Tuesday, May 31, 2011


it's been a good day and i've done fun and exciting things but everything has taken too long.  I'm now going to be short of sleep but i figure it will be fine because i've slept so much over the last three days, maybe it will make me more energetic than if i had slept for a long time but surely i have just lost my mind. I made a video this afternoon that is down below, took a strange approach to that one.   The black and white photo is also from this afternoon as was the clouds photos, got another sick one but that will come later perhaps.



i should be having this much fun making this much stuff every day

Monday, May 30, 2011


since i started making a blog for Goodtime I realised quickly that editor I'm typing into right now was a tear on this blog, it didn't let me do much and made a fuss about everything.  I just had a browse through the menu and found where I could click everything better!  I had a busy night of listening to rain and then when the rain stopped I turned it back on again and decided to go the bed just then.




i think this was the memory card having a wig but the hill was pretty good to skate, i found a hill down the road and had the most ridiculous time I've ever had in my life.


yay! now that i've got the new editor i dont have to put silly symbols at the beginning and end of every post to make it sit right.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

heightened state of glory


everything is sick! even with this overriding dark cloud of uni based tears I've managed to maintain extreme levels of stoke and froth for a while now. I've been enjoying every moment I've had with camera in hand which really is IDEAL!! For some reason blogger won't let me log out of goodtime's blogger account on my laptop so I haven't been able to post over the last few days as I've been involving myself with Gold Coast. I'm now back in Brisbane and have a desktop up here which is good but I also have no time. Sorry about all of the film shots I've uploaded being b+w but the 3 rolls I've done have all gone to disc whereas the colour went to print and I haven't had time to set up the scanner. I must do uni work so i've got to stop writing in a few more words.

theres some illford stuff down below that i used last week, it was super high iso for a shoot I did therefore silly amounts of grain, which was sometimes cool but also pretty overbearing, last shot is a great example of said cry.

I really like being around horses, they're so fun!

40710033 small

40710034 small

40710024 small

a nice song from a man that was probably nice but killed himself

Monday, May 23, 2011

i don't have much to say

so i'll keep this short and sweet. 4 photos, 2 from last night, the dude with the thongs was from yesterday and the other one was from my trip to nam...






much too horrified


pewpew got a week to do all my uni stuff. i'll be fine though, tomorrow i'm grounded at uni and i know that 3 hours of library time will put me in good stead for my assignment that poses the question 'what is real?'





only discovered this today, it's been a pleasant day.. never listened to him and his sister but i assume that's fine.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

accepting rapture

I'm not sure if we're supposed to be dead yet so i decided that sticking to monotonous tasks like wasting an hour or two sitting in my basement indulging in various activities would be the best way to spend my last few hours before what is surely worldwide death...




got an assignment/shoot/sick time to do in the near future so i intrigued myself with a few flashes from BCH and quickly got bored of figuring out how to light a teddy bear. I should paint to opposite wall to this red one, green and the 3rd (yes it is a 3 walled basement of intrigue) silver or some other colour... Or three different colours that entice different emotions so that i could spin around in a circle and enter a heightened state of emotional wiggedness. I had to get my photoshop funk on in the bottom corners because they were occupied by shit that I didn't move.... it's strange to look at.. I need to teach myself how to get artificial, it seems like the natural progression to take now that i've began to deal in more film stuff, film for glory and digi for snory/potential future employment...


listen to this song, for your own good- this is written by a man that nows about good stuff and how to put good stuff into great sounds that form glorious songs


Friday, May 20, 2011

apple turtoise

i really should start knuckling down for uni as i don't want a repeat of last time haha... I think tonight will be ideal for this activity because i'm now broke (car service cost me a noncasual $1200 which i don't have) but its worth it, touch wood.. 3 hours of uni and 2 hours of wig video should bring me back! Wig video being the haphazard compilation of unrelated clips i recorded (and didn't delete) over the last 40 weeks that i'm playing around with in order to put it together in the most hard to follow way, starting this idiotic project was a great idea but the timing is not so great....

i can also increase my ability to procrastinate with activities such as trying to get my scanner to work, look at any album from my 33 week back catalogue, browse cute animals or go for a shred but these are all things that I probably won't do until my assignments are due so maybe expect them then.

more shots down below of 2 beautiful lads, 1 beautiful lass and a fat man on a planefrom shot on the efke stuff i had (have* there is still one roll left), it seems like a nice film although i have no idea what it looks like fresh... It just sucks because now that my keeness to pay to make photos has returned, my bank account is letting me down (same situation for the last 2 years really.)






