Friday, October 29, 2010

pretty good high hill to flat ground ratio

i was in such a rush to purchase and consume this bevvy that there was no time to stand still and take the photo....


i wanted to put in a really corny one liner here like what Arnie said after he got egged but nothing was quite witty/corny enough so I'll leave you with the knowledge that i tried. This post is a post relating to how keen i am to post... But firstly, my beloved p-tron, from whom which a staggering %age of my photos are taken from, has finally been equipped with sound once again! due to the extreme leaking she'd be experiencing over the last month/2 i had to get the mechanics to get inside her and seal up the leak, which unfortunately (but simultaneously very luckily) was due to deterioration of the seal around her brains/on board computer...

After the surgery was completed my stereo machine was under the impression it had been stolen, seemingly thanks to it's detached emotional state due to it's temporary loss of higher brain function. After a week of tears when driving with no tunes, my dearest Ma found the codes to lay down the law! now it's bliss!!

here's a montage of my car dramas, but i couldn't quite complete... I'm still not sure what i wanted to put in the 4th quarter but i figure what i chose will serve a similar purpose.

glory composition of ptron

I've been shooting a lot of different things lately and its been sick!! lots of sports which has been a fun change!! especially this stuff I've been doing with Big Al, Captain Prest and a winch. The potential for these adventures is mind blowing when you consider all we need is a puddle, cam's single digit horsepower motor and some keeness to get a little dirty. Whether it's raining or not we'll find places and I, along with these two, are prepared to work for some real glory..

this one below was from the second time we hit this spot (the first time we got rained out as soon as i was happy with my setup) It was so much fun!! i was motoring around on a surf mat in a 5 foot deep puddle of dirt, grass and any number of terrible things that were hidden in the ditch surrounding these abandoned brick sheds... more photos on this later but here's one in the meantime

*took this photo down*

I've also been skating a lot! on a dervish at the moment but i've got some stuff coming into work for a new setup i'm going to craft. Jake (fellow wearing hi-vis below) and i are going to get the jigsaw out and shape a $39 blank into a fiberglass drop-through masterpiece :D

i don't have a skating photo to show you so here's a photo that is skate related for the imaginative ones out there


on the note of the photo above, turns out I forgot to upload a lot of photos from the snow trip so down the track i'll have another look through it and throw them up..

to wrap up i'd like to thank john kairouz for some late night facebook fun haha


i had the motivation to rant but my computer died while preparing and now i just want bed. here's jake and some other dude called randall.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

fun times with a motor

i've got a lot of photos relating to this over the last 2 weeks that i want to look through yyeeeaaa... this place is grand and i'm hoping there's no rain this time around.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


been busy and having fun so it's not really that rough at all. i worked 11 hours today and now doing more, no qualms though. here's 3 photos from Sunday- i was shooting in bulimba for most of the day and these are from then...





Sunday, October 24, 2010

alarm qualm

i wish i was better at waking up early! i got up at 4:30 this a.m. for some early morning fun in bulimba and had a few hours to revel in the glory of early mornings! this morning was particularly nice though. I had Teebs- Ardour running through my grados to add to the surrealism of the morning.

this was from 5:02 this a.m. on Galloway's hill, just outside of Hawthorne. This shot tears me a bit though as there was so much potential for a properly fantastic shot, but it was just out of reach, thanks to a fence and my early morning induced lack of dexterity.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Operation Smile Overload


Just over a month ago, i was a different person but after 4 and a half days, about thirty thousand kilometers and more smiles than i figured i could obtain in such a short period of time, i now have a re-shaped perspective on what i want in/from life. It all started during a post work chill involving mitch and i around the time that Mitch's desire for pow had made a resurgence from deep within his parts. Thanks mainly to the return of his arm, to full potential, after breaking it a few months prior, chasing international powder. But this afternoon was like many others as mitch and i have been dreaming of this road trip down to the snow for about a year, it wasn't until this afternoon that we realised how obtainable this dream was! leading up to this point, week in week out, we preached the glory of the snow and how we should be amongst it, but like many a dreamer before us, we had no faith in the truths we preached... I don't know why this time was different and i wish i could pin point the trigger as it's surely the trigger to a lifetime of intense victory mode. After changing my roster and sorting out the necessities we were set. Luckily I hustled my gear from a fellow who stands in good stead among the gods of being a one-of-a-kind-glorious dude. Departure was now the priority.

