Monday, June 8, 2009

Rancho Relaxo

... but how good is winter! The winter sun, fog, trackies and thugg boots, offshores and groundswells pretty much make it superior in every way. I am cold now though, only in my hands, i think i should buy some of those mittens without the finger tips, the kind pick-pockets use, so i can still type, also to pick pockets, but mainly to type. The driving range was freaking chilly though! I was shooting on the river late last night and it was 9 degrees :( so getting to the point, here are some shots from the last few days. A little dissapointed that the predicted fog never eventuated but im sure it will come again.

Qpac? i went and saw God's of Carnage- which im pretty sure has finished, which is a shame cuz it was so fkn good!

Max and Nik.

That dot is the ball!

Launch Pad


I'm resizing shots from the river last night as this goes up so it will probably be on here tonight or tomorrow. xo