rocks flying out of the water as if they are in reverse

worked/stood around at the boat show this afternoon for an electric motor company from Germany. It was really interesting, these motors are insane! The most efficient boat engine on the market and probably the most efficient of all engines short of jet engines and NASA uppy things, 51% efficiency to be precise.... I had this ridiculously delicious Japanse rice dish called something with two words that they (dudes making said rice dish) sell from a trailer (also available at burleigh markets apparently) and it made my day, among with numerous other day making things! Another example being getting to use the brushes I bought for the dormant set of drums making use of the darkest corner of my basement, they sound like crap but they're quiet so it's nice...

I thought I'd drum along to music which proved to be not a great idea.. i think the reason being that my choices of bands were, in this order, Led Zeppelin (yes i know) Akron fam and then twin shadow. Needless to say all of these ideas were terrible so I ended up forgetting what I was listening to and just pewpewd random stuff and random times. I was supposed to do uni tonight, also a failed venture.

photos from today's boat show afternoon












this was the song I tried to play..

i can't even independently kick my legs ahah


Thursday, May 19, 2011

misc post no.570


too tired to rant... i've decided to embark on the journey of editing every clip (worth viewing) that i've captured over the last 40 weeks (mostly d90) and put them into a video that makes no sense but might prove to be enjoyable to watch, so far it's quite enjoyable. Regardless of the end result it will surely evoke intrigue and affect ones ability to question, what is real.....

more efke 100




Tuesday, May 17, 2011

im about to lose at not winning

today's been great! Thanks to a fun surf on sunday my stoke for waves has be reignited, i think i'd estimate the time i last got waves, prior to sunday, around 2months but in the last week i've surfed twice! and i'll probably get more waves tomorrow, uni on the GC has its perks...

So now i'm back! stoked to be keen on 2 board sports, yeeeow! I'm currently sitting on the toilet at work having a great time. I'm once again hooked on film (now that i can afford a few more creature comforts) and i've got a lot of rolls to get done, i picked up some film i dropped off last week that i got given a while ago and it's pretty nice... some of the film was destroyed due to whatever reason i don't understand and i used a broken lens so quite a few came out black/close to black and i'm a rookie. One is down below anyhoo.

hopefully post again tonight, i feel my blog is back! after a stint of tears and qualms my blog felt the affect but i'm once again becoming happy with how it looks.. i REALLY need a website though.





Monday, May 16, 2011

a nomad's retreat


so here are some more photos of nothing, i had this lame idea for a set of photos but i can't be bothered because the idea sucks so a few of these were part of that and the rest got deleted.

i really want to get to have a go at my photos from easter!!!





seek and find you shall


hhahah stoke! I spied a cool location this week, thanks to my car qualms (yeow!), so this afternoon a friend and I went out there to have a look around. It ended up being very, very, very awesome!!!! I got some shots that I like but I'd love to go back and take the time to get more shots and do the ones I didn't put enough care into properly.. We kept the visit relatively short for various reasons and decided to leave after we had 3 large horses gallop right up to us, which was scary up until they got close and stopped, I think they just wanted hugs but we bailed because they were kind of circling us.... guard horses? that's an intrigue.

anyway, gotta do bed now as uni is tomorrow and i want to get it done allllll day long! On a blog related note i started on my easter photos and got a roll back from the same trip so it could be a pretty entertaining post/rant. still have to organise a scanner :/




this is Wallaby Drive which is on the way out to Springbrook, a while ago i got tipped off to it's glory by a girl in a class on the goldy, she lives just off it and frothed so i figured if a non skater is frothing it must be froth worthy. I went there last wednesday, because i slept through the majority of my first lecture, and had 2 runs, about a 20 minute walk up the hill and a 5-8 minute descent.. I was so stoked after the second run that I couldn't function as a regular human so i wrote an almost illegible paragraph on the back of some cardboard to allow for a smooth recovery back to normality, even if it ment ignoring most things about the english language... "pretty stoked i opted for the avenue of physical stimulation and not digital! It was about 2 hours after deciding that physical stimulation was the treelined decision of choice that i find myself struggling both with too much stoke. The action of moving from my boot to this seat took me a few minutes as i had to redirect the energy that was stoking the fire in my eye to the suitable muscle groups i required to allow for an enjoyable appropriation of walking."


i've linked this song a few times before but i don't care. listen to it again.