Friday, September 10, 2010

up in qualms

once again i realise that i need more spare time, simple! it's not that i don't love shooting stuff for people, getting my name out and all that jazz but I'm definitely in no rush to try and get a real job with photo-making. So i figure that i must take it slow, continue shooting the way i have been with the goal of, hopefully one day down the road, having the skills to consistently produce images of a professional standard. At which point i'll be smiling much more than i am now because getting shit all for my clay doesn't make me smile. but unfortunately for most parties conisdered i can no longer rant as i must be off to a certain infamous nightclub to take photos of it's certainly fiendish patrons.

I find posting general photos of nothing with no major glory very relaxing! and it's only until the last few months that I've realised that i don't think of it as a 'hey yeah I've achieved something by uploading 19440000 pixels worth of light that fell onto my cmos and captured something we see everyday' but 'yeah maybe someone will smile' and 'sick! now i can delete the originals, restoring 64.8mb worth of memory back to my harddrive, which in-turn will allow for potentially better photos.' so in a bid to bolster a smile onto tonight's dial here are some more general photos






DSC_6493 small

shots from the last few days (apart from the stick and silhouette)