Tuesday, May 18, 2010

trailer trash

so there was this event called trailer trash, it involved trailers, maybe a bit of trash and a whole lot of spray based painting skills! it was a pretty fantastic night thanks to some crazy crazy pieces as well as live workings from all of the artists, and some live music- Sampology moderately blew everyone's mind onto their shoes and there was even a Purple Gorilla stand! Masterminded by Josh Collings (Joshua Levi Galleries) and Trevor Topfer it was definitely one of the best things I've been to this year..

however in associated bad news, Joshua Levi Galleries is closing down or moving, maybe morphing into a giant rubber duck suitable for maiming prized bonsai trees- all i know is that one day, we'll know for sure, probably through his facebook page.. but even this idea is shrouded in uncertainty..

anyway, here are some shots- thanks to bats mag for getting me in and if you want to see the full set of my photos they're on their fb page here