Saturday, November 29, 2014

adventures atop the southern hemisphere's largest shield volcano caldera

i just had a moment.  i was looking at this picture.... 


and i decided to get some insight, as even my very limited knowledge of the zone in which we were in, hinted at it's environmental importance.  I was familiar with the volcano, the Gondwana Rainforest and the zone's biodiversity- thanks to the post-volcano fertility and the obviously rich landscape but I'm no expert, infact i quickly realised i could never have imagined the fucking immensity of this location.  How was I to know I was standing in a Rainforest that dates back to when there were only 2 continents, somewhere in the range of 250-500 million years ago....  


Lucas George Herrington- top tier dude.

So i kept reading with a penchant for specificity and as I made my knowledge more finite i realised, once again, probably for the too many times to admit, that I live in paradise.. not only that but there is a rainforest, beginning only 1.5 hours from my city that i could easily spend a lifetime in.  




cleansing the enfilthment and mud stained skin from the previous nights adventure with a silent spa 


my pants ft. mud.... this trip is when/were i fell in love with 'mud' as a term of endearment..  Mate/Mud etcetc.

fuck all this ethical turbulence relating to my photography, the reason i started this and fell head over heels was the lack of ethics, the power to express and document the things i enjoy, love and value.   my ethos of casj does not have time for wigging because what i love about photography is the incentive to explore, worrying about how my clients are expressing my work is only going to do me harm, both emotionally and professionally.  

Thursday, November 27, 2014

when you're that deep in a basket of eggs you cant get out without breaking a bunch

i was going to start this rant with 'if you read this' but i quickly realised the potential pseudo-oxymoronism and decided to comment on the realisation that i just had about not writing it, which leaves me in a predicament. 


 Do i forego tense for pleasure?  no lamb never cared for tense, however i do for pleasure and it's been pleasure, and its relationship with this blog, that has been plaguing my thoughts for a while now but i had a delightful realisation over the weekend and in one fell swoop actioned flipmode..


 As i was about to say, shortly after i realised i shouldn't say it that way, is that my desire for this blog is to be a time-capsule of brain farts, not because i want a literal recount of my life- thats what i have photos for- but because i want this to provide an emotionally introspective log to my general mental state at the time of writing.   


A sanity log?  perhaps, but mostly just an elaborate way of jotting down feelings/emotions for post pleasure and insight.     i feel auto-writing allows for greater influence of subconscious thus stamping this literary nonsense with emotion


perhaps i'm justifying this direction because i know that over thinking this blog is a problem and the best bit about it is that it doesn't matter..


perhaps i need to ignore/remove the public access to this blog in order for it to become what i truly intend it to be.


perhaps i'm too comfortable in my lifestyle yet accept stagnation in order to avoid change
perhaps the lifestyle i've led over the last years has been such a whirlwind rad time of travel, adventure and goal attainment that i've grown scared of not having it and its paralysing me!! 


perhaps i just hit the nail on the head with that blind swing into my subconscious, lets hope its properly hammered because thats bullshit and the stupidest thing i've ever thought.. feck, that hurts.


i just need to get back to my instantaneous thinking and spontaneous doing.  It's been the framework for my entire ethos and i'm letting responsibility and concern misdirect me.


I have no actual problems but i'm struck by contradiction.. on one hand i deleted my personal facebook a year ago because of the lack of distinction between the real world and the facade of personality that social media grants ones self and on the other i have this furiously introspective journal of self.  i think its fine though, perhaps even ideal 


i just seem to get kicks out of introspection so perhaps i need to start a new blog, a properly personal blog so i can speak absolute nonsense and expand my psychoanalytical funtimes.  


my worst nightmare is having spiders in my hair


from early days of my first musical true love [Yoni Wolf]

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


alright sick, it's confirmed, i don't know what i want and i think knowing is quite dangerous.   upon obtaining what I perceived to be my ultimate dream life I realised that dreams are purely a guide to what is next and could be more accurately described as a disguised goal-due to it's perceived unattainability.  i thought travelling the world skateboarding and taking pictures of it was the be all and end all but i've realised that it is not- it's incredibly sick, but its not. i think i took a major life-shortcut in assuming that all greatness comes from doing what you want to do- im sure this [freedom] plays a huge role but i think i am realising that 'doing' is forgettable because 'feeling' is forever enduring...

