Monday, June 24, 2013

bubbles, babes, bananas and a bunch of Bangarangs

Last Tuesday I was supposed to shoot some misc interior stuff of a nice place for a nice guy, an ideal case of general, but firstly I had to reacquire my camera of Reuben, however, upon requesting, he told me that he needed it for a video he was doing on the same day.  Long story short, my shoot got cancelled so I met up with Reubs to help him out with his shoot.   Another long story short, we spent the day blurring the boundary between advertising and soft-core porn, with the sun and some well-planned props. It was the first time I'd found myself on a commercial fashion shoot and initially it was a little unsettling, but that never helped anyone, so it was forgotten, plus there were plenty of exciting things on hand to distract me.   To shed more on the unsettlage, it was probably coming about because I had to film with no lights, a misc backstreet in the valley as a set and a bodyboard as a reflector, but on the other hand, we had fantastic talent; which let me go deep into the visual on the back of my camera, not whats infront of it.   Bolivian  music video v2.


I snapped this while we were filming.  I geuss I felt more comfortable knowing that we were making a video and not photos because you don't have to airbrush videos.

Attention, this video isn't really appropriate for everyone so by clicking this link you take full responsibility for the existence of the obscene visuals that you'll shortly be witnessing.  That may sound outrageous but it was YOU that clicked it into existence.. reality tunnels, representative realism etc etc...