Thursday, September 18, 2014

ends and beginnings

'It's with extensive deliberation that I must conclude my involvement in the DGM collective. I like DGM and the dudes and I know it will be a great publication but my capacity to make photos has a limit. I don’t want to waste mine or anyone else’s time doing this stuff half assed and I am well aware that my current plate is airing on the side of all-you-can-preach buffet but will soon result in a critical oesophageal evac of semi-digested photos. After 24 years all I am really sure of is that I need stoke and to be learning [sanity] and working with DGM facilitates neither. Sure I want to expand my horizons, progress and take better photos but simply taking more photos [for someone else] is not going to get me anywhere. I wish the crew the best of luck and I can’t wait to see this thing in my hands, Did Get Made.

photo from my first trip to North America back in Jan 2013. Shooting James Kelly, on the road with DGM.'

1832 vlue

I wrote that above rant a few days ago to publicly address my dgm situation- It kinda sucks but I had to do it, I feel relief and motivation and I'm excited for the future without DGM.    I've learned a valuable lesson in realising that I need to be smart in what and where I plan to spend my time and motivation..  I feel I jumped on DGM because I was excited by it's potential, excited by the crew I was to be working with and excited to be in a 'collective'.. I didn't consider any of the things that really matter, such as if I agree with the motives/objectives/ideals, how much involvement I will actually have/want/need and what my role/s would be.  It took until I began to feel emotionally stressed that I sat down and really gave it thought- quitting was the result.  I don't feel like i'm burning out, or anywhere near it, I just don't want to expend valuable time/passion/love on things that are not important to me. 

chaddly on the sunshine coast,  one of my most favourite photos that we used. 


Thursday, September 4, 2014

in memory of the great Robert Burns....

i have a feeling my most productive state is right now…  waiting in airports with a few beers and a bunch of caffeine, it’s also the most effective for ranting for the sake of ranting, auto writing etc..  Because right now, I’m killing time, simply shooting with my fingers but it results in unavoidable sprays of misc nonsense and rants…  although semi-unfortunately i’m sitting in the ritziest airport bar known to man, in LAX- the non-step renovation airport of the world- and it's terribly expensive... the renos are casj except while i’ve been waiting for my beer they’ve ran out of everything on tap, i’m up to attempt 5.  it’ll come…  oh and yeh, we got to go to the the first ever longboard skatepark in Kamloops BC Canada and it's dope, i hope it's the future and anyone that says it's lame/not difficult enough isn't try hard enough.

RAD_0746 2fb

anyhow, i’m on the way home from a 2 month stint in, well almost entirely Vancouver, with great success.. but almost entirely studio success as in spent a good part of the 2 months photographing trucks- fun and challenging because they’re so shiny…..  but it’s been great, i’ve been exploring [with the landy direction squad] conceptual photos..  not just pretty photos of skateboarding, things with thought etc…  and i feel like we’ve been kicking goals but there need to be more time, all the time- entirely my fault because of my broken finger.. 



but I’m home for just 3 days before adventuring into asia YAY!!!!  I’m getting sent, along with 4 others [give take 1/2 depending on preach] to taiwan and sty korea and i can’t con taint myself yayeeweweewweeee-  mainly as asia is a place i’ve not frequented for a while, odd due to australian proximity but also because it’s so damn cheap and mainly because, until skateboarding, asia was the only foreign zone i’d sampled- as i spent a good portion of my education studying bahasa Indonesia, the 4th least useful language in the world- it’s fun but.  


misc road photo from Arizona

the crew is rad, a tight one, tightest yet even [based upon how many of us, 5] which is yatesy, kyle martin, billy bones, guff and myself + a cameo from the bossdawg ryan theobald himself [legend status] and the casjest plan yet [apparently]  i feel like I’m writing in trap music, you knoww… silly lyric about nothing- followed by single, previous-line-affirming-background-lyric and i know exactly why.. i’m not a big trap fan, ii’ve a varied taste in music, with trap transcending the outlier/inner-sanctum barrier, but the reason is because i’ve been staying at the aptly named ‘Trap House.’  The residency of 3 of the hippest cats in vancouver Graham Collingwood, Dillon Stephens and Jeff Burton, thank you gents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i highly doubt they read this but my thanks are now swirling around in the general.  

RAD_0780 2

anyhow, i got my beer now yay.  but it’s harder to type with one hand but i feel like i’ve probably got nothing else to say/my ability to counter conciseness [my best skill]  is wearing thing..  but its casj- i’ve only got 1:40 until i 1k myself to lux/australia however i am leaving you here.  byebye bbs