Sunday, June 20, 2010

i don't plan on leaving this chair for quite some time

which means there's a pretty good chance i'll get through lots of photos.

gc with old mate doing the thing off the top

this photo of Ruby is the first shot i've put up with the d90, it was shot on thursday night and was the second shot exposed on the new body, although i'd shot a ton of video from when i got it working that afternoon. the video is amazing, not in respects to the quality, but in respects to the awesomeness of being able to video shit! it's a whole other realm of documenting and one that's practically completely different to the way i want to take photos.


so i worked out i wasn't shooting on HD after a little while, but here is ruby pre-hd being fat and smelly.
although the video is completely manual focusing, it hasn't bothered me at all yet!! it's soooooo much fun, especially with something soft, although i would love to be able to zoom in on the live view.