Thursday, June 17, 2010

as we come to the close of our broadcast day

i'd like to pass on that i just bought a seriously badass new camera! i picked up the d90 today but haven't had too much of a play around with it yet but so far it's pretty amazing.
i would've prefered new glass to be honest, but i broke my d60 and i couldn't afford anything worth getting cuz of lame internal focus requirements

the buttons are messing with my head though!! the d60 had about half as many and a third as many if you only consider the buttons i'd ever used. gone are the days of being stuck in menus for minutes while malnourished manatees made mudcakes in moreton bay.

here are the days of me venturing ever further into insanity

so i guess this is farewell to old mate and hello to new mate. but if you shared my soft spot for old mate do not feel sad, i've stockpiled so many photos in the last 2 months there will be shots from her gracing this blog for months to come

such as these






it's the end of the radio, so i get to play the last record.