Monday, November 30, 2009

tributary heirarchy

this will always be better than wtwta..

Sunday, November 29, 2009


im glad we're all laughing at me now.. this is one of those rare occasions that my post has anything to do with the title because i was just ranting to some creep about my need for them to post more often and then i was like hey i haven't posted in a while. but i'm not sorry so fuck you, this is my blog, my photos and you can wait..

in other news- moving is the worst thing ever

more maybe more exciting news - band photos coming, along with all the others, i'm so far behind

crazy bird!
day time flash love


tdtc bassist

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Friday, November 27, 2009


i went and picked up my roll of ecktachrome 64t today. the first film roll ive ever gotten printed besides disposables. This shit is so expensive! it worked out to be a $1.55 each as its e6 colour reversal shit. Don't get me wrong- the tone and feel of this shit is AMAZING and the little 50 f1.8 on the old nikon made the photos pretty damn amazing but i don't think i can afford that shit! if i find a scanner i'll load them on here, otherwise they'll be on my roof


leash 900


this song > life

getting shit done since 1989

not really, i'm possibly the most unorganised and indecisive person i know (i'd say tom pyle would be my biggest competition) and today i've set a goal that i'll be able to pack all of my small shit and get it over the new place by the end of the night.. i've also got ganl photos to do. its been a slow first hour....

so i'm going to have one last dig at procrastination and throw up these shots from last thursday, when the sound of war descended on brisbane.. and some moths


heli and palms small

nam small

p&o patrol small

moths small

Thursday, November 26, 2009


so yesterday was my 20th bday! i had a great time considering the circumstances... i think i got through the day so easily because i was lucky enough to be surrounded by awesome friends from numerous walks! basically, i worked all day- went to tea (best fucking pad fucking thai fucking ever) at this nice hole-in-the-wall thai place and then went home, dropped the brotown off to his house, or should i say mine? and then headed douth to shoot the pearl jam... after party :( fuck it was lame! fulll of angry gen-x's thinking their top shit with their elwood tees and fancy leather shoes.. 1/4 people i shot thought i was charging!? D-BAGS! i then spent the next 7 hours under a street light until the sun came up. thanks to everyone!

in other exciting milestone-related goodness, my last post was my 100th! yay.... turns out that includes posts that haven't been published :[

also, im moving out! semi-milestone-ish... photos of house and shit up later

i'd like to upload photos from my bday now but i'm on capped internet and it really sucks- that, and i shot everything on film besides the PJ thing.. <3

so here's a photo thats completely unrelated.. its form the arvo of that ridiculous pink sunset! holy shit we're lucky to have such amazingly beautiful shit going on every day

lightning over afl

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

mad skills

i should shoot ALL major hollywood productions- there is something strange about this movie, its in chronological order but it doesn't look like it

sky week extraoirdinairre

between that amazing sunrise and this amazing sunset and on top of general greatness of stormy springs last week was pretty freaking beautiful

crazy pink sunset!! small

sunrise here for those who haven't seen it

unrestrained youf

last week on a night like any other bored blog and facebook ridden night i got a call from a great friend of mine with the intentions of tagging along for a fully fledge night of fun and fotos.. i had such a great time with these kids, most of which are at schoolies and (depending on the powers at be) i'll be doing some work down there behind this lens this week so hopefully i'll get to hang with them down there- props to charlie! such a great subject

this is how it paned out in chronological order for greater viewer ease.. it's proven..

1 jetty

4171 3

2 jetty

4171 4

4171 5

4171 6

4171 7

4171 8

4171 9

4171 10

4171 11

4171 12

4171 14

4171 15

4171 16

4171 17

4171 18

4171 20

4171 21

4171 22

4171 23

4171 26

4171 27

4171 28

4171 29

4171 30

i'm not a ladies man i'm a land mine

Tonight i've decided i should start getting my shit ready.. I'm pretty excited as to what i'll find buried in cupboards, bags and shoe boxes... just like most things- there'll probably be photos but my net is capped and shithouse! I'll try and steal some fast internets later on tonight but i can only speculate.. so in the spirit of reminiscence, here's a shot from a show a while ago.. i've been a bad boy and forgot to upload them and its possibly been about a month since it happened!! back in the days of wanda


Friday, November 20, 2009

weekend attack

up the coast tonight until sunday, i'll be back with more photos next week!

icebreak and ceasar


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Arguably the greatest day of the year.

It was the seventh of the eleventh and i was struggling through a shit saturday at the gtang, dreaming of thunder and how to go about this wilderness kayaking adventure that's going to happen early next year, all the while trying to cope with the knowledge i'd missed slurpee dayas a customer had told me that it ended at 11am. I was skeptical at first but the proof was in his proverbial pudding as he was preaching about failed efforts to attain free slurp action at two of his favoured haunts. Clearly that guy was an idiot. I talked kane into going to the gabba 7-11 to test this guys douchpothesis and as we walked through the door, hit by the comforting smells of slurpee dregs, i glanced across to the register man and he was holding two cups with a rather inquisitive look on his face and with that, it had begun!

Stop 1- Gabba 4:31pm

as the taste of that first lime, grape and strawberry cup was fully appreciated by my taste buds i knew that i was going to force my way through sleep depravation to make the most of this extraordinary event. I made a call to the great Tom Pyle to be my chief editorial officer, lighting technician and props manager for the night to see if he would be able to get into action on such a short notice. His keeness solidified my excitement and high-hopes for the happening over the next 5 hours.

We aimed high, we went high- almost high enough.
I finally picked tom up, after much time wasting, around 7:42- with little time for pleasantries.

don't worry, im almost done talking
Our first stop was the 7-11 just up from indro train station. we decided that before we undergo this adventure we should acquire suitable instruments for covering this event on pen and paper. Thanks to p-trons resourceful interior we managed to find a sharpie but shockingly, no paper suitable for writing. We went into 7-11 and found a suitable notepad and jotted down notes on our excitement and expectations for the night. Brimming with excitement we ran to the counter and blurted out the celebratory dictum, but faster than tom could fill up a cup of high-flow citrus kick with taurine, we came crashing down to earth as the words 'we've got no cups left' sunk into our gleeful minds. Completely shattered we dragged our feet out of the shop before realizing we hadn't paid for the notepad... elation!!




no cups: sad faces all round, except that dbag






Leichardt Street

This stop, was for me, by far the most memorable and rewarding. I was approached by the owner, who was incredibly nice and had a sick chat with- ignoring the pronunciation barrier, to get some shots of him giving out free slurpees, his shop and some candids of him and his co-workers. Oh! and the slurpees were fkn amazing...






after wrapping up the leichardt haunt we drove down and managed to find a park at QUT where we had a quick breather and some time for tom to draw.

17 possum


19 big group





25 kangaroo


we saw them again! yayy!!

28 banana









I didn't think about if beforehand, but we had just finished edward street and were turning north to get back to elizabeth (maybe? this city is a piece of shit and makes no sense) time- around 10:35, that something amazing happened. Almost simultaneously, both of us lost our shit. It could've been the combination of hot weather and freezing matter inside us, 13 to 16 (it's hazy) slurpees in the last three hours, delirium from no sleep or food since lunchtime or maybe the taurine additives in the blueberry kick we were enduring through- we will never fully understand, but it was very very strange...

i hope everyone got amongst the festivities and had a goood day!

i was going to scan the notepad that Tom waved his magic wand over and put it up here, but my scanner doesn't work and the cd is long gone. i tried downloading something to fix it but that didn't work at all.. so i decided im just gonna blue-tac them on my wall.. when i move out this thurdsay! yayyy