Tuesday, August 27, 2013

i said maybe

lamby gotta chiiiiillll.  Not in the sense of not doing what I have been doing, because it's the most fun I've had, but in the sense of I want to do some things solo!  This lifestyle is extremely social as every time I go skating it's with someone, if i go shooting i'll be shooting someone and if driving is invovled, i am being driven by someone to somewhere and usually it'll be a long haul and will result in some intrigue as the front seat can be obtained only by shotgun. 

Note that it has anything to do with the people I am with, they're all epicly rad and I want to spend max time with them, but I'm forgetting about myself and I like talking to myself and the directionless wandering that normally ensues personal times.   It's seems that writing on this blog is my only time for reflection, and it's a strange kind of reflection.  

I guess i just want to do what i am currently not doing but also that i should be sleeping as i spent a furious weekend at an event that went down in a town called Cathlamet, which lies on the Columbia River, basically the Washington/Oregon border.  The pacific northwest is epic.  bedtime.


Kelwona, BC.


Chilliwack, BC



gmac, he's a legend.


a year ago i had an idea for a buddy, i hit him up and he was stoked, initially the intent was to have some fun and i did :D  but eventually it came to this video.  i shot all the visuals in one evening, had some focus qualms do to the toxicity of the scenario but . still enjoy it, i wish i could've fully explored the idea (even though i had a year?) but i came on this trip and it had to be done before I would be back or have a chance to expand on it

also this, but i didnt do that much, it was mostly guff, he kills it.

here's a shot of guff, killing it.