Monday, June 25, 2012

delayed realisation

I'm getting progressively worse at time management (writing on my blog when there's pressing issues at hand?) but I'll fix it one day, maybe even right after this...  starting with easy things like washing my entire wardrobe!  i can then move onto harder things, like forgetting the possibility i'll never have any control over time and how I manage it or maybe i'll just sample some nomadism with a side of animal contact, surely ideal...  I'm getting up early to video some skateboarding with dos shralpmen but before bed i'm going to go and tick off some menial chores that i feel i need to complete in order to indulge this strange necessity with time and the need to use it 'well'...
When did this even happen? Am I getting old man syndrome?!  I don't want a midlife crisis yet, dying at 44 seems like a GIANT forget.  Maybe I miss Maeve and time management is associated with making money therefore time management results in seeing Maeve.. I feel like I've made this conclusion before... definitely. 





whale farts


braydos in mulla




will zain in camoflage



went so deep into this group, all thanks to the an ethereal being known as tenzenmen..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

purely decorative

As a tribute to my inability to carry a pen I always think of things that would be great to write here but never convert them to blog which results in misc text, guised in symmetry for decorative purposes. A half sample as such, just to warm you up...


Luckily every now and then I do things, take photos then post on my blog and it's easy.  I just make a samplable recollection, adherent to visual content, thus initiating a bring back.. add a dash of text alignment: centre, a taste of sort by: date created and, in the case of this post, a touch of wygmey delight...
  It came early, nambour connection road to indulge in the pleasure of precision, but at the time it managed to slide under the radar until we stumbled across the entrance to the Wygmey Forest and somehow Mary and I both sub/conciously ignored the 'heavy vehicles exercise extreme caution' sign, situated about as close one could get to the Wygmey Forest sign...  For the most part the road was quite casual, a relatively flat dirt road with a fairly one-sided tree scenario so I assumed a fine/forget on the situation and, as a result of this, minimal attention was paid to the depth of the forest and it was most certainly a greatening chasm with no sign of a max depth sign.


It wasn't until the trees decided to march in from all sides that my attention began to waiver from the extreme caution that I had been exercising in order to try and navigate the minimally-elevated, maximumly potholed strip of sand that is argued to be the road and not just part of the swamp that surrounds it.


I don't know if it was a sign or the just the weather but the treetops were the victims of some serious breeze.  It wasn't until the following morning, when the ranger decided against charging us for camping in a general area, that we were notified as to the gail force wind scenario and it's presence...


as the road got tougher to navigate and the pace was reduced accordingly, I found myself being distracted by nuances in the landscape, just like earlier with the warning regarding the road quality, there were signs but I was not seeing them.



at first i proclaimed 'casual owl!!' but at second I was forced to reflect on how deep we were and determine if the road ahead was fine for my under-equipped thirteen year old sedan, fully loaded with miscellany adventure goods.. Third was a combination of the rain coming, this intriguing owl, it being 2am and far far deep from any semblance to phone reception plus the lack of any solid ground to camp things were looking uncertain...


 shortly after the owl times we determined that the situation was in need of a forget so I took one last picture and bailed out, pseudo-immediately.
 I took this photo and we left (the road was so thin and the ground so wet I had to party what was probably a 13 point u-turn so in now way was the departure even pseudo)
The goal was never to be obtained.



a representation of my employers, goodtime's kayak on my roof and bch's camera that was used to sample these photons.


shortly after this above picture, titled fruit stand fantastic, i had one of the most surreal experiences of my life and it involved a real-world application of a dream that's haunted me for over a year now...  It involved stumbling across a country/deep country road, perfectly laid tar, a grade to make any professoress wet and curves to tantalise any academic involved in the field of geodesics.   I didn't take photos as it was not time for photos, it was a time suitable for skateboarding/frothing from many, or maybe even all, of my orifices..  Except my ears, they were busy getting stuffed with music inside my fullface while I surfed down a road that not even my dreams could generate....  there was one minor hiccup which, unlike my dreams made sense, and it wasn't a serious hiccup... They'd yet to complete the road and there was one small stretch that I had to footbrake into, almost a stop, as it was not tarmac, just a layer of uninvitingly large gravel.. It'd be completed now and I think next weekend or the weekend after I'll sample its glory, top to bottom and there'll be pictures (and probably a video, it's extremely beautiful.)

Eveything took a great deal of time; driving places, eating food, reading maps, coaxing street dogs, deciding on wether to buy 1 large dubspress or two small...
I think we'd been cursed by the Wygmey forest...
By the time we got to a serious body of water to use the kayak, we were met with gale force winds and some sizable shacks..  I was keen to get pitted in the yak but that was before i made any assessment regarding a 5 meter kayak in 4/5 foot beach bazzas....      there were a few surfers, well only 2, but the weather was extremely beautiful so we sat and I enjoyed playing with the d700, to which i'd attached a super battery pertaining to a flap rate of 8 or 9 and indulged in the guilt free times associated with shooting jpeg.







although i did get ewwie halo's which is the adr's fault, well it's my fault but thats not the point.





so it had been almost 24 hours of kayak adventuring and we were yet to take the yak off the roof so in a last ditch effort we furied the bay, more gale force winds and no moon made it an intriguing course of action but it was extremely fun..  wearing skirts in a 5m double sea-touring kayak in gale force winds is something i recommend doing once (which will result in multiple times in the future)



but, wait


Friday, June 8, 2012

accept the mystery

i think my recently and ever decreasing attentiveness towards time, it's presence and it's value has resulted in a state of a previously unimagined lack of the aforementioned unit.  It could be a meer surmise therefore no one knows and this speculation is purely general..   I'm extremely deep in photos, extremely..  I'd say so deep that I'll never find my way out from it's visual clasp and ritual demands but that occured a few years ago, now I find myself trying to minimise ground loss to the widening chasm of photos that haunt my thoughts and dreams.    I've also been progressively adding miscellaneous photos to my flickr to try and incite some sort of blog posting fury but the fury seems to have vacated from it's rightful position in the driver's seat of my fingers, facilitating a new member to the family.  I'm not sure who it is, what it stands for or what it's doing right now as it's obviously fury thats driving this ship right at his here moment,  I like to imaging it's meeting the rest of the family, probably stopping first at my eyes to catch up with stoke or keeping it super maxi casj spending time with my toes, except for the 3 that are still numb, I wish they'd come home.   I think the only thing you need to take form this rant is that none of it was true, apart from everything between 'I think' and 'I think'

Peruvian moutainain side by bus, the first time I'd been on team luxury since our san telmo luxury pad.






The devil's secret door, Tupiza, colourplus 200


Parisian, Ektachrome 100vs


colourplus 200


one of the many facades that seem to make up 40% of my paris shots, ektachrome 100vs


skateboard races, obviously




"take my hand, we'll get through this together"  Jacob Lambert, Yesterday.


nearing St. George