Saturday, April 30, 2011

forget qualms, remember glory


laaa la laaaaaaa. Went for a sweet skate this arvo and now i've got to head up to Petrie to make some money but i'd really like to get some sort of moonlit bomb run down through Dayboro although I really should've scoped it earlier cuz then i'd win and be like yeowwww. Mitchtron 6000 (pictured below) just finished reshaping/vamping my old snowboard deck into some sort of missle and i figure said missle would lay waste to the Dayboro hillside... I think i've got enough time to burn some sort of silly mixtape and start driving...


i had to create some sort of portait of this guy for an assignment that, through great obscurity, i could photograph my friend skateboarding and this was a test of mitch...



i miss this kitty




Friday, April 29, 2011

the fury

must upload to blog before complete file evac of my pc.










almost back on the grid


although the return to reality was a quietly spoken qualm replaying repeatedly deep in my mind, evoking notions of restlessness and a general mode of unchilledness, these thoughts were easy to quench when considering my reality at the time, at any time of the last 5 days for that matter, was a reality based in the unreal. These holidays have been so sick! I've been in a constant state of heightened enjoyment and intrigue, both the good and the wig kind. I photographed quite a bit over the break but the weather and other forces saw to an inconsistency of photo based stoke but that was also fine as there were plenty of other things to bring me back. I'll try and orchestrate some sort of post tonight but i'm pretty tired and i'm back in the grind tomorrow morning, early, so it probably won't happen.... but it'd be nice...

more misc party photos







forget the party photos?...


Thursday, April 28, 2011

you can see me if you're tall

I've decided, after my weekend of camping, that I must road trip as often as I was last year, and the time to do it is now! I've potentially got plans for a glorious trip on Monday to entice notions of stoke, smiling and froth so I figure I'm well and truly back.

these photos are from peats ridge last year, I'd like to settle down and get them all done into some sort of glory post but for now they're doing a good job of not letting party photos sit at the top of my blog haha..... it's fine.


Steve has the ability to always look like he's posing, without really doing anything other than general Steve abilities and this time i blame the light from the sand below.



misc party photos

it seems to be the season for young kids to throw large parties that require photographic coverage because It seems that i'm getting paid to take photos, yeow? maybe, getting paid is sick! but going through photos the next day is like being hungover. But worse because its like working hungover... but really, it's fine. I estranged myself from reality over the last few days and camped myself happy in a remote part of the nsw coast, arriving back in Brisbane today! I'll delve into this trip later on this week but I must get to bed, tomorrow is probably going to be a fury wig off.









Sunday, April 24, 2011

dissapearing act

reappearing photos



Friday, April 22, 2011

heightened state of intrigue

this shot of a lovely zinc covered man is not myself but it is my good pal Pyle the smile man. I draw parallels in this pseudo self-portrait as right now we're sharing equal levels of holiday induced stoke! I feel that it's almost as if the last 8 weeks of argh have been worth of for the next week of yeeeoowwww!



last night i was down the coast helping (almost) set up a show that I'm in tonight among with some great photographers, it's down in coolangatta at a very sick space called Comb. I definitely recommend getting along, it's looking amazing and I'm stoked to be a part of it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

discreetly expanding their nations borders


misc landscapes from misc times. holidays soon.
camping and longboarding.
froth and stoke.








Saturday, April 16, 2011




the lights had changed


weeeeeeeeeeeewwww... finalised moving house tonight and it was a relief but i'm really struggling with typing this whole sentence.






good dreams ahead i think

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a healthy dose of intrigue

I'll have a rant later when I got time. Infact I wrote one a while ago that i didn't post but won't relate to anything anymore... might pull it out and post it up shortly for some absurdity based lerfss.





Tuesday, April 12, 2011

things that are on my mind

longboarding, post photos, uni based qualms and the new battles album. all of these things can be seen below

also, restarting uni was a terrible decision :/