Thursday, October 29, 2009

le strange

i feel like i want to rant
but for some reason i've got an
overwhelming feeling of unrest

so here's a quick few photos before i head out and shoot a group of friends play a show under the old guise of the three dirt birds, except as far as i know- they're still as dirty as they once were.

i was definitely disappointed in the outcome of that storm. i got rained on thrice, couldn't clear the power-lines on top of the insane amount of low cloud, but it's all good! this was remarkably the first time i've had lightning to shoot since i got my camera..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i can't recall if i posted a photo earlier of her as
this is not the first time i've been
lucky enough to be in her company
but by some amazing stroke of luck
our paths crossed once more as she waltzed into
my tv room yesterday around 12
without a care in the world.

p.s. - here's the first one from last week, maybe the week before- not sure!


so here i am, less than a day after postponing getting my rant fix...

first up, this album The Antlers - Hospice, is one of the most amazing things i've ever heard.. but if you are going to get it, please do yourself the favour of picking a time that will let u listen to the whole thing over, and then some. but not only that! you need to be in a good mood cuz it's emotionally tumultuous, and i don't mean emo.. his voice is angelic to say the least... AND- demand number 3, print these out before you listen to it :)

secondly, i've got a few photos to upload tonight but they may be the last for a while- which is a shame cuz they're not good enough to keep you entertained while i take more and come back to this office.. but bahwell!

be back in a few

all the while we know we're fucked and not getting unfucked soon

Monday, October 26, 2009


thats what this blog is.. ive got not computer


it won't be long until its back

i hope

the clouds on friday afternoon were amazing!
watching the sun's 5 minute set
seemingly last for an hour
capped internet sucks

ARGH! i wish i could stop the resize/upload looking so shit

i was planning on going for a shoot from an hour ago till all night but apparently it's going to storm :( so i guess i'll just edit some photos from the weekend in between watching 'its always snowing somewhere'

Sunday, October 25, 2009

one point ate

i've always found sundays afternoons oddly surreal. maybe it's because my body's had two days off and is liking the idea of a holiday or i'm depressed at the thought of the beginning of another work week (can't be that as i don't have a 'work' week and i've worked the last 3 days) so i'm guessing it's because i didn't sleep anywhere near enough to sustain me for a day let alone a day at work. working sat + sun blows so bad! but money's what i need, not spare time as spare time leads to me wasting money... and now i've been summoned to the fox for 2 dollar steaks and a whole lot of angst :(

i've taken a few shots with the 50 f/1.8 but nothing dazzling so give me some time- i guess a positive is that i'm starting to get some manual focus skills, which although is mostly useless and fucking annoying, is a good thing to have..

so anyway, i'm off to lewy's and then to fox where i'll destroy some cheap steak and hopefully get some sweet fotes..

although, for the first time in my life, i can't be fkd driving..

Friday, October 23, 2009

taking back wanda tonight! it's been a sweet run and i'ts definitely the right time to say goodbye. i will however be picking up a 50 f/1.8 (fkn manual focus argh!) which should keep me entertained for a bit.

looks like i'll be skipping laneway which is a shame cuz echo & the bunnymen are sweet.. i've been listening to this on repeat for the last few days...

working the next two days :( but i need monay! hopefully so i can eventually buy a new lens..

here's some snaps from a few hours of davey time last night, a snap on the drive home from work an hour or two ago and to top it off- lunch! oh and that toad was also from last night! have a good weekend you two..


i should've woken up earlier cuz eek gonna be late for work but sitting here seems like a better idea. laneway is looking like a must!! but with sales on the 30th and my current state of cashflow it's looking near impossible..

anyway i should probably go to work but make sure u check out these 3 blogs for some steezeish winspiration.. otherwise, expect a visit from hypno-toad

i almost stood on this thing last night :(

decided works a good idea so there'll be more photos up tonight

Thursday, October 22, 2009

fuck you river!

i still don't have a remotely wide lens and all this fisheye is making me fucking crazy!
so this arvo thought i'd have a fiddle with my mums little point and shoot (canon
ixus 860) and it's pretty freaking good! i'm heading out now for a shoot except its only got a one second shutter :( ah welloo here's one through it frmo this arvo! it's good to
be wide again xo

so we're not supposed to tell anyone what nobody knows?

i had a day off today and although i got nothing done, i had a sweet time.. i should really be working cuz i'm poor and need money as i will be moving out in 5 weeks. too james street! which will be super handy especially seen as i'm now shooting with get a nightlife.. yay?

anyway, spent the majority of day doing nothing or watching donnie darko, which would definitely be my favourite movie ever!
i've got some screenshots for those who have seen it xo

wake up.
every living creature on this earth dies alone

funny shit below



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

those gypsies probably got knives

damn them and their walnut shells and marbles

but on a whole yesterday was pretty good! mostly due to a sweet shoot Kane and i had last night at a sweet little spot.. I'm not gonna lie- i miss my old lens :( don't get me wrong- fisheye is pretty fun, but its a pain in the ass!.. so here's some more shots through wanda of our mellow shoot last night. enjoy?

hang spot.. hahahahah?


i love these pipes

if only they were open at the ends

dirts eye view

this blog seems to tranforming a bit into more of a rant blog- but not too worry!
i think tonight i'll treat myself to the go getter while designing a tribute to my life

best movie

i need to get this camera working! instead of just looking at it :(
my sister helped take this- hopefully i can mold her into a sweet photography assistant..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

frowning in my pocket

saw final destination last night and i am still struggling to think of $16 worth of anything that would've been less enjoyable..

clothes pegs? check
fertlizer? check
frozen chicken? check
glad wrap? check

but i guess it could be worse, i could've not seen it....? yeah! that way i'd have nothing to bitch about to you people.....

below's a few random's from the weekend's affairs



damn money woes

"now all we need is for it to snow in brisbane!"

number one sunday arvo fun