Sunday, June 13, 2010

maybe the tears won't come?

today i shattered the lcd on my cammy thanks to some craft strap retention by my cupboard but suprisngly i'm not that cut! i think that it's because now i'm kind of forced to buy a new camera- a better one too :D I'm still unsure as to why it's taken me this long to seriously look into buying a new camera. Although, i'll probably still shoot nightlife with the d60 as pestering photo whores won't have any real reason to ask me to re-shoot as all they will see is a souless screen with dead, scattered, neon pixels.

i think the biggest tearer as that i wanted to keep this camera for keepsakes sake as it's my first camera and i've grown very, very.... very attached to it.

so for the next two days i guess it'll just be hibiki and i, disemboweling gods with her swift katana of housewifery.

oh and i'm going to buy a d90 and proceed to lose my minds in it's greatness