Monday, August 20, 2012

stoking the desire

I finally got around to making my second serious attempt at moving skate visuals and it came out great, I was looking at it as a crappy sequel to Bananas but I think that was a case of me pulling something like that out of nowhere, surprising people and myself more so and I think that led to me worrying that I'd never create something that good but I obviously realised how stupid that was and recently got cracking.  We shot it in day and I've dabbled in the edit proces (like every other thing I've ever needed a computer to complete)

Now that my gears are greased physically I need to work on the mind-side of videoing, it's so much more important.  Also, need more hills..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

concede nothing

just like getting at a circular sticker, I find myself attacking it from all angles but end up getting the same result, not in a negative or sad way (as it's quite the opposite), however the sticker itself is one of intrigue and uncertainty.   This year I've taken a different approach to photography, one that might result in a career, a life of a more applicable form of constant stoke and in the last few weeks it feels like it's all coming to a head.  I was approached by a dream company with a dream offer and $ attachment that's making me both extremely excited and scared..  Excited because my dream is plausible but scared because I'm unsure wether I should take the dollars and forget or bargain some sort of potential position involving me glorying fulltime into the future and not just when they want to make a catalogue.   It's all very exciting and thought consuming so for now I'm ignoring most of it apart from the stoke that I might make it in longboarding...  

Yesterday I shot surf for the first time in so very very long and when i say 'shot surf' i mean went to the beach with the sole purpose to take pictures, I took some waves photos a month ago when I was adventuring and I guess that and seeing the unbelievable work of Russel Ord got my hunger hugering for for some h2woah fun times..  luckily the waves were EPIC!  i even got to surf, towards the end of the session, which was the first time I've got shacked in 2012!!  A significant thing as I spent many years of my life enjoying the fruits of waves and, since getting into longboarding, I've not resampled.

I guess I should make more decisions in my life but considering things is one of my favourite past times.

 And in terrible news,  I lost around half of my photos from the skate race in the Czech Republic but who knows how many others from after the race.. i've already ranted about the problem which can be found in the next 3 words      "i've regrettably come to a final conclusion regarding the exodus of Koz├íkov Challenge 2012 photos from my digital possessions and unfortunately i've lost almost exactly half of them D: lesson: read the manual of your camera and don't assume the intelligence of the programmers matches the quality/price of the 2nd best camera on the market. luckily i've still got half :D"      and if losing those photos didn't suck, a roll of film that I shot on the same trip came back green and without contrast :/  It was quite old and I assume it's a chemical mismatch (found this roll alongside films like kodachrome and other discontinued stuff)  I shouldn't have risked it but it really doesn't matter, that trip was about the girl below and everything else was a bonus.


Must get this post done quickly, I'm helping out my Pal Reuben while he's in Greece shooting a wedding by filling his nightlife job duties and I've gotta shoot the ekka races....  must remember the dollars and how they'll get my a camera and a step further to maximum glory.

Innsbruck and a plane coming in for landing, I wish i was on that plane.


trekking in Bolivia, I've been revisiting the album from S.A to see how deep my attempts of completion are... turns out they're not very deep


I went for a solo adventure into the ghettos of La Paz in search of a look-out that apparently existed.. I found something that may have been a look out.


Gabe at Mt. Keira working on this


Ben and Rob dropping out of the clouds


The Chad


One of Kozakov's corners,  note the octocopter!!  I've seen some footage from it and it looks so so so so  rad


I found this one, it's from a long time ago when an exhibition on Brisbane's skateboarding history was held at the, at the time, brand new Brisbane Museum.

the stoke

From yesterday's waves




this is from bathurst, shooting skate on 35mm is tricky but fun, definitely need to do more of it as what i've done so far has come out quite nice i feel, just need to find a super crispy super fast film.


sunny Wollongong, 35mm


also this is probably the best song i've ever heard

Monday, August 6, 2012

inappropriate work space

The bed is not a fine place to try and do work..  I just ate dinner, consumed post dinner coffee and was feeling ideally prepped for getting things done but now that I've slipped into my bed and my laptop warms me through my duvet, all i want to do is snooze.  9pm is probably too early for bed but I can feel only myself sinking deeper and think only of sleeping and how ideal that would be and i figure it is now time to sleep.  glory

first night in italy after a huge drive from mondsee, slept next to this, woke up next to this, ideal 24hour spectacular.


JK at a pass in the alps, got to skate it with the skatehouse people and learnt so much about skateboarding... feel like i need to start skating properly





Friday, August 3, 2012


there's never a better time to make a blog post than whilst sitting at changi airport, once again waiting anxiously to be informed if i'll get a seat on my this flight...  I guess this draws a close to the best times i've ever had in my life thanks to skateboarding, Europe, Maeve + her ever angelic ways and her company on a roadtrip that spanned Czech Rep, Austria, Italy and Germany over 7/8 days and 2000 kms.  Our car was our home and thanks to the glory of Tesco megamarts we lived in luxury for a minimal fee and an even more minimally organised plan... eating, sleeping and enjoying everything from the close proximity of the wagon was a whole lot more enjoyable than i'd expected and i expected a lot.  

I've been meaning to post these photos from the flight over since the flight over but the internet has eluded me both in its presence and the presence of more important things!  i'll post them now and soon i'll construct something much more respectable and representative of the trip.. 

yeeeah!  before I did this trip i was having a harder time with everything than ever before but now im ready to bring myself more back than i thought was possible during this year of intrigue, thankfully squiggly poo knows how to direct this pigglish lamb in the direction of glory..

there were all taken from the plane (hence some wiggidy distortion)








this is the begining of the dolomites in Italy's north... definitely the most beautiful landscape i've ever been in!  I rate them over the Andes, although i didn't sample patagonia.. even still, go there.. italy is epic



this photo represents the binds of lamb..  everything I love and want to surround myself is in this picture.. adventure, hills, the act of taking this photo and Maeve.


hopefully i get on this plane!