Thursday, May 24, 2012

taking back gigs

my life is a tireless struggle against the undersized hard drive of my laptop, the never ending input of data and the minimal output of data results in easily foreseeable tears.  Photos aren't too bad anymore, at one point I was struggling so much that I found myself shooting jpeg just to save space (and force myself, through an unbiased administration of glory/tears, to shoot better photos by thinking more) but now I've got a pretty good grasp on it, however it's videos that are the killer...  I shoot one little clip for wigvid purposes and I find myself having to spend 30 minutes with my external in an aggressive jostle for spare bytes.  Thankfully tonight I was driven to the end, I've been juggling my gigs for about a week and a half now, between 245mb and 3gb and I shot some skate video this afternoon for which my laptop had no time for..  I went deep, deep enough to find that final cut had nesteled away a cool 85bg of backed up videos, renders and backups from miscellaneous videos that I've made in the past, somehow the whole 'assign scratch disk' thing was ignored by jacob when he installed it so I've not known any better, until know..  I feel like we're friends again, it's nice.. It also means I've got room to make more videos!!! wooooooooo

Mt. Keira Jungle, colourplus 200


paris in the spring!  thankfully the weather got a whole lot nicer than this but even still, beautiful. portra 400, 35mm


metro. portra 400, 35mm


senor pyle redefining everything i aspire to


Joshee getting slacked in Forster


Mt Intrigue road


skatevoyage's last day




cheese is a kind of meat

that title was relatively intriguing

 even though i'm talk about nothing, sometimes I just can't write anything and this is one of the somes.  I'm going to go for a relaxing pre-bed shred and return to this blank pixelas to which I will fill with extravagantly vocabularised sentences of whimsical thoughts and ideas I had about nothing/minimal.  This pattern, like all good patters, is reappearing with a welcome equal to its rejection, but will be forever remembered by how much it was ignored, followed by much rejoicing but even though the skate that i just finished hasn't given me anything to write about, it doesn't matter!  There's no rush and my patience and I are talking it over, you see, patience was what I wanted to rant about but couldn't quite get there, sometimes things are best sorted quietly on a skateboard.

I took this photo 2 or 3 hours before the dos remaining amigos were to split and carry on individually.  This was one of the most beautiful afternoons I've ever seen and had, disregarding the 5 weeks of beautiful memories we were reminiscing about while watching the sun set behind numerous Red Kites, I only brought 1 roll for the stroll and got so trigger happy that I almost ran out of film before sunset, almost as in 1 shot left.  Thankfully Will reminded me to chill on the sposures because I would've burned that roll like I would've burnt my face on a fire had I not been able shoot the sunset when It actually happened.  This was the 3rd last of the roll a few minutes before the climax, the final shot will be seen at a later date; colourplus 200 Arica, Chile.


Kula getting pitted under a Wollongong breakwall bazza, spending time with the Norwegian ganstars and the early boys was ideal, I learnt a lot about important things like being happy, going fast and red goon.


Oli swooning during gung ho's new video, there's super 8 in it wooo!


karla aint so baby barla anymore but more of an overgrown puppy, well familiar with the pleasures of being tight with a bunch of humans and the scratch potential of opposable thumbs. 


paris film cache is too enjoyable to look at so, for the most part, i'm avoiding it for now.. fuji pro 800z


i've glued this to the inside of my coffin



even when Maeve's dealing with aggressively tantruming youth she smiles. 35mm portra 400, I think.


another from Bolivia, the scenario associated with this image was probably my favourite of South America and easily on of the greatest of me entire life.  colourplus 200, at the foot of the Sensei.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

self, it's loss and probable return/time to wig/team self, fulltime.

so I've been feeling a little down today and I think it's because I decided, whilst sleeping, that I need to be listening to music that I want to listen to 100% of the time, all of the time.  The constant drone of triple M on the Goodtime Radio, for the sake of a 41 year old joke, has not been a good time and it must be stopped, hence the probable return of self and a sanctioned forget on it's loss because self is important, self is why most sentences on this blog require translation, self is why I think writing like this is a powerplay and self is why I'm not going to change it, I've thought about it but If i'd come on here 3 minutes ago and tried to write something logical, the result would be below the standard that I've made up and have therefore developed this blog in accordance to, the Lamb standard.  These points are all equally as important as they are pointless so perhaps we go back to self and along the way we'll score a self-bringback. I was enjoying that rant regarding self but it's frail wings of basal ganglia have been lost to the past and must now be forgotten (forget!), the first three pictures of this post I like because they're of people that I like (having fun!!) but also because they're on team self and are still frothing regardless of their situation, be it a broken scaphoid, sense of self-preservation or familial plurality. Need that froth, I needs it, I need it fulltime, gonna get it fulltime and if it's not fulltime it's notime/forgetime.  I gotta snooze, important meetings (not at all) besides one with my own mind and its ability to wake up at any time other than which it chooses to, post any number of snoozes and to do so I need to make it uncomfortable by waking up early (and glorying myself with a full day)

oooh I got featured on Skate House which has given me BULK STOKE, it's here.

Broben (not to be confused with Benbro) on our first major bus voyage in Bolivia, thankfully it was only 12 hours but the 2000m ascension provided ample intrigue and good preparation for the busses of the future and their unforeseeable tears, superia 200.


Kula and Mathias, obviously frothing on the first day of riding at bathurst, throw the camera some love and stoke.


Chad, the afternoon his hand was re-cast, stoked upon welcoming the night with some tidy freeride and the possibility of a rapid recovery.


the past and the future, existing as one in the life of chaddles


I took this one while waiting for a storm to pass in order to save camera gear and to keep my horse stoking, Bolivia's deep south.


this little grombat decided that his 2 hour bus ride to town would be spent with the australian fellow that had just finished trekking through the Andes, enticed by my electronics, I managed to befriend this chap and began to pretend to understand him very well.


showed him some newbop, the frothed.



the day before, closing in on Potolo (basically in the crack of the range)


the order of this post is probably undesirable but right now i feel like it's time for a dose of stoke and Battman




Looking down on Cusco from the extremely overpriced ruins that sit atop the mountains to what I figure is the north, shot on 35mm, probably Kodak Colourplus 200.


LaPaz, a picture of my existence at the time.


I'd never heard of Yuck/their music (which apart from this i don't really like) when I first saw this clip/heard this song, i psuedo-immediately posted it on here (amongst the next post of photos) and preached ignorance to it's vulgarity.  If you like listening to less-skilled appropriations of my bloody valentine, watching dogs and women showering in a visually intriguing manner, served on a bed of confronting editing and outlandish playback rhythms than this is the clip for you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

brace yourself before you face yourself

plans that are spontaneous always reward the most amount of stoke and failure is not really a possibility as being able to play things by ear, such as anything variable (so pretty much everything), lets me bring myself to the maximum level of backness according to whats on sample.  i didn't expect to get to the foot of a mountain at 1am on Monday morning, or to be halfway up when the sun began to rise in order to began it's daily battle for the attention of 2 humans that were trying to scale the 350m rock wall. We were too gloried by the surrounds to feel anything other than unrelenting stoke, making the constant weaving between the aftermath of the landslide, that lay waste to the only accesible side of the mountain, a non-issue.  The only issue being the pain in my neck from looking left and right rapidly in order to consume multimum visual glory.  That problem quickly subsided when we reached the 556m summit and dealt accordingly,

Mary, dealing accordingly.


the first sample


norwegian travellers, wigged sufficiently.



made a decision

ended up here


the inside of a volcano, look closely at the top and you can see it's face?





The mountains, excluding the one i was on


potties from the when world was upside down.