i assume i'm similar to most of you in the sense that casting review upon ones self in years passed generally insights embarrassment [fashion] but this is acceptable because it's relevant to time..  however, consider your past-personality and it generally insights emotions much more significant than embarrassment...  personality transcends eras and trends because it is the route of all things personal, not a guise- such as fashion, and everything you do and perceive is relevant to your person, not time.  

perhaps this is why i enjoy dressing ridiculously..  because concerns regarding self-consciousness last only the instant in-which they present themselves, but stoke, contentedness and having a good time will for as long as i can remember it.... i guess hence why people say being nice will get you far in life..

anyhow, enough wig- time for some reality.

Last august Landyachtz sent Guff, Kyle Martin and myself out to Montreal to chase some footage and photos for Kyle.  It was a tricky trip for a handful of reasons but for the sake of exampling i'll highlight only the fact it rained 85% of the trip and with only one skater proactivity can be hindered by tiredness/injury etc-  i can't be bothered writing anymore, photo time.


Guff in the cemetery. 


Kyle atop the 'big bank' in Montreal's Olympic park


Kyle atop Hôtel-de-Ville 


Cemetery runs on the only sunny day






Montreal has the second largest underground pedestrian/train network in the world as in winter it regularly sits around -40ºc



it wasn't all a waste


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

intrigue of the unknown

work-fun balance is proving to be the most intriguing thing i've ever considered.  Working means less fun but also more fun plus good feelings induced by completing tasks, not working means more fun but eventually less fun minus the gratification of doing anything but somehow seems to be ever more desirable.  perhaps perfectly inline with my photographic ideals relating to instant gratification....  

ive relapsed into heavy milk use and it's been a 1L a day affair for the last week...  I don't know if my desires have presented themselves based upon my ever forgiving notions towards work ethic and GSD or if i'm just replacing snacks with mondo amounts of dairy.  

all i know for sure is that actual realisations and the intense introspection that generally follows is the easiest bit about change, it [the thought] may be odd or shocking but thats just a thought- the doing is obviously the real intrigue... i can happily tell myself anything all day, figured that one out a while ago perhaps maybe.


He's still waiting for me, in the sense that i'm terribly organised and generally late- this was shot on one of our first ever dates.


unrelating emotionally geared photo from the past.


Mitch and I went on a journey to find the origin and explore the proportionality of a tranq-dank scale, a fittingly suitable idea for representing the faux inverse relationship of tranquility and discomfort that we'd only just then become witness to....


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

when you're that deep in one basket of eggs you cant see over the edge

I feel quite lost, generally.  its not restlessness- perhaps i'm too quick to pigeonhole all wig into restlessness- perhaps its the 256mb that my 4yo laptop is powered by..  it's almost at the point where i spend more time waiting then i do doing!  it could also be my current immersion into Branka Parlic and the emotiveness that comes with that.  i also think im re-falling into the trap of assuming gratification from social media, i learnt a long time ago that there is nothing there that i consider real so i deleted my account... but then returned to make a photo-page and now i'm back in the rut.  i guess i've stripped it [involvement] back as much as I can so i just need to be aware that it does not provide contentedness and infact is probably geared to do the opposite. 

however, i've been reading a book on the brain regarding it's functions relating to photography.  the niche-ness of this book is immense but it's crazy....  every time i read something relative to brain function/self reflexivity i feel underpowered against my own brain which i think is because doing so exposes elements of self that were previously ignorable- elements that aren't negative but result in more to think about and more to consider and i have to decide whether consideration of such things are even worth concerning myself with, that is assuming i understand what im thinking.  times like these i feel the need to explore the physical world around me, not the metaphysical and i think thats why i always assume it [wig] is restlessness. 

i think i'll just go back to listening to venga boys trap remixes and return to carefreality.

these photos are from a few days in San Francisco spent with Pat Schep and Billy Bones.


Pat Schep and pushing photos.


Pat Schep and some real shit.  I love Pat, he's definitely one of my favourite guys to work with, not just on the hill but in the office or even the kitchen.. 100% certified rad dude.



Billy love coffee, moreso than most...  here he's preparing for the transition from not-so-stoked to stoked.


definitely a curve-ball for the skateboard.


Sunset District...




from Berkeley