Thursday, February 18, 2010

i'm losing my shit


Steve's standing next to me, styling.. these two old guys in front of me are repping the goat boat and claiming that i could take over the world, providing i have ample free hats to give to my ever-enduring followers...

i've got no internet! that's why i've been neglecting this blog and all other e-avenues through which my lowly feet trapse often.. but it hasn't been all upside-down smiles, infact there's been plenty of smiles all round!

I GOT TO SHOOT WITH A D80 and wet my pants every time it exposed!! i saw the songs play an opening set, which was glory in itself! let along that they were opening for yo la tengo.. yet again, my limp vocabulary will not be able to do the members, their music and their gloriousness when playing live ANY justice whatsoever so i'm not going to bother with any other word than glory. recently: i've had a picnic, fun times with a took plenty of photos, worked a lot, danced a lot, spent alot (of money), drew on myself a lot and planned on starting my own dairy farm so i could make the ULTIMATE iced coffee- all i need is a lot (hahahaha [of grass perhaps, or maise- apparently milk milked from milk cows that have been eating daisies taste better)

i think my internet is on the road to being upgraded so there is a chance that this pain could be over earlier than the first of march and my need to creep Albanian crossdressers will soo be fulfilled.

so i can't upload any photos but i got this off facecool