Thursday, September 18, 2014

ends and beginnings

'It's with extensive deliberation that I must conclude my involvement in the DGM collective. I like DGM and the dudes and I know it will be a great publication but my capacity to make photos has a limit. I don’t want to waste mine or anyone else’s time doing this stuff half assed and I am well aware that my current plate is airing on the side of all-you-can-preach buffet but will soon result in a critical oesophageal evac of semi-digested photos. After 24 years all I am really sure of is that I need stoke and to be learning [sanity] and working with DGM facilitates neither. Sure I want to expand my horizons, progress and take better photos but simply taking more photos [for someone else] is not going to get me anywhere. I wish the crew the best of luck and I can’t wait to see this thing in my hands, Did Get Made.

photo from my first trip to North America back in Jan 2013. Shooting James Kelly, on the road with DGM.'

1832 vlue

I wrote that above rant a few days ago to publicly address my dgm situation- It kinda sucks but I had to do it, I feel relief and motivation and I'm excited for the future without DGM.    I've learned a valuable lesson in realising that I need to be smart in what and where I plan to spend my time and motivation..  I feel I jumped on DGM because I was excited by it's potential, excited by the crew I was to be working with and excited to be in a 'collective'.. I didn't consider any of the things that really matter, such as if I agree with the motives/objectives/ideals, how much involvement I will actually have/want/need and what my role/s would be.  It took until I began to feel emotionally stressed that I sat down and really gave it thought- quitting was the result.  I don't feel like i'm burning out, or anywhere near it, I just don't want to expend valuable time/passion/love on things that are not important to me. 

chaddly on the sunshine coast,  one of my most favourite photos that we used.