Monday, December 28, 2009


ahh i had such a great time! i spent the last 4 days staying in an amazing house at the foot of mt. Coolum, which was such a nice little secluded spot when you consider the development of the rest of the sunshine coast.. a 3 minute drive to Arkwright and 6 min to north shore made it a bit of a bullshit good xmas. and shit! it's summer and i was getting wet 2/3 times a day in some uncannily decent waves.

well, when i say waves i mean swell.. i.e. 4 foot summer windswell pushing through with a 5sec period and 20 knot on-shores, around the clock. Sure, it doesn't sound that pleasant, but that kind of surf is my favey! i guess it's cuz i've grown up in qld and spent a lot of time up the coast... a place where overhead+ waves either mean a cyclone and/or unbearable winds or a ledge that will either give your dreams a subject or pain/hospital.

on the note of xmas... presents! i got a national geographic subscription!! woo!!!!! reading my collection from 1999/2000 is always very enjoyable but, when u consider the kind of cutting edge material they print- a shit load goes down in 9 years.. although i won't get my first issue for 6 weeks, i'm not worried- having something to look forward too makes each day better. and i got cash-moneys which i wanted the most as i need a lens so badly..

i've also got 4 rolls of film to pick up today yay!

i borrowed a lens but didn't really shoot that much so i'll put them up soonish, but there's nothing special... as i said before i left- i'm in a bit of a photo-vational slump (oh yeah! see that shit!?) ... it's coming back though! i had a friend around last night and i think i may have brought the onset of cataracts 10 years forward...

i'll post again tonight or tomorrow- i'm back to work tomorrow though argh!