Thursday, September 16, 2010

great times ahead

i'm bidding farewell to this crazy life and saying hello to a road trip filled with so much glory i'll need to invent a new word to portray just how good it will be. It will be so polmatic that i won't even know what i mean when i talk about it. It will be so relampic that I'm going to need multi-giga-bits to cover the polmaticness of mitch and i's trip to the snow this coming week.

spontaneity is the name and doing it is the game.

we're heading off after work on sunday and driving down for slope times on monday through thursday stopping only for salmon and massages before returning at some stage on thursday or friday or both.

i'm very excited for both the boarding and snow and also the potential waves this weekend but mostly the trip and the photos.

i'm also very excited to get away from club photos such as the ones below from the ever avoided mono... judging from the photos i assume most people had a good night but my stupification can't confirm this so I'm going to go with probably.

i've also decided i'm not going to buy anything (camera gear) until i go fullframe so that i can justify buying a wide angle lens as right now- the crop frame nikon is the only option and it's over a grand which is a huge dent on say a d700.....

i'm not going down the 3rd party road as both the sigma and tokina are shit at night (the sigma is great in the day) as they can't get their gears sorted in clubs leaving me with tearfully out of focus shots more often than not- and for once i do believe that it's the gear and not the shooter as i've shot thousands and thousands of club photos on my $150 kit lens and received bullshit clarity&sharp-sharp in 95% of shots.










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