Wednesday, December 2, 2009

zombie chew tape

i'm so lost!! i've got soo many photos to do at the moment, i managed to finish ones from the Monastery last friday and uploaded 85 or something. i can't really say what they are of but from memory they'll be fotes of lots and lots of random shit, the dream the chase show and the 2562 thing that i STILL haven't gone through.

New house is splendid, as is cooking and cleaning- i never realised.... as for the house itself, i cant wait to give myself some time to get around and shoot it! it's so old and falling apart.

so here are some random ones and i guess, like always, there will be shit loads more to come- i'll upload some more of the nightlife ones from friday when they get uploaded as i think there may be some gewd ones.. if i was to have named this post properly, it'd have something to do with sunrise as all of these were shot before (and just after) the sun came up...

two mornings,
three days apart,
the benefits of a night shrouded in street light

drug dealer small

bad photo

JWCCA small

brown plants small

gabba and clouds

p.s. it was a great sleep :v ... x (or did i get it wrong?)