, probably teaching lessons of goodtimes and safe journeys.








ahhhh holidays, free creative reigns. mmmm...