Friday, April 8, 2011

Such a Crime


My good pal Reben Ross' filmclip for the Belligerents and their track 'such a crime' got released today through a few outlets, most excitingly on Triple Js Home and Hosed! Anyway, i've got the clip down below and the stills from the day can be found on here somewhere but watch the clip, it's better. I thought i'd bulken this post up with some shots from their EP launch a week or so ago because i pretend to be a nice guy by doing nice things for nice people (if you're not nice you're not welcome here) It was a good show, definitely lots of party and i recommend catching them if they come by.

unforuntaely my blogger body frame is only 1000pixels wide, 280p short of being able to embed in HD, so click the link below and view it in HD



go very lucky with his eye



it's a tom sandwich!!

new seekae album is sick, a track can be found below