Thursday, May 6, 2010

the day of rants (rant cant be interwtined with triffids.. ever)

I’m worryingly reliant on computers! Not only because I NEED to be able to go through and trash photos but also because I can be a colossal fiend and it’s hard to go from happily wasting hours, doing nothing in particular, to constantly having to worry about being bored! And the worse bit is the restlessness! It is ceaseless and ruthless and all I want to do is start the pilfer! I’ve got Trailer Trash and a 21st STILL untouched and there’ll be a few hundred from those sets (or a few hundred of the same thing)

It’ll be nice to finally have them done as, apart from that show/party, I’ve got no photos that are desperate to be sent out.. However I did just remember I’ve got shots from the Dirty Birds and the Zoo and Swamp Lords (previous configuration) at the globe- both of which were shot on one weekend back in February. ARGH! I’ve still got shots I did for a great friend while he was recording a month or two ago!

It’s gotten to a point where I’m so busy all the time that I think I might have to be maybe a bit pickier about how many things I can shoot because it sucks being so busy when there are fun people to hang out with. The thought’s really been justified by the explosive circumstances surrounding the death of old mate PC!! I’m losing MAI MAIND! But there’s a chance I’m not losing my mind, merely gaining perspective on life through the eyes of a person who’s conscious has long since departed the comfortable home of said person’s brain, which I guess that’s a good thing.

Sir Thomas M. Pyle has taken the reigns of Operation ‘Jacobs Computer Fix Jackal’ so hopefully he’ll be able to draw on his all round wizardry and undo the pain inflicted on it by the Last Blade 2.

Speaking of which,
Last Blade 2.. enough said. No that’s not nice- it’s a game, it’s THE game- ever. Period. I shot tom playing it last week so I’m hoping that my photos and future rant will do sufficient glory depiction as it is no laughing matter when it comes to how much better this game is than any other game in the world.

I feel a lot more relaxed after writing this, however it’d be nice if I could put some shots on here.. but seen as I’m at work and I don’t have any photos I thought I’d upload screenshot and a vid from a little road trip a friend and I did to the NSWCentralCoast.

ignore my spelling/grammar- there was no time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!