Friday, March 30, 2012




Austin sampling some switch.


Jeremy finding some fury.


a tendency for trees


sharing hearts and styles


dichotomously distracting 


Broden of Barbados


Peter's parvis preach.


Zooben, shaman of the Soulgarden.


Arica afternoon.


wooo post photo posting!  I've never written down here but I decided that writing something at all is a good idea as opposed to a multitude of 'o's and offensively bad alliteration.    It's nice having a film backlog, they're so pleasing to look at as I shot 33% as many photos as I would on digital and they're only of important things!   I did a shoot on film for gung ho and got the stuff back tonight, it's nice that the photos look pretty good because I was expecting tears results based in my distraction from the shooting part by the fun times at hand part, although I think iI was having a lot more fun than the subjects, which is fine as well.   These are all film apart from the skating and the trees.

classic track!!  :*

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

specters of the future

Ive been having a really hard time giving myself spare time to write on this blog and I'm doing it now but I feel like I'm missing the point somewhat. It may be a result of any of the things going on in my life at the moment or more specifically the photos I plan to upload because I feel they might say the wrong stuff but obviously I'm not bothered.  They were the tail end of a roll of film (general 35mm 400iso tears) I had to get done for whatever reason and decided/pseudo forced myself take more photos than I should have, the times associated with the photos I enjoyed beyond description, probably the problem.  Cedar Creek is very very pretty, my company was fantastic and made up the middle of what was mostly a hugely enjoyable 24 hours.  I got up early and skateboarded in Nebo with some shredmen (just finished editing this as a synchronicity), followed that by these times below, shot Laruche that evening and had a good time!! plus I went home to an angel.  I'm going to post again tonight, not sure what but it'll be different.











from arguably my favourite album of last year, it's inspiring to, just now, find out that he's 22!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

his master plan was so so

Minimal blog action as a result of maximum levels of intrigue resulting in multitudinous levels of glory.
Also i'm lacking sleep but i'm getting older so it's not like I really need to sleep at all anymore.
I tried to write this with a really minimal approach and fill it with short and witty sentence but the previous sentence is a like and i'm properly finished and cooked, over cooked.

these are all film shots apart from the dogs, machu picchu and the gopro still, going to get the good ones scanned in max definition for appropriate levels of sampling... uploaded these to flickr about a week ago and haven't posted them yet D: --> :D





'the pale druid' 






posting twice for maximum affect

Thursday, March 8, 2012

one small step

i'm excited for this year, it's going to be the most difficult one yet but i've had ample time to mentally prepare for it, 21 years effectively, but I've never been overly keen on working so pushing myself to become a full-time fellow is going to be intriguing but I'm sure I'll be able to deal as the end result will be ultimately worth more than a year of memories.  I don't want to think about where I'll be in a year but moreso that what happens happens and I've been enjoying myself, carefree, for long enough to be able to commit to something seriously, at least temporarily.  I've got the perfect window in my hands and its time to windex it till it's clearer than diamond forged in the depths of marianas trench or some other far out geological reach that would produce something that could potentially be quite good.  It's a seriously mild case of the eternal riddle; sending ones self away in order to bring ones self back and the seriousness of the mildness is shockingly.  Gotta check out of this place early and it is now late so i must go, here are some more photos from Bolivia.  22 hour bus ride tomorrow weee !!!








Wednesday, March 7, 2012

be kind to colour, you'll miss her when we're in space.

or when instagram takes over the world.  I watched that documentary, that more than two million other people watched today, on Joseph Kony, a young boy, an American film maker (fantastic film maker for that matter), injustice and the power of mass media today, I think the original plan was to shoot a film but instead of box office he went to the world/experienced extreme brain change aiming for world change, not money and It seems to be working?  I started writing this blog post earlier, when my brain was working on all kinds of levels but Its been a few hours and bowls of fruit loops since than and, as hard as I've tried, I cant get this rant going again.

I've been having crazy Synchronicites (Carl Jung) after finishing a really intriguing book and especially after the parts relating to Synchronicities have been digested by my mind.   As Tom put it 'they're fun' and I'd have to agree, the general is becoming, even more so, the glory.

Once again I've failed to rant, this time without break.  Maybe I need more fruit loops, probably more sleep but I'll sleep after I have more fruitloops.

I just had some more fruitloops and I've decided that I have reached the point of excessive fruitloop consumption.  The top of my mouth is raw from the crispy texture and the flavour is leaning more towards oatmeal than a deliciously sugared treat.  My diet is easily the worst it's ever been but desperate times call for desperate measures although there is one key point attributable to this dire situation, excluding the general lack of cash.  That is the general lack of dubspress.  Without my daily 1.5 litre intake of this heavily sugared and mildly caffeinated milk beverage I find myself in a permanent state of insatiable hunger and an irrepressible desire for an unattainable substance.  I assume much along the lines of a recovering/broke crack addict as this situation has progressed beyond the mental addiction that it once posed as and is now in the realms of the physical.  I'm going to need to find a new snack to have for breakfast lunch and everything in between but thankfully, in this regard, my days in South America are numbered..  Thankfully my dinner has been roadside hamburgers or plain pasta.

living the dream.

outside Arequipa, you can see the Andes off yonder, look deep.


somewhere on the way to Chile, still in Peru


front-seat bus bandits


on the coast, first time at sea level in 6 weeks, or below 2000 meters for that matter


Arica beach...


Salta!  my last stop, apart from the night over before flying out of BA, i'd love to spend more time in BA but its a place that demands luxury and expenditure


I miss the team, Team Chose your Team.


some 35mm i got done in Sucre, saving all the film stuff for later(well obviously not all but as much as i can)


one more thing to busy myself with back at home, free fun! Apart from the fuel and dubspress...