Friday, June 8, 2012

accept the mystery

i think my recently and ever decreasing attentiveness towards time, it's presence and it's value has resulted in a state of a previously unimagined lack of the aforementioned unit.  It could be a meer surmise therefore no one knows and this speculation is purely general..   I'm extremely deep in photos, extremely..  I'd say so deep that I'll never find my way out from it's visual clasp and ritual demands but that occured a few years ago, now I find myself trying to minimise ground loss to the widening chasm of photos that haunt my thoughts and dreams.    I've also been progressively adding miscellaneous photos to my flickr to try and incite some sort of blog posting fury but the fury seems to have vacated from it's rightful position in the driver's seat of my fingers, facilitating a new member to the family.  I'm not sure who it is, what it stands for or what it's doing right now as it's obviously fury thats driving this ship right at his here moment,  I like to imaging it's meeting the rest of the family, probably stopping first at my eyes to catch up with stoke or keeping it super maxi casj spending time with my toes, except for the 3 that are still numb, I wish they'd come home.   I think the only thing you need to take form this rant is that none of it was true, apart from everything between 'I think' and 'I think'

Peruvian moutainain side by bus, the first time I'd been on team luxury since our san telmo luxury pad.






The devil's secret door, Tupiza, colourplus 200


Parisian, Ektachrome 100vs


colourplus 200


one of the many facades that seem to make up 40% of my paris shots, ektachrome 100vs


skateboard races, obviously




"take my hand, we'll get through this together"  Jacob Lambert, Yesterday.


nearing St. George