Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My mind is too tired to rant,  I went last night for a camp.  It was great, I don't have the photos now, for those you'll have to wait.  These are a few random shots from mostly the last few days but the others are not...  I've been too busy creating non-bloggable things and working to blog about photos and other things that aren't related to working.




this was a present for my boss, both of us work and wig together.


from the above shoot, testing powah


poot poot, more later, hopefully tonight but probably not..  I was woken to a pack of angry cows that seemed content on the destruction of my brand new tent.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

aggressively intrigued

Skateboarding has effectively become the activity I enjoy in life the most, enjoyment in this sense referring to getting frazzled by voluntary involvement in danger and in return receiving the reward of stoke, the greatest reward there is.   It's not just the stoke, or the adrenaline, it's everything about it.  I work with longboards, in retail and in photos.  My friends all skate, long, short and wig boards alike.. often in the same session and it's ideal... We're all here to sample the flavours available so any ideas of craft exclusivity were thrown out the window when we were thrown outta the womb.  Above all of this the crew I've met have all been fantastic people!!  With longboarding I've been pretty darn lucky.... Through involvement with Heelside mag (5 of my shots were ran in the Dec issue, 3 in the yearly calendar and I shot an entire feature:  not trying to give myself a digital blowjob but i'm frothing still....furiously) and I'm stoked, I received my copy a few days and the fire is still partying in my belly.  I got very lucky, once again, through a video that I made with my good pal and all-time shredsman Chad, in that both He and I were picked up by Early to shoot/video/skate into the future.  The sport is new but so am I and Ideally I'll be lucky enough to grow as a photog/skater/fellow alongside the crew that are pushing this sport in the right direction as all of the ones I have met so far have been glory men!!!

Some of the Early team.




my friends and I have started construction on our own indoor skatepark, we've got more (free) wood than we can handle a 50m2 fridge to fill with glory hahaha, what is real.  Luckily between us we've an engineer, a tradesmen and a whole lot of stoke and keenness. 





9mins well spent

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

replace the word space with drink and forget it

Long term pal turn short term enemy of mine, the rain, has been qualming me into oblivion.  The enveloping nature of my skateboarding habit has begun to have unforeseen control over my levels of qualm but I've managed to sweep that out from my stoke-starved peripherals thanks to the acquisition of the family home for a period of time which will most likely lead to more home-time and therefore more creation.  Nevertheless, times will be ideal so long as the rain sends itself away in order to bring myself back.  I'm still getting abused by this Nicolas Jaar album, it's insanely good, I've listened to nothing else since monday morning.  I've shown it to a few people but have decided that is silly as it's music to be consumed wholly, appreciated for it's entirety and enjoyed for it's complete duration.

apart from the film shot and the mirror wig these are all very olddd, older then march 2010, pre BCH

creek of intrigue






i know that posting a single track is contradictory so here is the entire album but you should buy it from here

this is what i'm working on right now


listen to the song

I've had this album on repeat for the last 24 hours without tiring from its gracious beats and tantalisingly tasty everything elses.  My tiredness and the time have combined their forces in order to disallow ranting at this stage, when ready you will be notified on this blog, by a post probably




this is normal for crackafee


the unreasonable wig


Thursday, December 1, 2011

wholesale dubspress

I've been grounded tonight, not because of a parentally enforced embargo between me and the front door, but because I feel the need, the need to get things done.  Misc things, anything, who knows really?!  I don't..  It seems I've done nothing, except my room is clean which was not really worth it from where I sit now. 

I've long enjoyed dubspress, for many reason, obviously flavour being the greatest reason and price being the leastest reason but today my dreams came true upon gaining a wholesale supplier of it, oh yes, wholesale.  I also acquired my dream board after a few months of being patient and thankfully my patience paid off.  Although no amount of patience could dull the frustation that came after walking out the door and taking maybe 2 steps before it started raining, I tried to outrun it, enough for a single run but got teared!  I went to a carpark, it sucked.  But it's fine, I'll find a way to glory myself.

In opposition to the act of not doing things, my friend and I ventured out of Brisbane in search of nice locations and skatehills..  We found neither really but had a fun time anyway.  










we found a skatepark!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

inferior tutelage

this has been the spare time drain over the last few days, I think it's worth it.. It's my fourth beginning to end attempt at a video and this time I learnt so much and I'm pretty stoked with the result..  Managed to land Chad and I some intriguing future prospects too, stoke alll rouuuunndd yeeeoooww

Saturday, November 26, 2011

a state of fury and intrigue

'I'm building a video at the moment and i don't know if this goes for everyone (the one person i've spoken to about it agreed) is a strange process..  It's all consuming, one can not deny the presence of the a half edited video on their desktop, causing great bereavement due to overwhelming amounts of definition and conversions therefore forcibly qualming the editor's hard drive space, a subject I find particularly qualmful. Infact twice as I've written this I've been forcibly remembering the edit.  I wanna get this done so I can then start on the Cunnumulla film and then work through photos relating to a single journey, they're the funnest to post about. I think I'll have this video up tomorrow evening or not long after.

more misc film!






Thursday, November 24, 2011

I thought of something

really funny to write about but forgot it when I was logging into blogger, minor qualm.  I've been having too good a time lately and I think it's the reason for the sickness I feel right now, which can only be as a result of too much stoke and maybe the diet and sleepless night involved with the 36hr skate adventure some pals and I embarked upon a few days ago.   Also, it's my birthday tomorrow and on the weekend I went away to the most tranquil place ever, The Soul Garden.  It was unreal, I assume all involved were reaching irreverently high levels of relaxation and enjoyment of the times at hand.  I took a few shots, which if I recall correctly, were all on film so I don't have anything to show (theres some digital stuff but i'm yet to take it off the camera and this spontaneous rant allows for no extra time spent, all of these photos have been forgotten about but found right now as I wanted to post but didn't have time to look at fresh ones (or check grammar))

cheap x misc flm 


this was shot in a Vietnamese photographer's backyard who is most definitely living the life..  He gets to shoot fantastic scenery full of typically SEAsian imagery, heads home to a ridiculously cool house complete with an aviary, sun room where he edits his pics and sells them, unmounted, to wealthy travellers.  IDEAL!



these guys congregated outside my window one afternoon pretty sure one of them has been there since it was a wee little boidy and used to come into my house, without knocking.