Monday, June 25, 2012

delayed realisation

I'm getting progressively worse at time management (writing on my blog when there's pressing issues at hand?) but I'll fix it one day, maybe even right after this...  starting with easy things like washing my entire wardrobe!  i can then move onto harder things, like forgetting the possibility i'll never have any control over time and how I manage it or maybe i'll just sample some nomadism with a side of animal contact, surely ideal...  I'm getting up early to video some skateboarding with dos shralpmen but before bed i'm going to go and tick off some menial chores that i feel i need to complete in order to indulge this strange necessity with time and the need to use it 'well'...
When did this even happen? Am I getting old man syndrome?!  I don't want a midlife crisis yet, dying at 44 seems like a GIANT forget.  Maybe I miss Maeve and time management is associated with making money therefore time management results in seeing Maeve.. I feel like I've made this conclusion before... definitely. 





whale farts


braydos in mulla




will zain in camoflage



went so deep into this group, all thanks to the an ethereal being known as tenzenmen..