Friday, July 29, 2011

i broke myself

last night, after a fantastic evening of getting stuff done, Mitch and I decided to take control of Teneriffe with some midnight downhill but I hit a grate at 70km/h and had a pretty fun time sliding along the road, it was actually quite fun as I managed to avoid a lot of damage and I'm only dealing in some rash/burn/graze but I managed to get the stoke back pretty fast so it's fine.  Plus I won't be able to skate for a little while which should afford me some time to do other exciting things so in the end I think it was a good thing.  I also learnt to not draft behind mitch on bad roads that are barely lit.





i've linked this a few times, if you're qualmed by this I suggest sending yourself away so that you can hopefully bring yourself back.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

considering commiting to a life of being even more broke.

after getting back the rolls of film i shot over the holidays i'm close to concluding that film must be shot a whole more by myself.  it's expensive and a tear but now that i live at home and i'm studying very very casually i could probably afford $20 a week on film/processing at least, that's only 5 dubspress a week... 

going skating now weooww... Today I re-remembered that I've got a practically untouched album of photos from Vietnam that I would love to look through and I would love to get that done!  But also two videos to make and the whole video process is arguably much more rewarding that the photo process.  Except for film, because its already done for me.... SO MANY SIGNS!

these are all 35s apart from the last one with the trees, which was from a bus.




this one is digital as per it's preach of definition.



I tried hard to make yesterdays post make sense but I think I failed, well it doesn't make sense to me so I don't have high hopes for it..  forget it.

I started uni yesterday and it's all looking pretty fine so far...  I can finish two of my assignments tomorrow morning if I put in a good effort so that is a great sign!  i shot 4 rolls over the holidays, mostly on the trip to adel/mel/snow which i'll put up when i do a post about that trip..  There are some scraps from my first snow trip and the rest, what you'll find below, were shot as i wanted to develop them all together but this one had a few spare.  I shot said photos while driving around the GC hinterland looking for hills after uni on Monday, I had a fantastic time and the hills i found were all time, 22% etc.  I went really far out and had some sweet moments of isolation haha, studying on the coast has endless advantages it seems.









Senor Pyle Tom at the snow




just incase you missed it yestarday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

this blog is dull and repetitive

It appears that as of late you, the reader/viewer (but really only you, the reader, as viewers would not be reading this nonsense), are having an effect on the way I deal in this blog and this is bad.  I must forget you all, but that's not to say I don't love you and all and would happily hi-5 you all until i've hi-5d all of you but I seem to be dealing too much in consistency which is drawing me away from what I consider glory.  From now on I want to put more time into entire albums, not just random clicking in my backlogs looking for shots but i'll still be posting randoms..  ideally less but we'll wait and see.

I shoot a lot in set (believe it or not hahah) albeit basically never a single subject or style but more of a loose doco style and I should be presenting them in such a way.  PLUS!!  this direction will allow me to have something substantial (hahaah) to talk about, a delightful change from me talking absolute nonsense about nothing using words that make sense to myself and most likely no one else...  I had a discussion with a friend (down below!) about my blog and the way I write etc..  she asked 'do you get many comments?' to which I replied basically none at all and she said 'that's probably because you don't make any sense and I've a relatively good grasp of the way you speak' and it made sense.  I write on here like I'm writing to myself but I never realised it, which is fine though... I enjoy writing like I'm preaching base and glory, divorcing from tears and tasting only smiles as I find fury intriguing.

My list of holidays to do has far too little strikeouts but that's fine, it's been the best holiday of my life :D

these first 4 are from the snow, i'll be working on these pictures later as i've got easter to do and then my first snow trip of this holiday...  





some random ones... i must make space on my laptop, I need to keep this thing organised!  i've only got a handful of gigs left 



This was supposed to go with the b+w photos of friends that I posted before I went away..  Needless to say I gave Tom a smashing new doo.


this song is so sick!!  but the filmclip is not the real one, the real one is one of the most moving filmclips i've watched and it "makes Trainspotting look like the lion king" and can only be viewed from this website.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Had the most amazing day of snow today!!!  I saw so  many great photos though so I might try and take a camera with me and get some snaps in the morning but there is a very good chance that I won't too, regardless of how it pans out I'll be getting plenty of stoke.





taste based

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the ultimate tear

It snowed for the majority of last night but then the wind picked up so instead of boarding my way through stoke and powder I'm stuck at home due to some relatively strong winds (I'd happily argue this notion, to the death)  I'm losing my mind as the sun just came out and the wind doesn't even look that strong!!  LET ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its not the worst thing as I've got some time to look at the work we did in Adelaide but after writing this sentence I've realised that this is the worst thing.  I'm going to go hike for a few hours.  Stoke based tears.




Monday, July 18, 2011


I'd love to look through more photos, post more photos and rant more rant but I preach forget as I'm tired and living 15 meters from a lift in Falls Creek and it's snowing...  I'll portray glory in pictorial form at some stage tomorrow maybe but probably not.

a sneaky one form Adelaide


Sunday, July 17, 2011

business hub

yeairport.   Can't decide what to eat though but thats fine.  Everything is fine.  Adelaide is fun!  I want to come back and spend more time here and probably skate the hills out of the city, they look and I've heard they're unreasonably fun and I love reasonless fun.  

some friends in multimedium black and white






I've seen this before but I was browsing and reminded....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

the times they are a hectic

so busy/so unorganised.

infact I think I'm screwed.

actually, I know I'm screwed... 
I don't even have time to eat dinner!!!
but I can just forget sleep and bring myself back tomorrow..
and then in no time after that I'll be back at the snow woooooooooooooooooo!!!





Crappy video that will lead to a better video, watch it if you're bored. 
My skating is poor too.