Thursday, October 27, 2011


with the end of one fury comes another.  I finished uni today, for a while...  I've never gotten very far at Uni which is fine as I get distracted but I did quite well this semester..  In store in my future is a long stint of furiously saving money in search of nice placesgreat roads and glorious times (link provided later)

The agenda is set and the goal is ideal and attainable.







stalking lions under a moonlit boondal swamp


some more film intrigue, got some nice black and white film developed, it's quite nice and I've geen getting the cheap and nasty $4 rolls processed at photocontinental and they're shockingly more pleasant than BigW for very few more dollars.



i'm pretty back.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I made the title by mooshing my fingers on the keyboard without moving my hand.  It has lots of v's, double v's, an aggressive brother of the unassuming w and i think volkswagon should be called the three v's.  I have an exam and a furious day ahead of me as I'm now paying the price for the trip to mulla.  I'll be using double v's whenever and vvherever I can.



Cpt. the dos


Friday, October 21, 2011

im cooked, too much stoke

having a pretty intriguing day.  I'm exhausted from minimal sleep and I got a new board so I've been spending my day at work (in part) skateboarding in the carpark, which to me screams beyond ideal, but I'm so tired and keep being sent away by some general intrigue.  In great news though I sold stuff last night at this show :D :D :D :D 

Ideally I'd be in a suspended in a ice cold pool, waiting for right moment to slink into bed and forget for 16 hours.  Help.

some more general film shots, I'm enjoying shooting film much more- the cameras feel so great and the viewfinders so pleasant.




heres the new board i got from work, i can ollie, standy casually and bomb (ideal)  It took some piccies to get people to buy more stuff, heres one and here are two more.


all time song, posted on here most likely more than anything else

Thursday, October 20, 2011

consistent acquisition of all things good

It's not often that I neglect this blog, mainly because I've a huge backlog, enjoy ranting and the world we live in accommodates for unbridled access to the internet at almost all times and locations. Although I like this circumstance I do harbour a bit of disdain for the situation so I made and effort, while in Cunnumulla over the last week, to void myself of all things digital communication based and enjoy the fruits of an extremely removed town.   I guess it went to plan as I succeeded in the first but not the second as I didn't really enjoy the fruits as we were shooting furiously all day and the night times were best suited to lounging on the balcony of the Hotel Cunnumulla.

I'm both geographically and personally back.  On return I was met with very few qualms, nothing I'd forgotten or people I'd disappointed (as far as i'm aware/concerned) and even managed to not be the last person to submit stuff for  a collective exhibit that I'm in this weekend..  Naturally I recommend you all to come, It's at Nine Lives and opens on Thrusday and remains this way till Sunday. I/we even put in to hook you all up with free beers on the night so come and sample the visual and taste based treats on offer.

This here is a preach of general shots relating to misc things (as per usual) so hopefully it tastes good.

some chad being the shredsman that he is



went to adelaide to shoot a web commercial, not sure if its up anywhere...


james at millions, assessing the babes i assume


some film shots from a day at Dayboro



A night shot from the location in Cunnumulla



Sgt. Craven

location by day and night, respectively.


tasting the Cooke S4s


general wig

some film shots from Vietnam, i'm still yet to scratch the surface of that trip and it's almost a year later, I figure that the photos will be lost to natural disaster or computer crash before i get even a 3rd of the way through :/

Hoi an kitty having a bask


Hanoi PD

C005323-R1-17-22 copy


this trailer is a crappy portrayal of what i figure is one of the greatest peices of visual and audio stimulation to date, released in 1982 by Phillip Glass


Sunday, October 9, 2011


today has left me gloriously intrigued




once again

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

excruciatingly ideal

I conclude that all is well.  I've been glorying as of late and it's been great but potentially too great in the long run as I need to start saving bulk cash for the next 12 months and this lifestyle does not accomodate for creating of bulk cash, only bulk smiles.   I feel that some sort of furious night job is in order, which combined with GT and BCH, will allow me to self-facilitate glorious travel and exploration.  I'm heading to Cunnumulla next week with Reub and co. for a short film which, at first, I thought I couldn't make but the only major problem about leaving would be missing a submission for uni but I can complete said submission right now, or right after this post, or right after this post and whatever other procrastination I deem necessary....

Monsieur Steve.

mr. steve

from the location near 'mulla,
ideally i'll shoot only film stills next week


choc based wig





Sunday, October 2, 2011

foggy nation

I've realised that I afford myself far too much distraction, sometimes to procrastinate but usually to taste the other flavours that are available to sample.  I find it particularly bad when I'm looking through photos and I guess this is somewhat attributable to my digression away from posting stories towards posting tears posts about nothing, such as this one.  I've listened to the same song for about twenty five minutes and don't plan to stop anytime soon, it's down the bottom and it's off a dvd that came with their vinyl that Tom purchased.  Aforementioned pal n I watched it last week or so ago and frothed, I need to look for just the audio as they're all super chilled songs of chilled versions and I want that chill on a portable level of intrigue.  It's an ideal contradiction to the trashy psych garage feel that they presented to Tom and I (and other patrons) when we saw them (and other albums) at, the painfully missed, Clubhouse sometime in 09.   Although it was relatively unexpected (not if you consider Coachwhips) they put on an blissful show, I was excited to see them again this year but they bailed on the show because of the floods, if they come back I preach instantaneous ticket purchase.  

I've been looking through the film stash for an upcoming show (as i'm preaching a demographically applicable presentation.)  There are some nice ones in there which I'm excited about and the ideal thing is that for this post I'm saving any effort and uploading some of the ones I don't like as much haha, taste it.






this one is not film but from the other night where I spent some time around some water photographing some intrigue.