The thought of a 16 hour drive from brisbane, making departure at 7pm on sunday night, was never ever considered a downside by neither mitch or i. infact the road is one of the best bits and one of the most obvious reasons why i love going on journey such as this. It's a fastforwarded perspective on discovery, what more could you want?

I think i'll stop ranting and throw up the pics now as i could easily write far too much but i need to have a quick preach before i do so. We are not crazy! You naysayers, you're the crazy ones. We are still smiling from this trip and it cost us as much as your average fiend would spend in 3 nights out and instead of landing on a 15 foot spring snow covered down they're probably landing in the gutter. The road is a powerful place and I've learnt more on this trip than i could've ever hoped for. Don't be a gay dude, go out, do shit, plan outragous things and get them done, it's the only way to live.

alright so, quick notices, these aren't all the photos- i kept about 150 shots from this trip but i'm not putting them on here as that would take upa few pages.. i'm thinking i'll make a facebook folder on wanderers or my personal one for the rest but that will be at a later date so i'll let you know.

for ze photogs: d90, sigma 10-20, 17-55 2.8 (woody) and 70-200 2.8 (frosty)

which brings me to my appreciation of BCH for scoring me all of these glory lenses.

travel bud: mitch stephenson


i can't describe mitch (no-one can) so I'm not going to try, just know that this is a dude that gets shit done to the max.

travel tool: mitch's road slaying subaru


journey prep...



first light after leaving brisbane, we were alongside some rediculously large lake (that was dry) just before we got into the a.c.t


just outside canberra


post canberra highway


the glory of spring!! we got sick snow though and wearing pants + a shirt is a pretty amazing feeling.


leisa and mitch- high noon 35 fter





we headed back to canberra on the monday night to sleep on some real beds- thanks leisa.






on the second arvo we went into jbyne and scored some serious food before heading over to the skate park.. this should help you gauge one aspect of mitch, after going all out in both parks as well as some gnar blacks for the whole day, we go to the skatepark and mitch starts skateing- i could hardly steady camera as my arms were so tired, my legs were even worse.... We ran into this really nice dude who turned out to be not only a fantastic dude but a photographer, sick skater and a professional boarder- so basically the epitome of a man that knows how to live, his name is Andrew Fawcett.






due to our goal of spending no cash we slept in the back of mitch's car on the tuesday night, alongside the banks of the melt-fed river that i'm sure would probably have a name..



i got a great sleep which i can put down to my exhaustion and not the 1.1m surf mat i was padding my distraught back with.. We rose and headed straight for the lifts, a casual 4 minute drive away, and got down to business.. i took the cam up for the morning hoping to score some flat light but by the time we were up there it was already heading straight down onto the snow :/ i found the snow pretty hard to shoot, knowing when and what and how is something that i'd need to spend more time on but i'm more than happy with the results from my first attempt, which put in stone the dreams of being a full-time snow photographer... for red bull.......



it wasn't as busy as it looks hah








i ditched my camera after lunch and came out to board for a bit but my legs were giving way after 1/3 of a run ://////// so we bailed...

we stopped again in jindabyne and met up with mitch's friend who'd come down that morning ,scored an epic, epic shower, and then headed back for brisbane. We drove out of jindy just on sunset but i only got to shoot from the car as Mitch stops for no man. Although i missed a ton of shots because we never stopped i'm not really that torn, sure i would've got properly good shots and not drive-by photos, but had this been the case i doubt we would've ever made it to the snow- next time i'll have to drive myself and meet him down there haha.

last light, just out of jindabyne


the drive on the way home was a huge non-event.. we drove 3 hours, slept three hours and rotated. it was all business and we got home by 10:30... but when i got home i had no keys, the ultimate tears




for anyone that likes this post and has never made a journey like this, you need to stop being a doucheman and get wild and if you don't enjoy it than i wish you well.

thanks for your time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

over there!

in an effort to distract you from last nights senseless rant here are some cute animals!