Wednesday, March 28, 2012

specters of the future

Ive been having a really hard time giving myself spare time to write on this blog and I'm doing it now but I feel like I'm missing the point somewhat. It may be a result of any of the things going on in my life at the moment or more specifically the photos I plan to upload because I feel they might say the wrong stuff but obviously I'm not bothered.  They were the tail end of a roll of film (general 35mm 400iso tears) I had to get done for whatever reason and decided/pseudo forced myself take more photos than I should have, the times associated with the photos I enjoyed beyond description, probably the problem.  Cedar Creek is very very pretty, my company was fantastic and made up the middle of what was mostly a hugely enjoyable 24 hours.  I got up early and skateboarded in Nebo with some shredmen (just finished editing this as a synchronicity), followed that by these times below, shot Laruche that evening and had a good time!! plus I went home to an angel.  I'm going to post again tonight, not sure what but it'll be different.











from arguably my favourite album of last year, it's inspiring to, just now, find out that he's 22!