Thursday, May 21, 2009


There is a mindset amongst the older generations of today that well groomed hedging is designed to increase the aesthetics and functionality of a garden or common use outdoor area. On the other hand you have the younger generation, the free spirited youth of today. Being bound by such rules, as in which direction one must travel while in a maze, is not something that can be coped with by the unstable mind of today's over exposed youths. Although punishment can be swift and severe on these youth, their actions when confronted by the very morally and physically restrictive rectangular shaped shrubbery create a , an elegant display of youthful disposition. I managed to be lucky enough to tag along with the greatest and be the first to shoot him in his local habitat, a task harder than I could've ever imagined. There were two other people lucky enough to witness this proverbial flower sprout, or should i say spring into action. These are the first images to ever be released of the person they call, 'Lewy.'

A Hedge-Jumpers only friend.

I think i just took Boredom to hte next level. My next post might have some photos worth looking at haha