Monday, February 28, 2011

mighty antlers


I've derailed my train of thought with a few pounds of sleep of deprivation triggered by a soundwave. This haggard bunch of photos are random things i stumbled on throughout my afternoon from unrelated times and places. I start uni tomorrow, rough.




happy birthday to this fellow, yeah!!


covert tilt-shift, props?


this car is silly.



i scored senior pyle this 9 to 5, it's very very sick.




here is a nice song
followed by a spooky cartoon
then my so long


Thursday, February 24, 2011

i made a video


yeeeyyyy :D it's a skate video of my friend and i going for a ride after work on saturday. it's 3 minutes and it was shot on the gopro with a track by why? please enjoy ;)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new enjoyment


I've spent a good portion of tonight trying to learn the ways of an editing program on my new laptop and it's far too intricate for what I need it for which inturn puts me in tearful situation where i don't have any idea how it works! But i've learnt fast, just the basic stuff to see me through haha! it's been fun, i suggest it! picking the song was rough, i went with something unexpected from the getgo but it's going to work for sure. Go-pros are a lot of fun, i also suggest them.

these are general photos



go frame frame grab 1

Friday, February 18, 2011

this afternoon


it's been a pleasant day! i worked at BCH and had a great time, got to play with a horse and take some photos of it. I then bought a new phone after mysteriously misplacing my old one at work, i bet I find it tomorrow, life's been pretty nice without out. I'm sure I've frustrated someone, hopefully, but I think that it's fine as if it was urgent there are plenty of other means of communication..

i planned on putting a seekae track on here but it seems i can't link it from anywhere so enjoy missing out, if you don't want to miss out go this website and steam it.

anywhy, i hope you enjoyed this glorious friday afternoon.





Wednesday, February 16, 2011

flowers are how plants laugh

firstly i'd like to script typical nonsense here, much like i have just done, before posting obligatorily series of photos that relate to preferably nothing, as you will shortly see.





watch this watch this watch this, underated


Monday, February 14, 2011

blissfully busy


Mitch and I have decided that everything we do we shall cover it with gopros.






Saturday, February 12, 2011

cleaning my room


it's not really that fun, Julian Lynch is helping me through it though- so actually, it's fine!! More Vietnam shots below, one from the Mekong and the other from Hoi an. Hoi an was one of the most relaxingly pleasant cities that i've ever visited! it's probably more of a town but still, glory.




sleep and glory


Yesterday started something great for me. Mitch and I took it to the streets with gopros and tried to shoot some longboarding on Teneriffe Drive... Unfortunately neither my gopro skills, nor the photons present, couldn deal with us going down that hill so the videos all came out pretty lame :/ but it was great!! I've got my head around where I want to mount and i think it'll be a pretty glorious shot. We only need a few good shots to put something together but it won't be glorious... for glory I've been thinking about making something proper, proper proper. I just need shredsmen!

I'm in no rush to put this together as it's purely for personal enjoyment mode but i am very excited!! I've been paying attention to shots over the last few days and it turns out brisbane is pretty more shredable.

But I'm definitely qualmed!!! you see I've just scored a new laptop, purely for media grounded avenues, and now I need to turn it into my photo/vid workhorse but it's tears!! pc to mac is rough, let alone mac being rough anyway- osx seems like they've gone out of their way to make things difficult yet manage to make you believe it's as easy as possible, i think it's the pretty colours and icons... I ran into a deal breaker, the ultimate tear some would claim, when i tried to get foobar2000, a program that is windows only :( but i managed to get it working, thanks to two other programs that have to run at the same time..

These two below are from yesterday arvo's quick shred.. the spot in the framegrab was not skated as it deals in much better light a few hours after this grab and the city shot was how we finished the arvo of bliss, pretty nice view i preach.


IMG_6971 small


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

good times and other fun stuff

I've been skating so much and my passion and pleasure increase with every shred! Today was Mitch's first skate since he went overseas on a trip that was so glorious that my dreams could not even grasp such a thing. We hit the elim and casually shredded the down down so now it's been put into casual shred category.. have we conquered the hood?! surely not, you see, now we need to do it all again, faster and more shredlike- while capturing it.. I got a free hd gopro today so my claims are not half hearted.

random shots from a road trip over new years, bliss....







surely one of the greatest songs of the decade.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've realised that I'm in a constant state of intrigue towards life, all of the time, but i no way do i consider myself an intriguesman. I'm excited for life and the knowledge that i will be taking photos for what is left of it. Whether it transforms into something to feed my stomach or to fulfill my hunger for fun times, i don't mind- so long as I'm still able to shoot (anything). All I've got to worry about is scoring a sweet uni timetable, one that allows for maximum bliss mode.

here are some more photos from Vietnam. All were shot in Ho Chi Minh. My 'nam folder is a pretty nice resource to have.. If i'm ever anything other than extremely happy/content it's nice to know that i can confide in it's expansive walls of photo based comfort.





i strongly suggest listening to the song below, i got into this album (both parts, thanks to the glory bringing tom pyle) at the beginning of 2010 and I happily rate it as a fixed resident in my top 5 for the year.. It's a shame i didn't get into it at release, back in 08, because that's 2 years i wouldn't have wasted on other music.

Monday, February 7, 2011

return to patagonia

i haven't had a chance to look through anything exciting so I've mashed some random ones in together to try and breathe some life into the stale residence of my photographs. Some of these shots are from quite a while ago, which are exciting to look at! but at the same time, equally tears :/ since i only use jpeg now i'd forgotten how painful editing in raw is, all hail jpeg and the spare time it grants. I must get my new laptop into full-function mode!!!!!!!






Thursday, February 3, 2011

roughed up