Sunday, January 31, 2010


is being temperemental, i don't have a scanner- so here are two photos of prints from the first roll.

i should really get a scanner, except i'm unsure if it's worth getting the leica fixed for now, i need to buy a lens for my digital first.. borrowing sucks.

bordered house


Saturday, January 30, 2010


i've still got disney party shots to go through :(

here's another- this image confuses me

little red riding hood

by doing me a favour i'm doing one for you too

to bask in the titled glory, listen to this..

now it's back to work time! i'm thinking of starting a blog for GT, we'll see- hopefully i can hustle some cash flow for my efforts.

the old skool

Friday, January 29, 2010

excuse me gentlemen


the two days i spent at the coast were very pleasant! but now it's back into ARGH


super sudoku

sick bazza at anne

banddub boattrast


Thursday, January 28, 2010


got back from the coast today! a very painful ordeal considering the consistent failings of my car's aircon combined with Brisbane's latitudinal misfortune- only to come home to a cardboard box full of milk bottles that have been cooking and coagulating in the corner- yummo!

box bin

i guess tonight i'll be going through more party photos, cleaning my room, dancing and doing non party related photos. i got a roll back from the printy place that was shot on the leica- very very interesting to say the least, i'll try and scan some later but i don't have a scanner and i doubt i've got the effort for it anyway...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hack and slash

i'm seemingly powering through the weekend's photos, desperately trying to do ruby's before i head up the coast this p.m. Even though it's aus day and i should be doing unordinary things i'm strangely content sitting here, accepting that the most unordinary thing i'm indulging in is a distinct lack of pants . However tonight the tone may change as the caloundrian poison takes it's toll on any moral tether i may have once been bound to.

their name liveth for evermore

Monday, January 25, 2010


i still don't know how to use this word properly, unless you count 1 in 6 tries properly...

but to the point! this weekend has been rather freaking intense. I've shot soo many photos of such diverse groups of people and places. At this rate i'll be stuck at this pc for a few days, sieving through a stupid amount of photos but unfortunately i'm heading up the coast for 2 days, a laptop would be so handy!

this post contains shots for nightlife on friday, an amazing a.m. of activities on Saturday, ruby's surprise disney birthday party along with a lot of unrelated inbetweeners.






nightclub life small

Saturday creeps


rat bin


notice board

big tomb!

Ruby's Part-A

claire goon

oh so wise

jesus nic

goon and co

school red bat

sleeping fairy

there'll be more on each of these previews later down the track so if you're aroused interested

so much freaking glory

Sunday, January 24, 2010


wind has a knack for being the bane of my existence. Wrecking potentially good waves is one thing, sitting around as my kite lies dormant on the grass is another.

han de la

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


seen as i can't plan for shit, i'm hoping that tomorrow will be as glorious as I've been dreaming it to be, during the last 4 days of slaving. lots of shit to do, infact- making a list on here is probably the smartest thing i could do... unfortunately for living, there may be some sleepless nights this week for the sake of what should be possibly the funnest mornings, so far this year.

i don't really know what to talk about, all i know is i want to talk about something i don't really know anything about and right now the whole idea is confusing me pretty bad. something like drama? haha, except that shit is the worst.. no, the worst ever. i could talk about thermal dynamics but i'm pretty sure i've got that shit dialed to the point any household matter would be concerned.

all of this failing mental exploration is getting the better of my current state of mind. so, i could talk about this new toy i've got and how it's the best thing since abiogenesis/primordial soup (on the note of great things to do with soup and something that rhymes with primordial i just had a brain wave rivaling that of a pacific winter, therefore tying this nonsense back to my initial goal of talking about something i have no idea about.. maybe more on this later) back to my new toy, it's pretty good- as you could probably tell.. in a last ditch effort to keep you (if you're still wading through my mental filth) moderately interested, i'm not going to tell you what i got, but only give u clues... it's black, partially rubber partially metal, it only works when i hit it and it's a camera.

i need to get it serviced though, the shutter seems to be getting stuck at either the mirror open stage, or the full open stage.. not sure as i don't know what either possibilities look like and i'm too scared to burn my 12c slides. hopefully servicing is cheap but i fear it'll break the bank, not because of the work itself but moreso finding someone that'll fiddle with it.. i'm waiting on 4 rolls before i assess whether i will pursue this, but i'm pretty certain i'll be rolling with this fellow for a long time..

also, i didn't get into photog at griffith which is a bit lame. hopefully i can weasel my way in otherwise i'll be bridging at tafe or something along those lines, a bit shit... for once i want to learn about something, instead of being self taught and claiming i know about shit.

thanks to sam (the kid from work in the photo 2 below- showing his true colours)... i've been able to shoot again! this time i've scabbed a 35 f/2.8 from 1968(apparently) which, apart from 100% manual gayness it's working swimingly!

turtles and bird

blown away!

i've been going through these two fellows' reels, making the last hour of this life even grander...

this guy is amazing! - Maximilian Tynan

as is this fellow - James Hartley

brick wall

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mess with this kid

and he'll mess with your face,
his ink? a testimony...

sebbets fury

Sunday, January 17, 2010

these tan lines are getting more liney yet somehow less tany

i felt the need to post twice tonight.. so here's a photo that i don't like or dislike and feel is perfect for a post that makes no sense, has no objective or any desire to change anything, leaving nothing to think about before bed, therefore... the best kind of post. x

big ass james street pano


i've decided i'm not going to post all of the randoms from woodford a) it's been too long and b) the ones i like aren't really suited- so heres some scraps before we close this book once and for alll.



tried way too hard to make this shot work with 50mm's you get the idea though right :)
p.s. why are the clouds so fucked

strange sky

five stars

i had such a good night, the best new years yet? or the best ever...


you are going to rockschool!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i just realized all of these shots are in portrait....


pig factor seven

pool and toy

woah there! this was shot on the escalator leading out of the roma street basement accompanied by too much of everything, especially red and my lack of manual flash abilities
tom pyler

ruby pig ear

so here's one that isnt!


Friday, January 15, 2010

sweet water, the communist daughter

as previously stated, I (benefactor) got a boxed r4 and a swagger of leitz' from my boss (way tooo generous) Gail. She is also insuring it all for me :D which is good, cuz the insurance is more than i earn in month.... i've pewpew'd 4 rolls in the last 24 awaken hours and to say the least, i'd use this camera 24-7 if i could afford the processing... but one must consider that, if i had that sort of money, i'd rather shoot digital, cuz digital digicks all over film (now from a photo quality or feel p.o.v but from a- hey i'm gonna hold my camera at full arms length with one hand and point my crosshaired led flash focus assist at a highlighted kid infront of a depthless and definitionless background and somehow expose and focus is perfectly....

i have also obtained a semi-operational, semi-wide (less than my current 80mms of sadness) for the digital thanks to sebbet (heart)

fingers crossed that glory is on the specials boards cuz i've got the taste for cheapened greatness and happy times..

post rant notes:
- i've got a shit load of fotes from the last few days
- i'm undecided as to whether i want to start putting up slides on here,i guess ill see how these new ones come out
-here are some more random woodford shots (i was planning on putting these all up at once, but i'd rather hope to achieve drip fed glory as to photo face melt glory... or any glory for that matter)

lake and fire twirlers

mmk and crowd!

fire twirlers

pyle at car
thanks dude

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

selfish times

this morning i was the benefactor to an amazing act of generosity from my boss.. more on this later

the paddock house

the sunrise chair

Sunrise Seat