Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I got to shoot another post on the weeked and I got payed! which i'm pretty fkn happy about, the shots came out alright but the light was pretty shitty.. and the DJ didn't realise u have to turn the laser to 'go' mode for it to work.. i've got lots of shots lined up for here from splendour, maybe some from the post and plenty of random shit but i have to resize them all first so expect them later tonight or tomorrow as i got it off :)

To anyone that shoots out there and you're pretty keen, if you don't have a proper flash you're missing out so bad.. fuck lenses and fancy bodies- light is what makes the photo, every photo and having a mini hand-held sun is pretty fkn win.. except for when u get strobe heavy and give someone a seizure, sorry Tom.


Kane on the Prowl