Saturday, December 19, 2009

so i was all like fuck the lemons

and then i realised i had no camera, no energy, relatively no money and a fist full of hate. so that's where i am at and this current lack of photobility is already taking it's toll on the thin tether that binds my mind to it's somewhat distant relative, sanity. so maybe i'll track down the 70's 35-70 i've got somewhere and head back down the fucking infuriating path of manual exposure, focus and flash power again. it'll have to do i guess :/

but shutup

here are 2 shots from last nights discodisco that i wanted to get done first, going to the coast tonight so they'll be up tomorrow probably. there are also some random shots from ikea and other things floating around that ill post up here to keep me/you interested.

santy claus

mitch behind booth