Tuesday, November 30, 2010




Sunday, November 28, 2010

blah blah blah

its been an all bases covering weekend of good times and smiles, allowing for this week to pass by quickly enough for me to not lose my mind before heading to Vietnam later on this week... yay! i'm almost a little stressed at the moment but any woes have been left in the wake of my downhill ventures.. in short, i want to be this man...

these photos are general shots from nothing that i don't particularly enjoy but needed something to go along with this post of equal amounts of lame.




i'll post later too, it'll hopefully be less lame..

Friday, November 26, 2010

these things

i got books for my birthday from the lovely Charles, but these are special books! One of which is an extreme amount of Steve McCurry glory!! you must check out his blog it is without a doubt



Thursday, November 25, 2010

yeah im a big deal

so it's my 21st birthday today and i slept in and told work i wanted the day off, to which agreeance was the reply. So i'm back at home partially naked with dubspress in hand living the good life but there are duties to be done! The most important being hard drive related! You see my qualm is a lack of space and a relatively rapidly expanding catalogue of photos, it's gotten to the point where I've been shooting in small jpeg in order to maximise photo holding potential! So i've decided that the best way to ward off the ever depleting capacity i'll be going back through my annals, from day one of d90, and making sure that i've dealt with everything that needs dealing with so i can put them on my external and forget! a great plan i feel.. the only real qualm is theres a pretty big chance the photos will be lame due to the inevitability of ones talent progression, which im guessing will make this a pretty easy task hahah

these two are from general wave haunting times with steve yesterday.



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the bimby

so yes, after a few mentions here are some photos from a trip to nthn nsw on the weekend. This part of aus is so phenomenal! I need to dial in some proper downhill skate skills and get back to this place asap..











git r done-ing..

today has been a great day! i got up at 4:30 for waves with Steve, we scored some fun but no real glory, which was no real qualm as there were plenty of smiles nonetheless- i got some pretty good photos too, which I'll get onto in the future at some stage.. This arvo I've napped and hack'n'slashed the photos from charlie and I's casual trip to mullumbimby (which will be up later tonight)

I've been shooting with some pretty epic cameras and glass as of late, thanks to BCH,which has made going back the d90 a little bit dull... but this trip was pretty exciting in that i was pushing my 90 to try and get shots of a comparable quality to what I've been getting on the 5dmkii and d700, you can't fake sensor size and pro glass but i've once again realised how good the d90 is. Although, i had a quick fiddle on the d7000 and proceeded to lose my shit for several days after..

here are two photos from the afforementioned trip..



Monday, November 22, 2010


I had a great time on the weekend! Charles and I ventured to Mullumbimby, a place where everyone refers to the town as Mullum, themselves as Mullumites and is nestled in amongst the best hills of this land...
The waves were eww and the weather was much the same but good times couldn't be halted as we devoured smile after smile!
i kept the flash on the whole time (basically) which is something i clearly don't do enough.. i figure, thanks to my photographic upbringing through various walks of nightlife related coverage, i've got my flash use pretty dialed, enough to be able to put some strange shots together..
although, as a friend pointed out, some of them came out kinda hdarghish..
there is not a thought more distressing to me than someone looking at a photo of mine and thinking it was hdrd or processed by some gnarly renderer (which i have dabbled with in the past, but my mentality is changed to the point that, if its not possible to do on-camera, i forget and move onto a better photo) although i really really want to stop being a silly duffa and start using lights/strobes!...
partner in crime, travelling through time

kites and stuff

I shot Tom Jake and Mitch at manly last week, it was heaps of fun and i'll probably do more in the future. this blog post sucks badly...










Saturday, November 20, 2010

going away

have a nice weekend dewds


these two are the bi-product of working in a camera hire place



Thursday, November 18, 2010


this afternoon was packed full of pleasant! i want to shoot this stuff more


pain train

getting into skateboarding slideways really fast is probably the funnest thing i've found in quite some time, Mitch and i have even started naming parts of newfarm... i will shoot this sport one day and now's probably a good time! in the last week i've skinned my knee, twice, my ankle, my face, my hands twice and my shoulder. mainly because i've gotten into the fast bit before i got into the stopping bit, it's all fun though...

here are some unrelated photos of nothing in particular, apart from the last two- they're from a shoot i did with some pals which was blissfull.






Wednesday, November 17, 2010

tilt shift

i've had a few opportunities over the last week to have a play with a tilt shift lens and it's been rough to say the least! it's so tricky to use properly but its easy to see how amazing a lens like this could be if you used it at the right time.. the hardest bit is that i guess my head is geared around having a depth of field relative to where i land my focus and not to a directional pane of my choosing, which is a marvelously free notion but i need much more skill to be able to pull it off well.

i guess the difficulty gives reason for people photoshopping their images to copy a tilt shift but the real use of a tilt shift is not for value of shockingly different pictures, it's meant to not be seen , which is even harder than the previous option.








today is my day off! victory :D i'm shooting some mates kiteboarding this arvo which will be fun! apart from that its a day of house duties, fun times and probably more photos.

this one was from a drive down south my brother and i took last week, the weather was epic all day!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

shred one ninety nine

i've been skating heaps with mitch over the past few nights! we've found some pretty glorious stuff right on our doorsteps... i'll probably capture some of this at a later date but for now i'm having too much fun and don't wanna risk gear coming off on ze gravel.


i used a purple gel for foreground and a tweaked wb

Saturday, November 13, 2010

posting because i can

and also because i went down on the most gnar run to be found in Newfarm, resulting in a few wounds, therefore i'm not getting waves.




shots from al and cam kiting but the conditions blew chunks